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  1. Greetings player! Here's the update for the latest patch. Bug Fix: Costume: Sailor Hat Fixed Stalker Card Fixed WoE Bullet and Arrow Fixed Refinement on Kumei Ears and Orb of Balance removed Note: Players will have 3 days to file a ticket in helpdesk for them to move the refinement of their Kumei Ears and/or Orb of Balance to their preferred +0 item (It should be refinable). Events: The Tale of the Fish Tail Cashshop: Fish Marche [4] -Middle (2000PP) All stats +20. If worn by merchant class, increase movement speed by 20%. If worn by a mastersmith, increase weapon skill damage by 7%. If worn by a creator, increase damage with Acid Demonsration by 7%. Fishbone Hair [4] - Upper & Lower (2500PP) All stats +25. Increase damage to water property monster by 50%. If INT>STR, Matk +5%. If STR>INT, Atk +5%. If DEX>LUK, Long Range Damage +5%. If LUK>DEX, Critical Damage +5%. Costume: Gerhard Von Devi Bag -Garment (2000PP)
  2. Herrow pwepol! Seems like Tarunyan need a lot of foods. He won't ask for our help if we didn't give him what he wants. So for that, Catto de Marino has arrived in order to collect his food! Here's what you need to do : Talk to Catto de Marino at Prontera around 156 174. He will ask you to collect Fish Tails and submit it to him. He needs a total of 500.000 Fish Tails in order to satisfy Tarunyan. After 500.000 of Fish Tails are collected, the Lasagna Invasion will be started. Players need to collect 15.000 of Fish Tails in order to get an exclusive title. Players need to collect 10.000 of Fish Tails in order to get a limited edition costume. Hurry! Don't miss it!
  3. Summer Lotto Event 2022 Greetings people! The event we are waiting for has finally come~! However, we made some adjustments for it. On the previous lotto event, you need to submit lotto balls to Angie. But now, you don't need to submit the balls anymore. The reason for this adjustment is simply to save more space in your inventory. So for now, you just need to farm the balls as usual and check using @lotteryballs command in order to see the amount and which balls have you got. Mechanics So, here are the steps to participate on this year's Lotto : In order to participate in the event, you need to register with Angie (Brasilis, 268 102). Upon registration, you can now farm the balls and submit it to Angie before 23.30PM. Submit the numbers you want by typing all 6 numbers separated with space [ex: 1 2 3 4 5 6]. Once you submit the numbers, you'll get a Summer Goodie Bag (2020). The Lotto draw will be held every 00:00 and Angie wont accept any numbers at 23:30 (11:30PM). Note: You will need 500.000 zeny in order to participate in this event. If you're VIP, you don't need to pay anything. Only 5 accounts allowed to participate in this event (1 Main + 4 Alts) Summer Goodie Bags 2020 Magic Card Album Mega Resist Potion Old Card Album Regeneration Potion Enriched Elunium Yggdrasil Berry Enriched Oridecon Speed Potion Box (5) Third Job Packet Summer Towel Instant Novice Packet Cooler Summer Outfit Instant Baby Packet Summer Style Box Cool Summer Outfit Red Potion Bloody Dead Branch Yggdrasil Berry Voucher Token of Sigfried Yggdrasil Berry Box Soul Linker Potion Orange Potion Reraise Potion Fire Imp Spirit Medium Life Potion Pancakes Hawker Supplier 2022 Players can talk to Leverie (Brasilis 309 72) to get a list of items she needs in exchange for conch players can exchange for shop credit players can use in Summer Lotto shop. 2 modes for Hawker Supplier. Hard Mode: Leverie (Brasilis 309 72) - Offers an exchange of summer lotto shop credit at the rate of 5 conch per shop tier. Use @hawker_refresh to refresh the list from Leverie. Easy Mode: Noonarie (Brasislis 316 78) - Offers a cheaper exchange of event costumes for summer lotto. The costumes from Noonarie are all account bound. Each costume costs 10 CF (chicken feet). Use @hawker_refresh2 to refresh the list from Noonarie. REMINDER: Only 5 accounts allowed to participate in this event (1 Main + 4 Alts) Summer Lotto will end on July 19, 2022 1:00 AM Server Time Hawker Supplier Noonarie will end on June 22 AND Hawker Supplier Leverie June 27 at 11:59 PM Server Time
  4. Hello everyone! After living a long time at Helpdesk, finally I can formally introduce myself. I am the newly hired GM, Dux. I'm ready to help as soon as possible whenever its needed. Also, feel free to ask or discuss anything with me. Through discord nor Helpdesk. I won't eat you . . . perhaps (X Regards, Dux
  5. Hello everyone, greetings! For this year's St. Patrick Day event, we will be reintroducing St. Patrick's Event 2020 and a new St. Patrick's Tremulous Procession event for 2022! For reference, you can learn how to do the St. Patrick's 2020 here: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/St._Patrick's_Event_2020. St. Patrick's 2022 Mechanics There will be a wide server announcement about a parade in random towns every 42nd minute in an hour. Players can enter the event map through cracks that are scattered all over the parade map. Once you're inside the event map, you have to rescue as many citizens as you can within the time limit. After the time is up, all players will be warped back to town and talk to Sir. Karl to claim your gold coins. The NPC will stay for 20 minutes starting from the event start announcement. Citizens There will be 2 types of citizens. Distressed Citizens To rescue them you have to speak with these NPCs But some of them are shapeshifter! So in order to get your coins, you need to kill it! 2. Citizens with Special Circumstances You need to click the NPCs and execute their request before you can get the coins. After every rescue for these type of Citizens, you will need to talk to Spica (203, 182) before you can move on to another Citizen with Special Circumstances. You are only able to rescue these unique citizens once per event. (They will spawn for other players but you are unable to interact with them) Restrictions @jump will not be allowed. Angra and Ahura will not be allowed (including the novice angra). Player needs to be Lv.255 in order to participate in this event. Yggdrasil Berry and Yggdrasil Seeds are disabled. Premium gears / Max stat class are allowed. If the player left the map, they can get back within 8 minutes. All skills and items that affects movement speed will be disabled. Tremulous Procession Event will only last for 7 days. LUCK O' LEPRECHAUN will end on April 17. Both these events contribute to getting Gold Coins where you can exchange for prizes with Gold Coin Collector available in Hugel (125/206). New Event Items Costume: Nydhog Rumour V2 - Tradeable Costume: Leaf Umbrella - Tradeable Forest Guide [1] [Upper] - Tradeable DEF and MDEF +5. Increase damage dealt by all Earth/Fire/Undead by 25%. Increase damage against Earth/Fire/Undead elemental enemies by 50%. Sweet Potato in Mouth [1] [Middle] - Tradeable Resistance of Silence status +50%. Increase elemental damage both Physical and Magical with Water/Wind/Ghost attacks by 10%. Small chance to Silence enemy with normal and magic attacks. Woodie Hat [1] [Upper] - Tradeable All status +3. Give additional level of Earth Spike skill by 1. Increase MATK by (BaseLevel/25)%. Give you immunity to Stone Curse status.
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