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    Donor Compensation for Late comers

    thanks so much.. i feel relieved now and not worry if i missed the compensation.. yeah they should compensate old player to encourage all of them back ! Lets start all over again
  2. ox Winter xo

    Donor Compensation for Late comers

    Thank you for the information
  3. Hi there, I just got to know about the server splitting issues and i wish to come back but the problem is the compensation has over. My friend is the one who asked me to come back.. I hope we can get the same compensation as the others. if we are compensated less value than the rest i think its unfair. IMHO in order to get back the old players is to be fair to each and everyone us so we are eager and looking forward to come back to help the server. Just my 5 cents Level 10 Donor Level 7 Donor