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  1. Hello Midgardians,

    We have been discussion this topic over past couple months. We have seen couple of inactive (based on login) rankers (Forging, Alchemy, Taekwon).
    We will be going through a change in upcoming days in 2 phases:

    Phase 1:
    Soft removal of inactive rankers: Any ranker that is inactive from a month would not be shown in fame list and their bonuses would not apply.
    We have already started this by hiding them from website based on login date, You can check them here:
    This change will be live in the server in upcoming maintenance.


    Phase 2:
    Adding Penalty to inactive rankers: Any ranker that is inactive for a month would gain penalty of x% and so on for further months and their fame will be reduced. This will give benefit to new rankers to gain prominent spot and work through the ranks.
    Phase 2 will be added soon after the implementation of Phase 1.


    Phase 3:

    Adding Penalty to rankers who don't do anything to increase fame: Any ranker that is doesn't participate to increase the fame/rank for a month would gain penalty of x% and so on for further months and their fame will be reduced.
    Phase 3 will be in works after couple of weeks.


    If you have any suggestions to improve this, please feel free to open a topic in gitlab: https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker

    RevivalRO Team

  2. Hello Everyone,

    Recently, we made some changes to Eden Set, the changes were long overdue and discussed/opened several times:

    https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/-/issues/242 (Main Topic)

    And our first ever dev note (6 months back): 


    And other issues which relates to eden to an extent. We have decided to make some improvements over long discussions internally with the team. We came into conclusion and have implemented it recently.


    I think, Everyone will agree here that Eden Set gives tremendous advantage (to those who use it) and ability to own multiple sets just acts like the cherry on the cake. The issue here focuses on having multiple sets which can cause anyone to change their build to Tank/Attack/Support, basically anything that they want in any situation within milliseconds (hotkey, 1 button switch).

    This causes imbalance as the anyone could be anything within a second depending and easily be overpowered, which gives a huge advantage compared to "no set" play style, which can take upto 2-4 seconds or even more.

    We are also aware that this switching of eden set needs proper strategy, skills and gears, but it cannot be ignored that it still gave huge benefit to old players and to those who knows how stuff works.

    To combat this, we decided to put a cooldown on them. This cooldown is not to discourage the users to not use the eden set, we have added them to reduce the dependency on "multiple" eden sets.
    With this change, we hope there will be more improvements for timing and strategy that is being used instead of switching gears within a second.

    We ensure you that, we will keep an eye on the matter and adjust it if required.



    RevivalRO Team

  3. Hello Everyone,

    It's been a long time since eden set was discussed. We have to go through various factors before agreeing on the changes, with that said, we have implemented some changes to eden set with immediate effect:
    On Wearing Eden Set, cooldown will be applied to all sets for (2+NumberOfSets) seconds..

    that is:
    1 Set = 3 Seconds Cooldown
    2 Sets = 4 Seconds Cooldown
    3 Sets = 5 Seconds Cooldown
    and so on..


    We will continue to tune it as per our observations.

    Best Wishes,
    RevivalRO Team

  4. santa_claus.gif.ea76da6bd25d697e1c1bf0fc391ad5ba.gif
    Hello Midgardians,

    Christmas is here! And so is The Grinch in disguise to ruin Christmas! Santa is aware of this and so, he is calling out to all adventurers to help him save Christmas and stop The Grinch from stealing all the presents.


    Players will be able to enter an instance to find the hiding Grinch but there will be 15 different Antonios to click on. If you click on the correct Fake Santa, then the Grinch will appear! But if you click on the incorrect Fake Santa, then there will be more mobs spawning in! Mobs will spawn normally depending on how many players there are on the map. 

    Occasionally, the Grinch's "reindeer" aka Windigo will appear to kill someone but will be walking VERY slowly so do your best to either run away or fight it to the end!.

    Party Requirements: 3 to 9 Players (> 100 Base/Job Level)
    When Grinch attacks Midgard (every 3 hour at 44th Minute), New registrations would be stopped. Players/Party who have already registered before the Grinch Invasion can start the instance.


    Instance have cooldown of 24 hours and starts every 3 hours!!


    Players will be awarded 10 Wishlist (tokens) if they complete the instance correctly however, if you do it incorrectly... you will only get 5 Wishlists (token) if time exceeds, You will get nothing if you warp out of the instance! Beware, Mushy Grinch is strong and you might need help of other midgardians

    You can use the Wishlist in order to exchange some nice things through the Kid Representative located at (xmas 154 102).



    Items Showcase:

    • Costume: Nyd Hair


    • Sunrays


    Increase resistance to Fire element by 20%
    Reduce resistance to Water by 25%
    Give +50% resistance against Burn status
    Movement speed +10%


    • Strawberry Chocolate Tophat
      All status +5
      Increase physical damage to non-boss by 25%
      Gain 5% of max HP or 15,000 HP on each mob killed by physical attack
      If worn with Large Ribbon Muffler(Orange)
      ~ ATK +5%


    • Mint Chocolate Tophat

      All status +5
      Increase magical damage to non-boss by 25%
      Gain 5% of max HP or 15,000 HP on each mob killed by magic attack
      If worn with Large Ribbon Muffler(Orange)
      ~ MATK +5%


    • Fallen Angel Valletta
      Increase max HP by 10%
      Give resistance to NonBoss/Boss by 5% per card compounded in this hat
      Immune to Stun status
      If worn with Big Ribbon Manteau/Ribbon Cape
      ~ Small chance to Confuse your enemy when you get hit


    • Red Cat Ears Cape
      Increase attacks damage with Water element by 5%
      ATK and MATK +3%
      Small chance to drop Ice Cream when killing normal monsters
      Increases heal effectiveness of Ice Cream by +50%


    • Berry Prince Crown
      When using Holy, Shadow or Ghost element, your damage increase by 50%.
      When hitting monsters of the above elements, your damage increase by 50%.
      Increase Critical damage by 10%


    • Rose Princess Crown
      Increase all status by (base stat / 10)
      Increase Miscellaneous damage by 15%
      Decrease Neutral resistance by 10%


    • Ribbon Cape (Equipped on Garment)
      Increase healing recieved by Heal skill by 10%
      Reduce damage from all source by 7%
      Give immunity to Confusion status
      If worn with Fallen Angel Valletta
      ~ Small chance  to Confuse your enemy when you get hit
    • Large Ribbon Muffler(Orange):
      Increase resistance to all elements by 5%
      Increase max HP by 5%
      If worn with Mint Choc Tophat or Strawberry Choc Tophat:
      ~ Give immunity Silence


    • Danseur (Pet)
      Max HP +3%
      Increase Shadow Elemental attack and magic by 4%
      Increase Holy Resistance by 4%


    • Danseuse (Pet)
      Max SP +3%
      Increase Holy Elemental Attack and magic by 4%
      Increase Shadow Resistance by 4%


    • Sack'o'Gift (Pet)
      Give immunity to Blind
      Earth resistance +10%
      1% chance to drop Aloe when killed Earth element monster



  5. Hello Everyone,

    During this maintenance, we performed Server Health checkup, along with multiple fixes, new event introduction and rebalance of 3rd job skills.

    Changes Done:

    • Marvin algorithm improved. Now, Marvin doesn't ask for same card multiple times for days.
    • Fixed Replay button of Patcher.

    Item Changes:

    • Celine Kimi:
      Magic Attack bonus no longer stacks.


    Skill Changes:

    • Diamond Dust:
      ((Int * SkillLv) + (200 * Level / 100))%
      Max Damage for Lv.1 Diamond Dust: 765%
    • Arrow Storm
      (520 + 80*SkillLv)%.
      Max Damage for Lv.1 Arrow Storm: 600%


    • Axe Tornado:

      Increased the damage by 10%.
      Now does 6 hit (previously, 3 hits were done)


    • Earth Drive:
      Increased AoE Damage by 1 cell.
      Cooldown Decreased from 20 seconds to 10 seconds
      Removed the Flee Penalty, Increased Perfect Dodge Penalty to 15 (Previously, it was 10).
      Earth Drive now ignores Flee.


    Cashshop Items:
    We have added several new items and Sets.

    • Aegis Set and Perfect Set (with 3rd job skill).
    • Costumes of Ponytails and hairbuns.
    • Old Christmas Items
    • New Items implemented for Christmas.

    More Information here: 

    Christmas Event:
    Grinch have arrived in Midgard to ruin the Christmas, More Details:

    Christmas Mini Event:

    Daughter of Santa Claus have arrived in the Midgard to distribute gift to kids. However, she cannot find any elf to deliver some of the packages. Help her deliver the gift to the kids to get yourself some presents. More Info:


    Changes done between last maintenance to current:
    Item Changes:
        * Fixed Cast Rate bonus not applying for Demonic Marionette card and Wispy Skull Ribbon.
        * Fixed MAtk not increasing for Durumagi.
        * Fixed Phantom Masquerade not autocasting skill.
        * Mora Coins no longer tradable.
        * Introduction of ICC Cards.
        * Rose EyePatch: Item no longer stacks the visual effect.
        * Rose EyePatch: Fixed Item Location from Upper to Mid.

    NPC Changes:
        * Safety Check added for Packing Gears, it makes sure you owned Eden set before deleting it.
        * Fixed HTF Enchanter: Shadow Walk not being enchanted.
        * Prof Willy warns you and doesn't proceed if you select "Keep Refine" option but spams the textbox/input "0" in refines to be kept.

    System Changes:
        * Referral Rewards Removed.

    Event Changes:
        * Pre Christmas Event.
        * Thieving Ghost Event.
        * Witch Event.

    Thank you for the patience, we will add more Halloween based events in upcoming weeks.

    If you have any suggestions or feedback, please open a ticket @ https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/

    Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer.

    RevivalRO Team

  6. Hello Midgardians,

    According to the news from far far lands, monsters are trying to overtake christmas and celebrate halloween. Hallowring will be sending his assistant dancers to the Midgard with his soul to scare citizens and lower down the christmas spirits.

    Dancers Invasion:
    Hypnotized Dancer will appear in any town every 3 hours, Midgardians need to stop them.


    Stop them and gather hallowring's soul.


    Good Ol' Jacquet:


    Jacquet( nif_fild01 185 61) has detected the presence of hallowring in the midgard and is currently visiting Midgard to gather the pumpkins.

    You can exchange 10 Pieces of Pumpkin or 5 Hallowring Soul to gather exciting stuff.

    Pumpkin Invasion:
    With the presence of hallowring's soul in the midgard, pumpkin seems to appear all around midgard. Remove all the pumpkins and exchange it with the Good Ol' Jacquet. (Be sure to talk to Jacquet before uprooting the pumpkins)



    Prize List of different bags:

    Baby Boo Sack:


    Gooey Bag:
    Bolt Ears:

    Whisper Tail Hat:


    Black Eremes Scarf:

    Evil Druid Hat:



    If you have any suggestions or feedback, please open a ticket @ https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/

    Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer.

  7. On 12/3/2020 at 7:17 PM, Chanxfresh said:

    Needing some help.I haven’t log on this sever in over 8 years but when I try to log in it said I have no character on file. Sorry not sure where to ask and where to go since the page change a lot 

    Hello, you can message us ingame or read 

     for more details

  8. image.thumb.png.ff0dae390e0fa9a21b67568a5cbafca2.png

    Robots have arrived

    Robots have landed in the Midgard and brought multiple items at cheap price! While the robots are here, "DOUBLE DONOR BOX" Promotion will be active.


    Items that are available in the Robot Market:

    Items in Shop 1, 2 and 3 can only be purchased by Premium Points (LPP not allowed).

    Visit the Sales Assistant (prontera 150 284) to have entry to special Robot Room



    More to come soon.

    If you have any suggestions or feedback, please open a ticket @ https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/

    Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer.

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  9. Hello Community,

    We have introduced 5 new cards today, all of them obtainable through Ice Crown, they are as follows:

    Friggid Snowier Card:


    Friggid Siroma Card:


    Friggid Ice Titan Card:


    Friggid Gazeti Card:


    Salacia Card:


    Drop modifiers does not affect the rate of card drop in the ice crown instance.

    Happy Instancing!

    If you have any suggestions or feedback, please open a ticket @ https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/

    Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer.

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  10. image.png.4041be0dd1d130720e07b7ff8827fd44.png

    Hello Lovely Midgardians, 

    Robot(prontera, 150, 284) from another planet has landed into Midgard to provide you with some deals.

    Robot have limited quantity of each item and restocks it with different item every hour. Robot doesn't like hoarders, so it restricts the purchase to 1x quantity per 5 minutes. So keep an eye for rare items to pop anytime (with exclusive discount)

    List of Items that will be available for purchase in Pre Sale is listed in below topic:

    Robot have also brought the promotional offer of "DOUBLE DONOR BOX" for pre-sales.

    Duration of Pre Sales: 24th November 00:00 to 26th November 23:58

    NOTE: There will be additional list of items available for sale in actual black friday sale.

    Any Items purchased during the black friday sale is NON-REFUNDABLE

  11. Hello Midgardians,


    List of Items that will appear throughout the pre-sales in limited quantity are as follows:


    Along with these items, "Double Donor Box" will be activated till the end of sales.

    Sales will start from 27th November. Pre Sales will start from 24th November.

    Note: This items will be limited in quantity and can appear anytime during the pre-sales.

    Actual Sales may contain different items with different price.

    You can suggest if you would like to see some items in pre-/actual- Sales


  12. Hello Midgardians,

    There has been disruptions in Midgard caused by Witches. Witches have sensed strong demands of some unusual(/usual) yearly event. This has caused Jendaia the Witch to wake up from the long lasting sleep.

    Now, Jendaia the Witch is out in the open after a long time of hibernation and the first thing she wants to do after waking up is to eat a lot of chocolates., But the monsters stole her stack while she was sleeping. Help the Witch to sleep again, to have peaceful future.


    Jendaia the Witch (niflheim 257 185):


    Witch will reward you for collecting 5x Jendaia's Treats.
    You can also give the Piece of Parchment to get "The Witch's Friend" Title or one of the costumes:

    King's Tyranny:


    Full Moon's Horror:


    Exorcist Glasses:


    Thieving Ghost:


    They can be found across the fields, towns and dungeons. They are limited in numbers and they roam out in limited numbers every hour.


    Soul: (niflheim 201 260)


    Soul Lurks below the tree.

    You can exchange 7x same Piece of Parchment to get 1x Piece of Parchment of your choice.


    Happy Hunting! More to come soon.

    If you have any suggestions or feedback, please open a ticket @ https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/

    Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer.

  13. Hello Midgardians,


    Lasagna Chef is here! To cook some food for you! (Prontera 199, 172) [Below Inn, little right to center]

    Lasagna Chef can do one of the following:
    1) Exchange costumes and pet egg for 12-20% of the original price.
    2) Use your 30 coins to gamble and get any item from the shop [Beware, you might lose your coins as well]


    Exchange List with price:


    If you have any suggestions or feedback, please open a ticket @ https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/

    Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer.

  14. On 10/28/2020 at 5:15 PM, fosho said:
    • In-Game Name/s (Main Character) : Fosho
    • Reason for Being Banned :  Hello, I was banned for TALKING about RMT, but not actually attempting/succeeding in it
    • Why should the Team Un-ban you? I believe that I should be un-banned because I was a productive member of the community, actively helping out newer players by giving out credits, zeny. I promise to never joke about RMT as I now know that it is a very serious offense and even just talking about it is bannable. 


    As you were zvel close friend and he had insisted you to apply, we need to discuss something before staff makes the decision. Message us in discord.

  15. Greetings Midgardians~
    We have new spooky themed items in our shop right now!

    Costume: Jack-O-Lantern


    Mad Hatter


    Phantom Masquerade Hat


    Wispy Skull Ribbon




    Disguise Mantle



    If you have any suggestions or feedback, please open a ticket @ https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/

    Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer.

    RevivalRO Team

  16. image.png.1492a6f7d9897557054cb00a3cdb8472.png


    Hello Everyone,

    During the maintenance, we performed health-checkup of server and introduced several Halloween themed map/items.

    Changes Done:

    • Spooky Season, our First Halloween Themed instance:
    • New Theme for Prontera.
    • Exclusive Halloween Costume for VIP/Donor Level 10 (Donor Rewards NPC):
    • New Cashshop Items (Limited and New)
    • Lasagna Invasion changes done till now:
      • AFK Timer improvised
      • Additional Meow coins are given depending on the performance in the instance.
    • Bakonawa's Lake Instance cooldown reduced to 1 day from 7 days (Those who have 7 days timer, would still need to complete the timer, their timer won't be reduced)
    • Tarot Card of Hope Quest Fix: You can use the cards even after you have completed the quest.
    • Infinite Flywing is no longer sellable to npc, neither can be dropped.

    Thank you for the patience, we will add more Halloween based events in upcoming weeks.

    If you have any suggestions or feedback, please open a ticket @ https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/

    Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer.

    RevivalRO Team

  17. PicsArt_10-30-09_12_49.thumb.jpg.8775b6871fc531e48356022c9c755302.jpg


    Spooky Season has landed on REVIVALRO!


    To celebrate this chilly season, we will start with the instance and start more events in upcoming weeks.


    🎃 Horror Toy Factory instance (here to stay for good!) 🎃




    🎃 Horror Toy Factory instance 🎃


    Travel to Lutie and on the top right side of the map you will be able to find Catherine Zeta Jones (xmas 237 307). You will be able to distinguish her from the other villagers by her jolly figure yet disfigured face. Listen to her tragic nightmare about the Toy Maker and his final Masterpiece. Help her find out the truth about what happened to the factory and Celine Kimi. But be careful as danger awaits you. However, if you're successful in helping Catherine, you'll be reward handsomely.

  18. Hello everyone,

    We have some news to report, a transparency report.


    We noticed a huge influx of zeny in the server, we started to investigate about it. When we were searching, we found out that 1B and 100M coins were in abundance, this shouldn't be the case. The coins we found were 1000x more than the usual, which ofcourse, caused the market to raise price.

    What Happened Next?

    We found the source and the system that was used for exploitation, Server wasn't hacked, neither ANY GM helped the source. The system that was introduced way back(Rebirth Era) had a fault which helped to generate large number of coins infinitely.

    Source was none other than "Zvellhaj", being a high donor and always asking if he could help us with anything. But this time, he has shown his real face, exploiting the system for 1 week and not even reporting it once, thus stating how he was an immature self-centered entitled kid.

    What should be done?

    We had 2 options for these inflation and illegal source of zeny to end:

    1. Rollback the server one week back

    2. Manually trace each transactions from a week to now.

    We decided not to rollback the server, so do not worry about it. We traced transactions and reversed wherever possible.


    The exploit was actively used from a week and we asked him indirectly about it, he did confess about using it, but on asking about why he haven't reported it, comes an usual reply from offenders: "It was week ago, I forgot to report, was just for testing".

    We do not know if system was abused previously as well to gain high amount of zeny, it was recently when he took zeny in large when he was caught. Everyone will be treated the same on breaking the rules, so All accounts owned by him are BANNED.

    We offered him a chance to play using new account if he wished to(as we say to everyone else), but being an entitled kid he is, he blackmailed us with money (we don't care about it), Zvellhaj accounts will be forever banned and not be applicable for amnesty.


    Moral of the story:

    Everyone's helpful except when they find exploit and use it for personal gain.


    Update November 2020:

    We have noticed hundreds of trades between Zvel and Mae (free trades, gained from exploit), which resulted in ban of Mae Account as well.

    Zvel account is banned and will not be recovered at any cost due to fact of abusing exploit and using it for personal gain and ruining server economy too hard.


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