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  1. 12 minutes ago, bad3oy9 said:

    Alrighty thank you. I dont see anything inside equips. Maybe i really did have equipments that were expired? Sorry my bad

    I have a question. From my items do you see any weapons? Or maybe equipments? Or do you guys give newbies weapons that expire?

    Yes, we do give items that expire like angra, madness set

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  2. 2 hours ago, bad3oy9 said:

    Well i doubt that i had all rental items on. I mean im already 130 its sketchy if i hadnt gotten any equipment that wont expire. Can you please show me the starter items that you guys give newbies?


    I checked your account again, and I can confirm no items are missing. Many items are in fact in storage.

    I see you have 4 characters, each of them played for 1 day exactly (maybe 6-8 hours each day) and totally played 4 days here last year. It might not be sketchy to not have many items/equips in 4 days.


    But as I said, check the storage (I see > 150 items stored there for your account, including usables, equips and etc items)

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  3. 16 hours ago, RickysGaming said:

    i want to start playing this game and stream this server but i have only 200 followers atm.. how can i apply for the streamer program?

    Currently, we only accept streamer with 300+ followers,


    Once you start playing this server and streaming, you will usually get more follower, then you can apply.

  4. On 8/21/2020 at 10:50 AM, Mobile Technology said:

    Hello.. after the reinstalling everything my character still stuck on far_isld (from glastheim(p) 1 map south and 1 map east)

    Loading screen shows at 50% and client shutdown with a message "Unexpected error"

    please advice..😭

    1.Character name : Zeal Overlord

    2. All characters are able to login except my Wiz.


    Hi, have you tried resetting appearance and location from the website?

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  5. 3 hours ago, Mobile Technology said:

    I format and reinstall  everything just because I could'nt get inside far_isld05. I tought I didnt get enuff grf files or etc.. and then an error popup "java.net.UnknownHostException: Unable to resolve host "cdn.ragnarevival.com": No address associated with host name"

    any resolve?

    1. I'm an Android user

    2. I'm using v260


    Hello, we are experiencing some trouble with andro, join discord to have updates about it.

    It may take 6 more hours to solve it.

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  6. On 8/12/2020 at 7:30 PM, Terence said:

    Hi everyone! I hope you all doing well. I love this game so so so much. But I’m pretty new here, I seen a lot of player have different costume. Some looks good some look creepy haha. I was wondering how can I create those costume? I need some guide. I don’t mind if it’s need to donate. I need some guide, so I can have a better look. Also, I see some of them have a 3rd job look, how can I do that? Please guide me, or if there is a link please reply below. Much appreciated guys!! 


    please reply!!!


    There's many costumes available in game, wherein some can be achieved via quest, some of them are limited (event prizes) and few of them converted to costumes using costumer Npc (top right of prontera)


    About 3rd job looks, there's many way to do that, everything explained here: http://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/3rd_Job_Sprites

  7. 9 minutes ago, wizcomtegal said:

    excusme sir, where can i ask about error ( i can't play RRO after this update "revival.exe has stop working ), i alredy disable my anti virus

    When does it happen? After launching from patcher? After entering username/password? After selecting char?

    Also, can provide screenshot? Be sure that RO folder is not in "Program Files" folder.

  8. Hello Community,

    So we are back with the "Event Monsters", normally known as  "Holden Event" to many players.

    What are Event Monsters?

    Event monsters are normal monsters with no experience gain and no drops, but gives you 1 Event Point when killed.

    Where can I find them?

    Event monsters spawns only once a day. These monsters spawn once a day at random hour, they can spawn in small quantities, or as many as 30. Each monster spawns in different map.

    When these monsters spawn, announcement will be made stating the monster name that is spawned. These monsters will stay active only for 1 hour. i.e If they are spawned at 13:00, they will despawn at 14:00.

    What kinds of monsters?

    There are 5 kinds of monsters that are spawned, namely:

    • Poring
    • Poporing
    • Picky
    • Holden
    • Assassin Cross Eremes

    Happy Farming! ^_^

  9. Hello Everyone,

    Eid Al-Adha 2020 Event was successful wherein, more than 250k Goats were sacrificed, following which, EXPoring event was held on 2nd August 2020. If you have participated in Eid Al-Adha event, you will get 50 Pancakes as soon as you log in, Title will be automatically awarded to the first character that you used to login after the maintenance.

    Client Changes:

    • Dance Sprites are visible again (#286)

    Server Changes:


    • Carnival Exchanger is removed!
    • Halloween Exchanger is removed!


    • Archangel Wings restrictions are removed and is tradable again. (#300)
    • Archangel Ring now properly gives Atk+5% and MAtk+5%
    • Description fix for Scarlet Nail (#299)
    • Fedora Set now have proper range of heal (3x3 instead of 7x7). (#280)
    • Yggdrasil berry can now be autolooted by "@aloottype +healing" (#292)
    • @iteminfo can be used again


    • Cedi now announces new cards in #main.
    • Some of the NPC Channel messages are now synced with discord (like Cedi & Costumer)
    • Event Monsters/Holden Event!: Every day, at any random hour(Yes, can happen during WoE/Other Events too), on any map(Dungeons and fields), 10-20 monsters will be spawned, killing those will give 1 Event Point each. (#182)
    • World without balance Instance

    Event Monsters:

    World Without Balance:

    Oopsy Policy Changes:

    • Oopsy policy can only be used once per account for any kind of mistakes (Refine breakage, Dropping of items, accidental sell, pet ran away, etc.)
    • There will be additional oopsy policy once per year that will only cover these 2 things:
      • Unintentional item drop.
      • Pet related issues.

    Upcoming Changes:

    • Bug Hunter Program (Yayy!)

    Special Thanks to Sammy, gcq, Thananoes, Aka Gelato, Marcelo Rodrigues for reporting the bugs and suggestions

    That's all for now. ~ Happy Hunting and Happy Farming ~

    If you have any suggestions or feedback, please open a ticket @ https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/

    Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer.

    RevivalRO Team

  10. 8 hours ago, Ivy said:

    Hey guys, I'm just wondering if anyone here had been playing since Rebirthro like I had? I took a pretty long break in between and was shocked to recently learn that Rebirthro was wiped out entirely, at least they provided some sort of donor compensation, oh well, either way, anyone?


    Hello and welcome back,

    You might be interested in joining our discord server https://discordapp.com/invite/ccrBEvp as it is more active and you will get to interact with old players.
    Or just hop into game and use #main.

  11. Hello Streamers and Players,

    We have added "Goku" in the realm of Midgard to help Streamers giveaway the boxes and claim their prizes.

    You can find Goku at 4 locations:
    prontera (127 194) [Near the center, go left]
    morocc (166 97) [At the spawn point of morocc]
    geffen (11 62) [Spawn point of geffen]
    aldebaran (143 115) [Little south of spawn point]

    What does Goku look like?

    Apply for our streamer program to get benefits of Giveaway boxes and Streamer Boxes!! 

    How to send giveaway boxes?

    The Process is simple:

    1. Talk to the NPC.
    2. Select "I am Streamer" option.
    3. Select "Send giveaway box"
    4. Enter the name of the player [Should be online]
    5. Streamer Box will be sent!

    How to claim streamer box?

    1. Talk to the NPC.
    2. Select "I am Streamer" option.
    3. Select "Claim Streamer box".

    Note: You should be atleast a month with us and fulfilled all the requirements.

    How can I claim 'Giveaway box' that was sent to me as Streamer?

    This is even simpler than the rest. Just talk to NPC and click on "Claim Giveaway Box", and it will claim all the boxes that were left. Be sure to grab it before it expires.


    How to Apply?

    Follow the link below to know the steps to become a part of Streamer Program



    Changes made to Streamer Program:

    There are few changes that are made to the program, which are:

    1. Players should open Giveaway boxes within 5 days of redeeming it.
    2. Streamer can send Giveaway boxes the moment they send the proof, and 7 days are counted from that day onwards.
    3. Streamer can claim their "Streamer box" after 1 month of completion (not on 1st of month as stated previously).


    Thank you and have a good day.


  12. Hello everyone!

    As you might have heard, Carnival map is doomed! J4C has gone!

    Fear Not, J1LL has returned to the hometown of carnival, i.e. morocc to help greedy souls exchange the unused items.
    J1LL is willing to trade any of the carnival games' reward items in exchange for 5 Carnival Cash.


    If you're interested to do trades with the J1LL, you can find her at Morocc.




    J1LL will not be here for long, so be sure to exchange the unused items as soon as possible.

  13. "Hey look! That's my art!" EVENT HAS CONCLUDED AND HERE ARE THE WINNERS!

    Loading Screen Art:

    First Prize: Night at Niflheim by Wafflewich
    Rewards: Costume: Artist Hat + 30 Event Points

    Second Prize: Itty Bitty Poring City by Jin Mori
    Reward: 20 Event Points


    General Art:

    First Prize: Bring it On! by Negate
    Rewards: Costume: Artist Hat + 30 Event Points


    Card Art:

    First Prize: Pancaring Card by Wafflewich
    Rewards: Costume: Artist Hat + 30 Event Points

    Second Prize: Squish - Opuntia Card by SugarFree
    Reward: 20 Event Points

    Third Prize: Grand Ghostring Card by Negate
    Reward: 10 Event Points

    Famous Artist (Community Vote):

    Pancaring Card by Wafflewich

    AND 50 Pancakes for other participant:

    Costumes and Pancakes will be sent out through Zotar NPC. We will message some of the winner for negotiation phase.


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  14. Greetings Midgardians!

    Ever had a feeling to show off your own natural body? You came to the right place!
    We are now offering Spriteless Costumes which magically removes the sprite of your existing equipped headgears.

    Items Available for Sale:

    Costume: Spriteless Upper (1000 PP)

    Costume: Spriteless Middle (1000 PP)

    Costume: Spriteless Lower (1250 PP)

    Spriteless Costume Box (Upper+Middle) (1600 PP) [LPP not usable]

    Spriteless Costume Box (Middle+Lower) (1800 PP) [LPP not usable]

    Spriteless Costume Box (Upper+Lower) (1800 PP) [LPP not usable]

    Spriteless Costume Box (Upper+Middle+Lower) (2400 PP) [LPP not usable]


    Please continue to support and help the community flourish
    by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on
    Enjoy and happy shopping!

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  15. Hello Everyone,

    It's been long time since the last maintenance, and we are back with some updates.

    Website Changes:

    • Referral Level is now correctly reflected in game and in website.
    • All Characters will be shown in the website (Previously few characters were not showing in the website).
    • Donor box is back to 50 Euros.

    Client Changes:

    • Gibberish Text in cash shop has been removed.
    • Broken login screen background is repaired and will no longer be misplaced.
    • Alternate Costume palettes are added (Except Expanded jobs like Ninja,Gunslinger)

    Server Changes:


    • Carnival Map is doomed!
    • Limited Items from Cashshop are removed.
    • Removed Dungeon Donor Box from monthly rewards.


    • Notoriety Quest now mentions correct price, i.e. 35 Millions, instead of 3 Millions zeny requirement.
    • Eden Fixes: wherein, the player will no longer be asked to kill 0x monsters or gather 0x items.
    • Fixed Elemental Bonuses were not taking effect for some items and combos (Sproutling_Card,Nobby Card,Jimbo Card,Ivory Vestment,Dragon Sword,White Wedding Bunny,Midnight Wedding Bunny,Develing Party,Poof Card,Orcie Card,Draupnir,Pi Shell,Diving Mask,Poring Ban Hammer,Caliginous Cloak,Stuffed Bunny,Madness Cloak,Novice Garment)
    • Fixed @viewhg bug, wherein it was applying to other players even when they didn't use it.
    • Piamatte Band (White) now properly casts "Grand Cross" instead of just announcing the skill name.
    • Fedora Set now properly have increased Area of Heal to 3x3 cells
    • Eden set now properly clears the counter and previous item information when deleted.


    • Announcement changes in CoVID announcer.
    • Mythlit Hat is now costumable.
    • Eden Set deletion is updated.
    • Ticket master moved to morocc.
    • Increased Elemental Resist Cap for Instances.
      20% Elemental Cap to 60% Elemental Cap:
      Ghost Palace
      Faceworm Nest
      Saras Memory
      Revival Anniversary Event
      30% Elemental and Racial Cap to 65% Elemental and Racial Cap:
      Ice Crown
    • Card drops will now announce in red color. It will also announce the chance from which player got the drop.
    • Investment Tickets are now storagable.
    • Chemical Protection scrolls from Mall and RDC now have clear description regarding duration and requirement.
    • Various fixes to item descriptions.


    • Spriteless Costumes!!!
    • New Helpdesk and GM Lair:
    • Streamer Program!
    • Carnival Item Exchanger!

    Streamer Program:

    Spriteless Costume:

    Carnival Item Exchanger:

    Upcoming Changes:

    • Bug Hunter Program (Yayy!)
    • With the destruction of Carnival Map by the Vanustra, World is no longer balanced. Naomi will be appearing in upcoming week in Midgard to recruit warriors to fight Vanustra and restore the balance.


    That's all for now.

    Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer.

    RevivalRO Team

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