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  1. 5 hours ago, Merripen said:

    Hey guys! So after a few hours of messing around with WineSack and having the same problems as a couple other people I've figured out the solution for the client crash as you select your server.


    Under the screen shot in that section, instead of using the 2.2.2 Engine, I downgraded to the 1.9.6 Engine and the game works just fine. I was able to select my server, create a character and enjoy the game on the Mac I was using.

    I hope this helps everyone out that is trying to use a Mac to enjoy RevivalRO!

    It worked!!

    Thank you so much.

    One thing was strange, though:

    I did a clean re-installment but when I picked 1.9.6 as my wine engine, it wouldn't succeed in installing any vcruns under winetricks...every try winetricks told me that the process was aborted...

    I still proceeded just as explained in the tutorial and the game works fine!?

  2. On 4/20/2019 at 10:27 AM, DjEmils said:

    i have the same problem "he program crashes everytime right after I select a server"

    yeah I reinstalled it again, hoping they fixed it with a patch but still crashes every time after the server selection :(

    can any mod/admin look into this?

    I can't use Revival anymore :(

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  3. 9 hours ago, Syphon said:

    @Larsvegas delete the file and let the patcher run again!

    First of all, thanks for your reply.

    I deleted the mfc110.dll than the patching process went further than before but stopped again and displayed a "msvcp110.dll" error message .373390809_Bildschirmfoto2019-04-10um07_44_02.png.b132bdd2db40c03be781e2c0c22c8070.png

    So I deleted that file as well. Patching process finished.

    But now the program crashes everytime right after I select a server (already tried different servers).

    I reinstalled the whole game but still the same problem.


  4. My Patcher won't work after the update with the new client


    I get the error message "mfc110.dll"  displayed which seems to be part of the vcrun2012 dll which is installed 1874968691_Bildschirmfoto2019-04-09um20_56_06.png.c7b6574ccdef533f0fefb4d1bc03b353.png


    then the patcher fails to write the new update files 1275615383_Bildschirmfoto2019-04-09um20_56_17.png.24587c1c985cb04f07183e5654148cce.png


    Any idea how to solve this?

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