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Found 3 results

  1. All Pre-Sale Item links in one place only for you😉 Mitra - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Driver Band - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Shadow Handicraft - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Maestro Song's Hat - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Midas Whisper - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Magic Stone Hat - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Blazing Soul - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Silent Executer - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Wind Whisper - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Dip Schmidt Helm - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Dragon Bravura - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Ethereal Horns - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Ethereal Twilight - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Ethereal White Mane - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Royal Masquerade - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Royal Cape - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Royal Companion - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Magitech Headpiece - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Magitech Mobile Pursuit - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Magitech Shades - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Feline Twin Nap - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Feline Glasses - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Feline White Cat - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Lovely Heart Cap - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Lovely Angelic Wings - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Lovely Hearts - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Sea Captain's Beret - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Sea Captain's Bubble Aura - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Sea Captain's Penguin - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Feathers of Protection - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Classic Side Ribbon - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Parfaille Vigilante Hat - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Commander Doggo - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Green Bubble Pop - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Rainbow Nyan - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Diamond Heart - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Guardian Ninja - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Flame Wings - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Fire Spirit - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Angel Earrings - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com) Rune Circlet - RevivalRO Wiki (ragnarevival.com)
  2. I couldn't find any details about the black Friday sale that is going to happen, could we get any info? Thanks!
  3. 💎 ! Hello my gems ! 💎 The Black Friday Sale is upon us!!! We are giving you the opportunity to suggest what items you would like to see available during the sale You will be able to purchase the items via Premium Points or Limited Premium Points NOTE: Suggested items must include its Full name and its ID This thread does not guarantee any items being in the actual sale This thread will be updated multiple times No Event items Items suggested must be in our database (it has to exist in our server) THIS THREAD WILL BE CLOSED ON NOVEMBER 17 2019 Please input your suggestions in replies to this post below!❤️ Black Friday Sale Suggestions from you players: Amistr's Beret Feathers of Protection Flaming Wings Fire Spirit Midas Whisper Magic Stone Hat Parfaille Vigilante Hat Guardian Ninja Panda Rucksack SRT Box Max Stat Ticket Angra Manyu Ahura Mazda Gym Pass Diamond Heart Costumer Voucher Flying Choco Heart (2015) Flying Reaper Rouge Cap Dark Drake Coat Royal Cape Royal Masquerade Royal Companion Magician’s Hood Book of Magic Poring Party Dip Schmidt Helm Brisingamen Megingjard Trident [4] Fabled Sword (4) Dragon Bravura Royal Companion Magitech Headpiece Magitech Mobile Pursuit Magitech Shades Seth Egg Menblatt Egg Sarah Egg Ethereal Twilight Woodland Topper Set of New Clothes
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