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Patch Notes - May 26, 2023


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Hi Midgardians,


This new patch includes some fixes and updates which are listed below.



  • 10% PP Donation Bonus and Amber Box Promotions will be in effect until next patch.
  • The new feature Magic5 has been added. See link provided for more info.



  • Issues with WWB has been fixed. 
  • Cher Almi, Rainbow Scythe Blade and Warrior's Mod now correctly unusable in legit WoE.
  • Cosmos Headgear no longer has an aura effect. The costume version however retains the aura effect.
  • Icecrown mobs should now drop their respective cards.
  • Monster Oxygen Mask for Chonchon family pets can now be equipped.
  • Dragon Horns, Light Soul, Dark Soul & Earth Element now correctly adds 5 Hard MDEF.
  • Arcanis now correctly gives 10% additional magic damage to demi humans.


Thank you for all the support.

RevivalRO Staff

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