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  1. Hello, I wanna know if my new account can merge with old ones or delete the old account and make my new acc for 7 years like my old ones?
  2. Hello.. A few questions needed to be answer please.. 1. Does 2 Pancaring cards + Pancaring pet effect stack? 2. What is the drop rate percentage of each Pancaring card and pet? 3. What do I get for every 10/50 euros?
  3. Hello.. after the reinstalling everything my character still stuck on far_isld (from glastheim(p) 1 map south and 1 map east) Loading screen shows at 50% and client shutdown with a message "Unexpected error" please advice..😭 1.Character name : Zeal Overlord 2. All characters are able to login except my Wiz.
  4. I format and reinstall everything just because I could'nt get inside far_isld05. I tought I didnt get enuff grf files or etc.. and then an error popup "java.net.UnknownHostException: Unable to resolve host "cdn.ragnarevival.com": No address associated with host name" any resolve? 1. I'm an Android user 2. I'm using v260
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