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  1. Thanks for this! Surely, all of us here will appreciate any form of new feature that compensate old players. But while the staff team is discussing about this new feature, I also feel that what is basic or minimum to ppl who donated previously is they are able to use their LPP who has expired. Also, those that missed the LPP refund registration dates should be given a chance. Can I suggest the following? 1) Not having this LPP refund registration process. All LPP should be added to account with donator levels automatically. 2) Once LPP are added, they should not expire until they are used up. 3) For players which had LPP expired and set to 0, revert the transaction or update statement. If the concern is with those high level donators, and them having a lot of LPP might make them not donate for a long time, i thought this is handled already? LPP being limited premium points, already cannot be used to buy the “currency” in the game (cred). So I thought people will still donate if they want to buy creds or any other cash shop items which can’t be bought with LPP?
  2. Just wondering, do you or any other moderator has any logical explanation that LPP had expiry date? Was this explained before else where? If you ask me, as somebody who had donated to server and when the server had to restart due to it being stolen, the basic or minimum compensation is to make sure donors get back what they donated. The expiration of the refunded LPP or even any dates that requires people to start claiming the LPP is pretty unfair.
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