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  1. Ok guys I have decided to post some of the quests I do in my stream here for those who need some help completing any quests. These will be a full walk through, so you will see me traveling, farming, and gathering all things needed so you can follow with me. New World Quest: Click Me For New World Quest Walk Through Others Coming Soon:
  2. @KittyBoy Thank you for the suggestions Hopefully this is a blessing in disguise to allow me to relive the life of ragnarok once more as a newbie. This will be fun
  3. Hey everyone, I am returning back to the server from some time away only to find my account has been purged along with everyone else’s. So I need to work hard to get a fraction of what I had on my other accounts. For now until I can get my wealth back: (BUYING) Turtle General Card x4 Thanatos Card x1 Goblin Bow (refined is better) will buy any Alligator set (+8 or more) More to come... (SELLING) Credits (PM OFFER) More to come...
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