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  1. ========== Demon Busters ... and you ========== - fancy pictures follow up ... maybe - Demon Busters (commonly just called "Seth") is a mission of the Royal Operation Quests, also knows as RDC. It is part of the recently added Tier 4. ========== Overview ========== Party member size: 5-8 Tickets used per run: 3 Time Limit: 60min Exclusive Loots: Seth's Wrath, Seth's Pride Unholy Whip, Haunted Guitar and Raok Runestone ========== Party (optional, but for us it worked well) ========== Professor (Tanker, Vulcano) Sniper (1-2, Killer) High Priest (Buffs and Status Recovery) Alts: Gypsy (Fortune's Kiss) Whitesmith (Weapon Perfection and Power Thrust) Creator (FCP, against weapon breaking and MVP can strip Tank) Paladin (Devotion, not mandatory, but it's more chill for the Tanker) The general tactic behind that set up is, to Buff the Killer/s as much as possible and give the Tanker an easier time because of the Devotion. It is basically a Cedi-esk set up. High Priest is essential since the MVP spams Wide Freeze and the Killers will Freeze. ======================================== ========== Walk Through ========== Map: The map is a mirror of "Bios Island" ([email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]). The mission is split into three "parts". On the first 2 maps you get confronted with a lost Soul. It is up to you now to fid the Statues on the map and click their switches. Both maps are basically the same and have the statues on the same spots. If someone already activated the statue, the message will tell you that it looks dusty. Once that is done, on each map a so to speak "mini boss", the Gate Keeper will appear, you will need to kill them. The First Mini Boss' Element: Ghost Second Mini Boss' Element: Neutral You will arrive on the last map, a single big room. Go to the enter and trigger the dialog. Once the soul is done talking, activate the 4 Statues in the corner. Make sure your party is ready, because this will trigger the last MVP ... The last MVP comes in two shapes: Seth (can change property, so keep Sense on him) God Seth (always Holy property) The major difficulty on Seth is, that he spams Chain Lightning, a Warlock Wind Property Skill. Once Seth is defeated, his adult form, God Seth will spawn right after in the middle of the map. God Seth is "easier" to tank, however he can use Dark Blessing. The mission ends when God Seth is defeated, the loot chest will appear on the middle of the map. ======================================== ========== The Tank ========== As in basically every instance in Revival, Professor is the best Tank to go. Their major job is to lay down Vulcano, then Dispell and Sense the MVP. Magic Rod can also help to prevent damage from Chain Lightning. High Wind resistance helps to Tank Seth. - Consumables: Yggdrasil Berry, Reraise Potion, Thunderproof Potion Ghostring Hat [2] - Giant Hornet Card Large White Angelwing [1] - Mistress Card Honoray Bunny Mouth [0] Keris [1] Vigilante Shield [1] (Pushback Orb) - Alice Card Great Old Hauberk [0] Caliginous Cloak [1] - Dustiness Card Valkyrian Shoes [1] - Purplering Card Great Old Ring [0] / Topaz Ring [0] / Vendor's Clip [1] - Osiris Card Alternative Items: Apache Coated Boots / Puff Eye Ring Combo; Fuzzy Bunny Scarf Basically any item that helps you get some Resistance for Wind. God Seth isn't that difficult to tank, just make sure your Hard DEF is high enough (similar to Cedi tanking). Sometimes our Tank even forgot to switch items and could tank God Seth with his "Wind Set" as well. Tenshi Ring [0] Large White Angelwing [1] - Mistress Card Honoray Bunny Mouth [0] Keris [1] Vigilante Shield [1] (Pushback Orb) - Alice Card Great Old Hauberk [0], Great Old Cloak [0], Great Old Boots [0] Great Old Ring [0] / Topaz Ring [0] / Vendor's Clip [1] - Osiris Card Alternative Items: Elunium Set Basically any item that helps you getting high Hard DEF. ========== The Killer ========== Best killer also for this instance is Sniper. Due to the element changes of Seth, they got the easiest ways to react to that (by changing Arrows) and do the most damage to him. Drooping Amistr [0] / Heirozoist Hat [1] / Gold Snacpback Cap [0] - Dyunerr / Dark Ping Card Large Red Angelwing [1] - Dyunerr/ Dark Ping Card Jessica's Bell [0] Luciu's Fierce Armor of Vulcano [1] - Gloom Under Night Card Spectral Bow [4] / Goblin Bow [2] / Giant Bow [2] - Abysmal Knight Card Heroic Backpack [1] - Annunaki Card Ebony Greaves [1] / Fey Boots [1] / Elvira Boots [1] - Ascendent Orc Card / Orc Knight Card Recondite Ring [1] - Impolsion Card Consumables: Arrows (all of them), Your default damage increasing Buff items To reduce the chance of getting frozen, we used Jessica's Bell. If you don't care for that, you can use any other lower for more damage. Different Hats are listed to cover up the Element changes Seth can do. Beside that, nothing special, just your normal Crit Lock Sniper. Note: Since both our Sniper are max stat, I didn't included their stats. However, you can also do it with an "legit" Sniper with their standard stats. Max DEX, Enough AGI for max ASPD, and LUK for some CRIT. ========== Example Run ========== I recorded one of our runs. I am generally very laggy, so enjoy that PowerPoint Presentation. https://youtu.be/NZ4XZTeu0VU
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