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  1. wew. can I ask for trade my 3rd job set new clothes? I got 3pcs of em. atleast I can change it to those amberknights. idk what to do with it >______>
  2. Letty

    [Feedback] WoE update draft

    please bring back gef guild dungeon loots. and GT too please to evade alt spying like a novice name N P C. I wonder who that are. ;3
  3. Letty

    Cash Shop item.

    make 1 NPC for us to transfer Cash shop items to another player / refund the cash shop items into LPP - its fine if there's a fee chargers but it will be nice if doing the with both buyer/seller signing up help desk. so with that no criminal activities gonna happened? and no fake seller/buyers. - Cash shop items > LPP. ( can let us refund item are over than 3 day too please? ) 3 days = Fully refund LPP. over than 3 days = Half LPP refund is good enuf I think. and also can get rid un-used item from the storage >.>
  4. Letty

    Reduce the Price for

    can reduce the price for : - Costumer Fee NPC. - Max Stats / Max Level Ticket. - Race. - Roullete NPC. can reduce the price for this things, cause nowadays can level up properly. because of some of FARMERS AND CAMPERS leaving the mob w/o killing it. Costume Buyers nowadays a bit dot dot dot dot. whenever selling logic price they gonna talk about LPP thingy. make it short NPC Costumer Fee's Is 10C and selling it 5C still OP. so if selling Below 5C what we gonna call that? it'll be good if there's a prison for people who make economy worst and destroying the price limit.