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Found 1 result

  1. IGN:Noob Class Description:- I believe In my Opinion paladin is a great tanker,The peco peco it uses increases its mobility due to which its speed can also match a lord knight not only making it tanky but also making them fast,Sometimes paladin is also a good mvp farmers to farm MvPs using sacrifice,They are the class with the higher Hp modifer in the game,A paladin can save a whole party from being damaged by using devotion on them due to which they are preferred in WoE/PvP/BG Areas. Sooo.. myself i don't have a WoE set also i'm not a woe kind of person,so whats the fastest way that i can approach to get a tank set?Right,its that i would buy some stuffs that are available in the Market. So lets get started,I will show you how to tank the best of the best of classes using my paladin. Things that you require are provided in this screenshot that i will mention to you. Equipments:- Build:- Here i have used Antique helmet increase 10% demi resist and with max lvl refine gives 6%more resist put 1Permeter and Evil snake lord...So you get resist to shadow,Sinx,and Lord Knights commonly use Shadow vert so you can tank them using this,as well as become immune to blind and curse that will prevent cards like Lord of death making you vulnerable to it. Next is the newly launched Ethereal Twilight this one is my person favorite compared to white large wing as it has 3more extra slots and 3%less resist to all sources but doesn't matter since your getting a lot of benefits like movement speed and 15+stats,Put 2gemini and 1marduk no need of using orc hero card as you got tidung which gives 50%stun and freeze resist and with 2gemini it gives you immunity to stun due to which you can replace orc hero with a pretty useful card known as Giearth,Which makes you immune to chaos and gives you earth resist. Next is Guardian Ninja if you ever see one of these in sales i request you to kindly purchase as its the best tanking stuff available for every tank classes as it casts lvl 3mirror image which makes you immune to melee and long range attacks,Put a maya purple card in it for intravision effect. Why did i choose tidung?cause its not only cheap right now but also useful as it was before people long ago use to use tidung next for tanking and it was pretty expensive it additionally gives you,50%stun and freeze resist and 10+mdef which is pretty useful against wizards without HWC,Even tho it gives you 50% freeze resist i suggest you to put a gioia card in it for freeze resist and additional Mdef. Since your using 255 vit use a grimtooth but its easily breakable so carry Fcp scrolls with you,It reduces your sdef making thanatos look like a puppy. Vigilante shield its the best shield for tankers and its a must to have 1 with highest refine as possible with a coma orb and sdef orb,Use a thara frog card in it. Caliginous Cloak with 5%lresist orb and sdef,Lresist orb gives you 5%resist to long range damage thus making you more tankier,Sdef orb reduces your soft defense so you can add more vit. 10+Tidal shoes with Abysmal Ringmail it reduces damage from long range and short melee attack by 10% and makes your boots unbreakable,Don't Recommend you to use Mirror shard as paladin already has reflecting card if it isn't against a teddy baal user,Put General Egnigem in your tidal shoes. Accessory use Seth pride and Clip of Fringe as they casts skills like kaupe,kyrie,Quagsmire,Decrease Agi with alligator and Errende Ebecee card for pneuma.Pendant of chaos is also good for tanking as it does wide confusion and make people walk crazy but expensive than seth pride. With all these equips i have 500k+ and with Tao gunka i have 900k hp,Only use tao gunka if you want to use devotion on somebody. Stats:- 101+6 5Str(To carry stuffs in your inventory,With my equips and this much srt you get about 6830 Weight limit) 1+66 Agi(You don't require any agi) 255+43 Vit(More vit for more hp and more healing potency) 167+66 Int(For some magic defense) 151+64 Dex(Fast casting so i can devo people and use other skills) 1+36 Luk(Rest all left to luk) Costumes: And Finally get some costumes and troll😂 Damage from Magic Class without using Gtb:- Here you can see im taking reduced damage from both JT and SG without the use of GTB,just Spam pots to survive,I would still suggest you having 2shields one with thara and another with Gtb. Consumables:- Note:This set can be used on any Tank Classes.
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