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Revival Season Pass 2023

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Hello Midgardians!

We would like to introduce you our new stuff 'Shadow Armor'. Players need to subscribe Revival Season Pass 2023 to get these new Items :3

What is Revival Season Pass?

  • a feature which enables players to take/claim items by collecting season pass points by doing quests and instances.

Revival Season Pass Mechanics:

  1. To register, player needs to pay 2 Billion zenies to Revival Pass NPC at Prontera 124 196.
  2. To collect season pass points, players need to do quest and instance with corresponding points.
  3. To level up, player needs to collect 1,000 points and each level will have a specific item to claim.
  4. There will be a maximum level of 26.
  5. For Revival Pass information, type @revivalpass

Points System:


NOTE: For MVP Kills - The kills in MVP Arena and Bloody Branches do not count.


So here are the Shadow Armor Stats: 

Lava Leather Set

Lava Leather Armor : 

Max HP & Max SP +2%


Lava Leather Hood : 
Max HP & Max SP +2%


Lava Leather Shoes :
Movement Speed +2%

Effect Set (Lava Leather Armor, Lava Leather Hood, Lava Leather Shoes) :
Recover 50 HP per second

Royal Set


Royal Plate : 
Max HP & Max SP +2%


Royal Manteau :
Max HP & Max SP +2%


Royal Greaves :
Movement Speed +2%

Effect Set (Royal Plate, Royal Manteau, Royal Greaves) :
Recover 10 SP per second


DRAGON BALL Z SET - Level 24-26

Migatte No Gokui Set - Lower



Migatte No Gokui Set - Upper



Migatte No Gokui Set - Mid



When worn as a SET...



Enjoy~ ;3


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