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  1. <----- Farming Halls of Abyss Aldebaran -----> Class : Gunslinger Font Color Orange - is clickable links Questions ??? What is Halls of Abyss a.k.a HOA and Why should I farm it? https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Hall_of_Abyss TAGRAS Catalogue Halls of Abyss Aldebaran is also a good place to farm for Old Enriched Elunium/Oridecon How to go HOA Aldebaran? Type @go 6 or @go alde, Enter the left portal of the map (type /navi aldebaran 36/139). Arrived in Aldebaran Guild, walk left until you see a 2 Cat NPC (type /navi alde_gld 193/162). Tip: get a Sewer Bug Dame Card, insert into any accessory. This card allows you to use Warp Portal Now you can /memo or @memo 0 to register that Cat Hand Area in your warp. You can find the Warp Portal skill in your ETC skill. To use Warp Portal you need Blue Gemstone, can purchase in @go 9 look to your right Magical Item Seller NPC Or get a Large Angelwing Blue or a Mistress Card. How to enter HOA? 1.) You need to be on a Guild first, you can create your own guild or join other guilds. To gain guild points while killing mobs. 2.) Talk to Cat Hand Agent. The one with swirly tail and not moving. 3.) Scroll down the conversation and choose "I wish to enter the Halls of Abyss". Why Gunslinger class? 1.) Easy to Max Level. 2.) Easy to find the equipment you need. 3.) Looks cool and it reminds me of Alucard from Hellsing anime. What to loot inside HOA Aldebaran? 1.) Type @autoloot 10 - to autoloot items with 10% droprate and below. 2.) @alootid +522 - to loot Mastela Fruit. For selling to NPC purpose. 3.) @alootid +509 - to loot White Herb. For making condensed white potions or sell to players. 4.) @alootid +510 - to loot Blue Herb. For making blue potions or sell to players. Gunslinger Status You can change/adjust the stats depending on Premium Gears that you have. Equipment: Headgear Upper: Drooping Amistr or Amistr Beret[4] with 4 Duneyrr Card or 4 Dark Pinguicula Card Headgear Middle/Wing: Any 4 Slotted +30 Allstat. But preferably Speed Wing[4] with +25% movespeed +25 Allstats. Or the +33 Allstat Speed Wing. put status resist cards: Orc Hero Card, Marduk Card and 2 Gemini-S58 Card Headgear Lower: Orange/Black Tie[1] (Atk+8%). Or +15~+18 Allstat Lower[1]. But prefeably Red Tie[1] (Atk+15%) or Yoyo Rucksack[1] (Atk+15%) put Evil Snake Lord Card. Armor: Variegated Vest[1] or +10 Valkyrie Armor[1] with Sacramental Water Animal Enchant put Gloom Under Night Card Weapon: +7~+10 Goblin Revolver[2] put 1 Thanatos Card + 1 Dracula Card. Or +9~+10 Thanatos Revolver[2] put 1 Dracula Card + 1 Turtle General Card 2nd Weapon for Switching: +7~+10 Goblin Revolver[2] put 1 Orc Fighter Card + 1 Orc Sniper Card Garment/Cloak: +7~+10 Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb[1] (@id 2544) put Deviling Card Boots: Footgear Antique[1] (No pushback). Or Bronze Greaves[1]. Or +10 Elvira Boots[1]. Put General Egnigem Cenia Card Accessory: 2 Recondite Ring[1]. Put Implosion Card on both. You can also put Cedi Orbs in Recondite Ring put Dex3 Orb and Random2 or Random5 Orb Bullet: Bloody Shell (Base Atk 30). Or Bullet (Base Atk 10). To buy Bullets / Cartridge: @go 16, walk a little lower right till you see Nobby the Novice NPC > Shop > Gunslinger Goods Buy the Bloody Cartridge for Bloody Shell, Cartridge for Bullet. Other Equipments: If you want more damage. But will cost you more Premium Points. Pink Pocchi Hat[4] or Tree Bird Hat[[4] - For Attention Concentration Buffs. Increases AGI and DEX stats by +12%. Floppy Bunny[4] - For Blessing Buffs. Increases STR, DEX and INT stats by +10. Questions: Why Drooping Amistr hat and not Event Headgear like Magic Rabbit or Jirant Circlet? Because I don't have those headgears. And Drooping Amistr gives 9% chance to Life Leech the 20% of damage you do. You will rarely see your HP/Life drops down, even if it does you will just Life Leech it back when you hit Thana Bait Monster. What is Thana Bait? Monsters with VIT stats higher than 120 is consider as Thana Bait. It means Thanatos Card effect will do more damage to them than def ignoring card. VIT 120 is still consider as Thana Neutral. Why Gloom Under Night card? Gloom Under Night card gives +40% damage to Holy and Shadow property monster. Since Gioia and Elvira is Holy Element this will be the best choice. Why Footgear Antique? Footgear Antique can have a No push-back effect. This allows you to stay on that spot while you do Desperado. Also +15% movement speed (stackable) Can I kill Herja with this build? First, Herja is the MVP in HOA Aldebaran. Second, Yes. You can kill Herja with certain condition. 1.) Type /showname, must be set to showname type 2 where mobs HP in percentage % is shown. 2.) Use the Goblin Revolver with Thana card or +9 Thanatos Revolver. 3.) Use Cursed Water (You can get this from False Angel in Geffenia Dungeons). This turns your weapon element into Shadow Property. 4.) You need another Variegated Vest[1] put Ghostring Card 5.) Get near her and use Desperado skill 6.) While killing Herja watch her HP%, when it hits 30% you will switch armor into Variegated Vest[1] + Ghostring Card 7.) Then continue spamming Desperado skill 8.) MVP Congratulations Which Monsters is Thana Bait? Thana Bait use Thana Revolver Giant Hornet Ancient Worm Owl Baron Gioia (mini-boss) Herja (boss) Non-Thana Bait use Orc combo Revolver (Orc Fighter Card + Orc Sniper Card) Piamitte Elvira Skills: Click ---> Watch This O.O If you've watch the Video you'll notice that I use Rapid Shower before I can switch Revolver. 1.) Flip Coin 10 times to get 10 coins on standby. 2.) Increasing Accuracy - Consumes 4 coins to boost the caster's HIT by 20 as well as DEX and AGI by 4 for one minutes. 3.) Desperado - Sprays a surrounding area full of lead, hitting enemies around you from 0 to 10 times. 4.) Rapid Shower - I just use this when switching Weapon, because when you spamming Desperado and switch weapon it will fail to switch. So hit mobs with this then switch weapon. Please Comment if you have more questions Happy hunting \o/
  2. ----------------------------------------------- CALLING BISHOP HIBRAM ------------------------------------------------ IGN: SugarFree, Mcflurry, Snapple CALLING BISHOP HIBRAM is one of the 3 quests in RDC tier 2 ---------------------------------------- Requirements: ---------------------------------------- Party with 3 - 5 members (each must be eligible to Tier 2 RDC Quest) 1 Operation Ticket on each party member -------------------------------------- Mechanics: ------------------------------------- Your objective is to search and kill the Fallen Bishop Hibram randomly roaming at the map,the map is filled with Banshees and don't even bother to kill them because they will just keep respawning across the map. If you found and killed the Fallen Bishop, he will summon multiple Fallen Bishop, among them is the real one. Once you have killed him, head back to the starting point and claim your rewards. ------------------------------------------ Location: ---------------------------------------- The map is a mirror of Nameless Island 01(nameless_n) --------------------------------- Equipment and Stats: --------------------------------- Str :100~150 weight capacity for Bullets & Berries Agi: Until 196 Attack Speed Dex: 255 Vit & Int : for additional HP & SP Upper: Drooping Amistr Hat / Chubby Bunny / Hyzo Hat with Duneyrr card / Dark Pinguicula card Mid : Golden Wing / Jazz ring / White Icicle wing with Evil Snake Lord Card immunity to Cursed status Lower: Black tie Armor: Slotted Armor with Bathory Card -while searching the map for FBH so you won't flinched at Banshee’s Soul Strike of darkness. Slotted Armor with Angeling Card (for FBH’s Holy Cross) / Gloom Under Night card Weapon: +7~+9 Thanatos Revolver / Goblin Revolver with Orc Sniper card and Orc Fighter card combo Garment: Great demon shroud with Isis Card Footgear: Ebony Greaves with Ascendent Orc card / Nekoring Card Accessories:2 Recondite Rings / Ring Des Nibelungen with Ifrit Card / Hardened Anvil Card When you found him, Switch into your armor that has Angeling or Gloom and spam Desperado, Voila.."You successfully completed the operation". Head back to the starting point, the Treasure Chest Reward is waiting for you. ---------------------------- Rewards: -------------------------- Banshee Card Fallen Bishop Hibram Card Falling Bishops Ghost Asomatous Ring Special Thanks to Wafflewich Constructive Criticism and Feedbacks are all welcome, Happy Gaming!
  3. ========== Calling Bishop Hibram ... and you ========== RDC is a custome series of different Quests in revivalRO, the full name is "Royal Dispatch Center". The full overview of it can be found in the Wiki (http://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Royal_Operations_Quest). IGN: g c q, yandereQueen, Scilla and many more ========== How to get there? ========== RDC is located in the Prontera Castle, @go 0, then head north (/navi prontera 156/357), inside the castle, keep heading in north direction (/navi prt_cas 173/271). To start your RDC run, you need to talk to the RDC Officer. ========== REQUIREMENTS ========== To run RDC "Calling Bishop Hibram" you need to finish all Quests in Tier 1. If that is cleared you can continue with Tier 2, Calling Bishop Hibram. You need a party of min. 3 people and max. 5 people. Killer in this guide will be Gunslinger. Another neat option would be Assassin Cross or any other class that can do decent Holy AOE damage. For this set up, High Priest (for buffs) and Soul Linker (for buffs) are pretty nice. ========== REWARDS ========== Beside the default loot all the RDC Tiers provide, Calling Bishop Hibram adds the chance for: Banshee Card, Fallen Bishop Hibram Card (MVP), Falling Bishops Ghost and Asomatous Ring. ========== GEARS & SKILLS / CONSUMABLES ========== Alternative: for the Thanatos Revolver you can use Goblin Revolver (had done that too, but I don't have one. Garment Card doesn't really matter. Armor can be any too, I just prefer Great Demon Robe for it's Shadow Property. Any Lower works too, I just chose the Bunny Mouth for the silence immunity. Consumables Yggdrasil Berry (not really needed, but just in case), Blue Potion, (a lot) Silver Bullets, Stat Increasing Food (exp. Lvl3 Box), Panacea Skills Coin Flip, Increasing Accuracy, Desperado, Madness Canceller / Adjustment (to cancel Madness) Use Soul Linkers Kaahi buff, it acts like Mages Energy Coat. Your SP gonna be drained on hit instead of HP. You just need to use Blue Potions, which are cheaper then Ygg Berries. Make sure you always carry zeny with you so you can use the Coin Flip skill. Once you found Hibram, use Madness Canceller (Note: once you done that, you can't move, if you position yourself bad, use Adjustment to walk). Spam Desperado until he is dead. ========== WALK THROUGH ========== The map is a copy of Nameless Island, also known as Cursed Abbey Island (lv1 in Warpra). A lot of Banshee spawned and it's on you to find Hibram. But be careful, if you kill Banshee, more re spawn. Hibram will spawn randomly on the map, make sure you look in every corner. Once you found him, kill him. When he dies, multiple versions of him re spawn. Make sure you keep spam your attack so you won't die. Congrats, you already finished Calling Bishop Hibram! Wasn't all that hard, right? Go back to the spawn to loot your chest. :3 ========== TRIVIA ========== Curious what happens tho, when you just keep killing the Banshee? Well, my friend and me once did and ... it was interesting and laggy as f**k. For real tho, don't do it guys. It makes the whole server lag. Was still fun little experiment tho ... haha
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