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  1. ========== Demon Busters ... and you ========== - fancy pictures follow up ... maybe - Demon Busters (commonly just called "Seth") is a mission of the Royal Operation Quests, also knows as RDC. It is part of the recently added Tier 4. ========== Overview ========== Party member size: 5-8 Tickets used per run: 3 Time Limit: 60min Exclusive Loots: Seth's Wrath, Seth's Pride Unholy Whip, Haunted Guitar and Raok Runestone ========== Party (optional, but for us it worked well) ========== Team set up 1: Professor (Tanker, Vulcano) Sniper (1-2, Killer) High Priest (Buffs and Status Recovery) Alts: Gypsy (Fortune's Kiss) Whitesmith (Weapon Perfection and Power Thrust) Creator (FCP, against weapon breaking and MVP can strip Tank) Paladin (Devotion, not mandatory, but it's more chill for the Tanker) The general tactic behind that set up is, to Buff the Killer/s as much as possible and give the Tanker an easier time because of the Devotion. It is basically a Cedi-esk set up. High Priest is essential since the MVP spams Wide Freeze and the Killers will Freeze. Team set up 2: Professor (Tanker, Vulcano) Sniper (1-2, Killer) High Priest (Buffs and Status Recovery) Alts: Gypsy (Fortune's Kiss, Drum on the Battlefield) Clown (Ensemble Partner) Whitesmith (Weapon Perfection and Power Thrust) Creator (FCP, against weapon breaking and MVP can strip Tank) Basically the same idea as in the set up before. However, due to the fact that you can counter God Seths Dark Blessing with Coma immunity, you can ditch the Paladin and go for more damage buffs. For our set up we decided on the Ensemble Song "Drum on the Battlefield". ======================================== ========== Walk Through ========== Map: The map is a mirror of "Bios Island" (1@dth1; 1@dth2; 1@dth3). The mission is split into three "parts". On the first 2 maps you get confronted with a lost Soul. It is up to you now to fid the Statues on the map and click their switches. Both maps are basically the same and have the statues on the same spots. If someone already activated the statue, the message will tell you that it looks dusty. Once that is done, on each map a so to speak "mini boss", the Gate Keeper will appear, you will need to kill them. The First Mini Boss' Element: Ghost Second Mini Boss' Element: Neutral You will arrive on the last map, a single big room. Go to the enter and trigger the dialog. Once the soul is done talking, activate the 4 Statues in the corner. Make sure your party is ready, because this will trigger the last MVP ... The last MVP comes in two shapes: Seth (can change property, so keep Sense on him) God Seth (always Holy property) The major difficulty on Seth is, that he spams Chain Lightning, a Warlock Wind Property Skill. Once Seth is defeated, his adult form, God Seth will spawn right after in the middle of the map. God Seth is "easier" to tank, however he can use Dark Blessing. The mission ends when God Seth is defeated, the loot chest will appear on the middle of the map. To get better informations about the MVPs, you can use @mi 4319 and @mi 4320. Their stats are the following: ======================================== ========== The Tank ========== As in basically every instance in Revival, Professor is the best Tank to go. Their major job is to lay down Vulcano, then Dispell and Sense the MVP. Magic Rod can also help to prevent damage from Chain Lightning. High Wind resistance helps to Tank Seth. - Consumables: Yggdrasil Berry, Reraise Potion, Thunderproof Potion Ghostring Hat [2] - Giant Hornet Card Large White Angelwing [1] - Mistress Card Honoray Bunny Mouth [0] Keris [1] Vigilante Shield [1] (Pushback Orb) - Alice Card Great Old Hauberk [0] Caliginous Cloak [1] - Dustiness Card Valkyrian Shoes [1] - Purplering Card Great Old Ring [0] / Topaz Ring [0] / Vendor's Clip [1] - Osiris Card Alternative Items: Apache Coated Boots / Puff Eye Ring Combo; Fuzzy Bunny Scarf Basically any item that helps you get some Resistance for Wind. God Seth isn't that difficult to tank, just make sure your Hard DEF is high enough (similar to Cedi tanking). Sometimes our Tank even forgot to switch items and could tank God Seth with his "Wind Set" as well. Tenshi Ring [0] Large White Angelwing [1] - Mistress Card Honoray Bunny Mouth [0] Keris [1] Vigilante Shield [1] (Pushback Orb) - Alice Card Great Old Hauberk [0], Great Old Cloak [0], Great Old Boots [0] Great Old Ring [0] / Topaz Ring [0] / Vendor's Clip [1] - Osiris Card Alternative Items: Elunium Set Basically any item that helps you getting high Hard DEF. Tank Variant 2: Christmas Headgears Snowbear Hoodie [2] - Giant Hornet Card Let It Snow [1] - Mistress Card White Scarf [0] Meteor Plate [1] - Comodo Card Keris [1] - DEF Enchatns; Any Card you like Vigilante Shield [1] - DEF Orb, Pushback Orb; Alice Card Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb [1] - Dustiness Card Elunium Greaves [0] Topaz Ring [0] - Or Any you desire Enhancing Clip [0] Basically the same set up as before, refines help on getting hard Defense. The new headgears also give some nice Wind Resistance against Seth's Chain Lightning. Together the gears reech 90 DEF and 112% Wind Resistance. ========== The Killer ========== Best killer also for this instance is Sniper. Due to the element changes of Seth, they got the easiest ways to react to that (by changing Arrows) and do the most damage to him. Drooping Amistr [0] / Heirozoist Hat [1] / Gold Snacpback Cap [0] - Dyunerr / Dark Ping Card Large Red Angelwing [1] - Dyunerr/ Dark Ping Card Jessica's Bell [0] Luciu's Fierce Armor of Vulcano [1] - Gloom Under Night Card Spectral Bow [4] / Goblin Bow [2] / Giant Bow [2] - Abysmal Knight Card Heroic Backpack [1] - Annunaki Card Ebony Greaves [1] / Fey Boots [1] / Elvira Boots [1] - Ascendent Orc Card / Orc Knight Card Recondite Ring [1] - Impolsion Card Consumables: Arrows (all of them), Your default damage increasing Buff items To reduce the chance of getting frozen, we used Jessica's Bell. If you don't care for that, you can use any other lower for more damage. Different Hats are listed to cover up the Element changes Seth can do. Beside that, nothing special, just your normal Crit Lock Sniper. Note: Since both our Sniper are max stat, I didn't included their stats. However, you can also do it with an "legit" Sniper with their standard stats. Max DEX, Enough AGI for max ASPD, and LUK for some CRIT. Killer Variants with Christmas Gears Not much changed for the killer, beside the release of the neat "Pink Scarf" and "Present of Snow". Worth a try if you got those gears. ========== Example Run ========== I recorded one of our runs. I am generally very laggy, so enjoy that PowerPoint Presentation. *UPDATE: I got new internet, now the second video will be much more pleasent to watch, yey!* Team set up 1 & Old Prof Equipment: https://youtu.be/NZ4XZTeu0VU Team set up 2 & Christmas Gear Tanker: https://youtu.be/8hV701yFn2o
  2. <----- RDC Tier 3 - Taste The Rainbow -----> Classes : Sniper, Professor, High Priest and Soul Linker To access Taste The Rainbow you need to have finished all the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Quests. Mission: Your mission here is to kill the Rainbowring. I know its so cute and why should we kill this colorful monster. Well it gives a chance to get Rainbow Sash when you finish the Quest. This sash doesn't work like Fable Silk tho. Character and Equipment: Get atleast 2 ~ 3 Sniper for faster run. Sniper: Headgear Upper - Drooping Amistr. For me this is the best choice since it has Life Steal. Rainbowring tends to cast this AOE skill that hits Snipers also. Headgear Middle - Large Angelwing Red (LRW). Since we doing critical build Sniper, this is the best choice. Put Evil Snake Lord Card (You can farm ESL card in MVP Room Sigma) Headgear Lower - Pirate Dagger. Or Backpacks from Heroic Shop. Or Orange/Black Tie (If this gets fixed and work in Legit are again) Armor - Preferably, Sniping Suit[1]. Since it gives more Critical Rate. Put Evil Druid Card (This prevents you from freeze and stone curse, but be sure not to Die, because Resurrection won't work on you while wearing this armor) Weapon - +7~+10 Goblin Bow[1]. Put 1 Turtle General Card and 1 Abysmal Knight Card. Garment/Cloak - +4~+10 Great Demon Shroud[1]. Or +9~+10 Heroic Backpack. Put Anunaki Card (gives more critical damage) Shoes - +4~+10 Ebony Greaves[1], Or Fey Boots[1]. Put Ascendant Orc Card. Accessory - 2 Recondite Ring. Put 1 Implosion Card on each. Arrow - Bring all kind of Arrow Quivers. Atleast 30~35 each of the elements. Professor: This character will be tanking Rainbowring so atleast achieve a 99 DEF to lessen the physical damage taken. And use Sense on Rainbowring to know its Armor Element. Headgear Upper - +9~+10 Elunium Mask Headgear Middle - Large Angelwing White (LWW). Put Mistress Card. Headgear Lower - Any lower that gives more Hard DEF. In my case I use Flying Devil. Armor - +9~+10 Elunium Breastplate Weapon - Keris. with a +Def enchant, preferably +8 to +12 DEF. Shield - +9~+10 Elunium Shield Shoes - +9~+10 Elunium Greaves Accessory - 2 +5 Topaz Ring. Or 1 Clip-on Fringe and 1 +5 Topaz Ring. Clip-on Fringe can autocast Heal when being hit, very helpful. Soul Linker: I only use this character to buff my tanker with Kaahi. Because Kaahi heals the char when being hit at the cost of its SP. Headgear Upper - Queen's Bells (@id 52694) Armor - Any slotted armor. Put Marc Card. High Priest: This character is for buffing Increase Agility, Blessing and Impositio Manus. Be sure thats its immune to status ailment and freeze. Headgear Upper - Queen's Bels (@id 52694). Put Mistress Card Armor - Any slotted armor. Put Marc Card While Killing Rainbowring When Rainbowring is down to its 10% HP it will heal up and his/her HP will become 100% again. You just need to keep hitting it again and will die after that. Be sure to bring lots of Arrow Quivers. Bring all kind of Arrow Quiver because Rainbowring changes his/her element. Thats why I use professor for tanking since it has Monster Info skill (Sense). Its best to play with friends than soloing it. If you've watch the Video you'll notice that I failed meself by clicking tons of arrow quiver. it made me 90% overweight. Which won't allow me to attack or use skill. Be sure not to make the same mistake :3
  3. RDC Tier 2 - Calling Bishop Hibram Class : Star Gladiator (aka Taekwon Master) To access Calling Bishop Hibram, you need to have finished all the RDC Tier 1 Quest. Mission: Your mission here is to find Fallen Bishop Hibram and kill it. Equipment: Headgear Upper - Drooping Amistr. Adds a chance to life steal your physical damage. Headgear Middle - Vindicated Feather[1]. Gives immunity to curse. Put Orc Hero Card for Immune to Stun. Headgear Lower - Hip Ribbon (+10% Boss resist). Or Backpacks from Heroic Shop. Or Orange/Black Tie - If ties gets fixed and working on legit again. Armor - Great Demon Robes[1] (Shadow Armor element). Will make the Dark Strike of Banshee mob misses. Put Gloom Under Night Card. Weapon - +7~+10 Heart Book. Gives AOE damage, ignore def and double atk. Much better than a Bapho carded weapon. Shield - +4~+10 Valkyrie Shield[1]. Put Alice Card. Gives 40% less damage from Boss Monster Garment/Cloak - +4~+10 Great Demon Shroud[1]. Or +9~+10 Heroic Backpack[1]. Put Deviling Card. To lessen the physical damage of monster. Shoes - +4~+10 Ebony Greaves[1]. Put Moonlight Flower Card. For faster walking. Accessory - 2 Recondite Ring[1]. Put 1 Ifrit Card on each. Or Hardened Anvil Card on each. Usable - Yggdrasil Berry/Seed. Bring this in case of emergency. Panacea or Royal Jelly to cure Silence. Skill: Leap Flying Side Kick Solar, Lunar and Stellar Opposition (aka Hatred) Cast this on Fallen Bishop Hibram. Hit the mobs first so that you will have a clearer view of FBH. While Killing FBH When you find FBH and kill the first one, it will spawn another 12+ FBH. So be so to click it fast so the your life steal will trigger more. Watch out also the HP of your first target because when it dies you need to click another target to keep on attacking. You can just spam click on those bunch of FBH. Notes: Avoid killing the Banshees while you are looking for FBH. Those Banshee are Hydra members "Cut off 1 head and 2 more shall take its place. Hail! HYDRA" \o/ You can bring alt char for buffs. Well since the minimum Members to start this quest is 3, better use a more useful chars like High Priest and Whitesmith for Buffs purpose. The status of my SG is shown in the Video. Sorry for the bad/low quality, its just a free screen recorder. Other Build for this quest
  4. RDC Tier 1 - Drake Down Class : Sniper RDC - Royal Dispatch Center Also known as Royal Operations Quest. It is one of RevivalRO customs. Where you can obtain custom gears and other useful loots. Every week you obtain 20 RDC Tickets. And it refresh once you talk to RDC Officer, it doesnt add up so be sure to use it all before it Refreshes. How to go RDC? 1.) Type @go 0 or @go pront. You will arrived in Prontera City. 2.) Head toward the castle in the North/Up. Just head straight north/up till you cross a small bridge and arrived in a Portal. 3.) Enter the portal and you will be inside Prontera castle. Head north/up again and enter another portal. 4.) You will arrived in a big hall. Type /navi prt_cas 175/270. Follow the yellow arrow till you see 4 NPCs. Concierge - This NPC serves as a Healer, Repairman and Tool Dealer. RDC Equipment Officer - This NPC lets you create some equipment once you've bought the Ticket from RDC Reward Officer. currently the only equipment available is RDC Helm. RDC Helm effect. RDC Reward Officer - This NPC is where you spend the RDC Points you gain when completing a Royal Operations Quest. RDC Officer - This NPC hands out the Quests list. Which is divided by 5 Tiers. Each Tier contains 3 Royal Operations Quest. 1.) Tier 1 - Princely Proposal, Drake Down and RX Filler. 2.) Tier 2 - Hermes Holiday, Calling Bishop Hibram and Poring Party Planner. 3.) Tier 3 - Rescojin, Coup de Turtle and Taste The Rainbow. 4.) Tier 4 - Emperor's Assasination, Escape The Room and Demonbuster. To start Drake Down 1.) First is you need a minimum party member of 3. You are allowed to use Alt Accounts. The maximum allowed in Drake Down is 5 members. 2.) Talk to RDC Officer once you have the minimum members. In my case I use: Sniper - This is my main character for killing Strong Drake. Professor - This char I use to put Volcano under my Sniper. High Priest - This char is use to buffs my Sniper with Increase Agility and Blessing for more damage and aspd. Plus its helpful if you get Decrease Agi by Strong Drake. 3.) Choose "Sign me up" and then "First". 4.) Once inside buffs first with your buffs skill and use the usables you need to use. 5.) Kill the mobs using Sharp Shooting until you find Strong Drake which is hidden inside the mobs. Equipment and Skill: Strong Drake's physical attack is not that high, the one skill you need to watch out is the Water Ball. In my case I made my Sniper a tanker and hitter. Sniper: Headgear Upper - Drooping Amistr Hat. This hat gives a chance to life steal when attacking physically. Headgear Middle - Large Angelwing Red[1] (LRW) put Leafcat Card (10% Water Resist) . This wing gives a boost in Critical Damage and adds Luk. Headgear Lower - Yatta. It gives 10% Water Resist. Armor - Any unbreakable armor with slot. In my case I use Valkyrie Armor[1] since its easy to obtain in MVP Room Gamma. put Pasana Card (Makes your armor Fire Element) When your armor is Fire Element and you step inside Prof's Volcano. You will gain +500 Base Atk. Weapon - +7~+10 Goblin Bow[2]. Put 1 Abysmal Knight Card and 1 Turtle General Card (The magnum break procs from TG Card helps clear out surrounding mobs while killing Strong Drake) Garment/Cloak - +4~+10 Great Demon Shroud[1]. Or +7~+10 Heroic Backpack[1]. Put Marse Card (+30% Water Resist) Shoes - +4~+10 Tidal Shoes (+5% Water Resist). Put Icering Card (+15% Water Resist) Accessory - 2 Recondite Ring. Put Implosion Card on each. Implosion card gives more damage on Range Classes. Pet - Loyal Squidgitte Egg (+10% Water Resist) Usable - Coldproof Potion (+20% Water Resist for 10 minutes) You should be able to get 100% Water Resist with this build. This way the Water Ball of Strong Drake won't hurt anymore. His physical damage you can just life leech it with your Drooping Amistr. Skills: True Sight Attention Concentration Wind Walk Sharp Shooting Professor: I just autofollow this char to my Sniper. To put up Volcano once Strong Drake is found. So no need fancy equips. Headgear Middle - Large Angelwing White (LWW) with Mistress Card (to remove the Gemstone Requirement of Volcano). Or Large Angelwing Blue (LBW) Shoes - Ebony Greaves with Moonlight Flower Card (for faster walking speed) Skills: Volcano High Priest: I just use this for buffs Increase Agi, Blessing and Impositio Manus. Didn't put any equip. Other players though use this to clear mobs and finding Strong Drake using Magnus Exorcism.
  5. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rx Filler (Solo Champ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rx Filler is one of the 3 quests in RDC first tier. ---------------------- Requirements: ---------------------- Party with 3 - 5 members (you can bring 2 alts to hold other herbs) 1 Operation Ticket on each party member ----------------- Mechanics: ----------------- Your have to gather all 5 herbs from Plants. There are 5 plant herbs: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and White plant, each correspond to herbs color respectively. Your goal is to successfully produce Refined Mixture Herb to finish the quest. -------------- Location: -------------- The map is a mirror of Prontera Field 03 (prt_fild03) Plants can be found in certain parts but not limited to ------------------------ NPCs ------------------------ Herbalist After killing plants and obtaining an herb, bring the herb to the herbalist. Choose the option Normal Dry for a higher chance of success. Wait 60 sec for it to dry. After 60 sec. Get the herb and bring it to the next NPC. Milestone worker After the herd is dry bring it to the Milestone worker to grind the herb. Choose to replace the stone for 100,000z otherwise there's a chance it will fail.Then bring the herb to the next NPC. Phytochemist The Phytochemist will hold finished herb powders while to collect the whole set of 5 colors. You can also check which one you still need by talking to him. Once you have completed all 5 colors of herb powders you need to get it and bring it to the next NPC. Refiner The Refiner will take the mixed herb powders and make it into medicine. Note that there is a 50% chance of failure so it's better to start have 2 sets of herbs. But if all goes well you can bring the finished product to the next NPC. Apothecary The last NPC is the Apothecary, if you're successfully refined the MIxed herbs,give it to him then there will be an announcement operation is complete! Recycler You may only carry one herb at a time, you may use your alt to hold the herbs.If you got the wrong color of herb, bring it to the Recycler. Then the herb will be lost forever 💔 ------------------------------ Stats & Gears ------------------------------- This guide is made for Champs, mainly for their skill Body relocation, but it is not limited to this class only. Any class can do this quest, champ is just recommended for movement speed. Other viable jobs are Stalkers with fable silk, Assassin cross using backslide. You can use Lord Knight and Paladin with their Pecopeco. AGI- until 196 atk spd INT- for additional SP Dex- 150 dex for instant cast Movement Enhancers like: Moonlight Flower card Hermes sandals ------------------------------ Rewards ------------------------------- Sunflower Hairpin White Romantic Flower Green Thumb Weeder Knife Heartwood Thanks for reading! Happy Gaming! IGN : SugarFree, McFlurry, Bipolar Bear
  6. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- SugarFree’s Guide to Hermes Holiday ------------------------------------------------------------------------- IGN: SugarFree , McFlurry, BipolarBear, Snapple Hermes Holiday is one of the 3 quests in RDC tier 2 ---------------------- Requirements: ---------------------- Party with 3 - 5 members (each must be eligible to Tier 2 RDC Quest) 1 Operation Ticket on each party member ----------------- Mechanics: ----------------- Your main task is to deliver the letters within 15 minutes limit. You will start with 15 letters needed to be delivered to specific mailboxes. There are a total of 22 mailboxes. Each mailbox has one letter that needs to be taken and delivered to another mailbox. Note: Every wrong Address will increase the counter of letters needed to be delivered, so pay attention!!! -------------- Location: -------------- The map is a mirror of Gonryun Field 01(gon_fild01) There are a total of 7 areas: Temple Road 2 Mailboxes Rural Bend 3 Mailboxes Main Street 5 Mailboxes Safari Lane 2 Mailboxes Coal Mine only 1 Mailbox Windmill way only 1 Mailbox Port Bluff 8 MailBoxes --------------------------------- Equipment and Stats: --------------------------------- Upper & Mid : Queen's Bell - Immunity to Stone Curse, Sleep, Stun Armor : Any Armor with Evil Druid Card - Immunity to Freeze & Stone Cursed / or Any Unfrozen card Cursed can be countered by Blessing Skill DEX: total 150 for instant cast AGI: until ASPD 196 for maxed attack speed INT: for Maxed SP STR :for weight capacity to carry Berries or Blue pots The main reason why I recommend using a Champion class because of the skill Body Relocation, With Immunity-to-status gears,means you can navigate the whole maps with ease and faster. Basically, just spam Body Relocate and past all the traps and plants. PROTIP: Don't pick up the letters from the mailboxes if the address is too far, you have an option to refuse. Make sure to check the addresses of other mailboxes like Port Bluff which has 8 mailboxes, chances are the address would be on the same location. If for some reason you deliver the last letter at the same time with a party member and the counter says you need to deliver -1 more, just deliver a letter to the wrong address and the counter will go back to zero and you complete the instance. Speed is the key, the longer you are in the instance the more traps will spawn! -------------- Rewards: -------------- "You successfully completed the operation" head back to the starting point and check the Treasure Chest Plant-Type Cards (Scorpion, Hermit Plant, etc.) Moonlight Flower Card Heartwood Corvo Hermes Sandals Black Messenger Bag Blue Messenger Bag Cyan Messenger Bag Gold Messenger Bag Green Messenger Bag Purple Messenger Bag Red Messenger Bag White Messenger Bag Constructive criticism and feedbacks are all welcome, Happy Gaming!
  7. ----------------------------------------------- CALLING BISHOP HIBRAM ------------------------------------------------ IGN: SugarFree, Mcflurry, Snapple CALLING BISHOP HIBRAM is one of the 3 quests in RDC tier 2 ---------------------------------------- Requirements: ---------------------------------------- Party with 3 - 5 members (each must be eligible to Tier 2 RDC Quest) 1 Operation Ticket on each party member -------------------------------------- Mechanics: ------------------------------------- Your objective is to search and kill the Fallen Bishop Hibram randomly roaming at the map,the map is filled with Banshees and don't even bother to kill them because they will just keep respawning across the map. If you found and killed the Fallen Bishop, he will summon multiple Fallen Bishop, among them is the real one. Once you have killed him, head back to the starting point and claim your rewards. ------------------------------------------ Location: ---------------------------------------- The map is a mirror of Nameless Island 01(nameless_n) --------------------------------- Equipment and Stats: --------------------------------- Use Any armor with Bathory Card or Great Demon Robe while roaming for immunity to Banshee's Soul Strike otherwise you'll flinch. When you found FBH, Switch into your armor that has Angeling or Gloom Card and spam Desperado, Voila.."You successfully completed the operation". Head back to the starting point, the Treasure Chest Reward is waiting for you. ---------------------------- Rewards: -------------------------- Banshee Card Fallen Bishop Hibram Card Falling Bishops Ghost Asomatous Ring Constructive Criticism and Feedbacks are all welcome, Happy Gaming!
  8. ========== Calling Bishop Hibram ... and you ========== RDC is a custome series of different Quests in revivalRO, the full name is "Royal Dispatch Center". The full overview of it can be found in the Wiki (http://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Royal_Operations_Quest). IGN: g c q, yandereQueen, Scilla and many more ========== How to get there? ========== RDC is located in the Prontera Castle, @go 0, then head north (/navi prontera 156/357), inside the castle, keep heading in north direction (/navi prt_cas 173/271). To start your RDC run, you need to talk to the RDC Officer. ========== REQUIREMENTS ========== To run RDC "Calling Bishop Hibram" you need to finish all Quests in Tier 1. If that is cleared you can continue with Tier 2, Calling Bishop Hibram. You need a party of min. 3 people and max. 5 people. Killer in this guide will be Gunslinger. Another neat option would be Assassin Cross or any other class that can do decent Holy AOE damage. For this set up, High Priest (for buffs) and Soul Linker (for buffs) are pretty nice. ========== REWARDS ========== Beside the default loot all the RDC Tiers provide, Calling Bishop Hibram adds the chance for: Banshee Card, Fallen Bishop Hibram Card (MVP), Falling Bishops Ghost and Asomatous Ring. ========== GEARS & SKILLS / CONSUMABLES ========== Alternative: for the Thanatos Revolver you can use Goblin Revolver (had done that too, but I don't have one. Garment Card doesn't really matter. Armor can be any too, I just prefer Great Demon Robe for it's Shadow Property. Any Lower works too, I just chose the Bunny Mouth for the silence immunity. Consumables Yggdrasil Berry (not really needed, but just in case), Blue Potion, (a lot) Silver Bullets, Stat Increasing Food (exp. Lvl3 Box), Panacea Skills Coin Flip, Increasing Accuracy, Desperado, Madness Canceller / Adjustment (to cancel Madness) Use Soul Linkers Kaahi buff, it acts like Mages Energy Coat. Your SP gonna be drained on hit instead of HP. You just need to use Blue Potions, which are cheaper then Ygg Berries. Make sure you always carry zeny with you so you can use the Coin Flip skill. Once you found Hibram, use Madness Canceller (Note: once you done that, you can't move, if you position yourself bad, use Adjustment to walk). Spam Desperado until he is dead. ========== WALK THROUGH ========== The map is a copy of Nameless Island, also known as Cursed Abbey Island (lv1 in Warpra). A lot of Banshee spawned and it's on you to find Hibram. But be careful, if you kill Banshee, more re spawn. Hibram will spawn randomly on the map, make sure you look in every corner. Once you found him, kill him. When he dies, multiple versions of him re spawn. Make sure you keep spam your attack so you won't die. Congrats, you already finished Calling Bishop Hibram! Wasn't all that hard, right? Go back to the spawn to loot your chest. :3 ========== TRIVIA ========== Curious what happens tho, when you just keep killing the Banshee? Well, my friend and me once did and ... it was interesting and laggy as f**k. For real tho, don't do it guys. It makes the whole server lag. Was still fun little experiment tho ... haha
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