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May Player Council Call

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Hello starlights!

Do you have any criticism, opinions or suggestions about the game? If yes, it's now your time to shine
Welcome to the May (and first!) player council call~

> What is the player council?

For you, it's a chance to give us 1 on 1 constructive criticism, tell us your opinions or suggestions, and get your voice heard!
For us, it's a chance to receive feedback directly from you and have your opinion in mind when discussing about the server~

> Are there any requirements to apply?

Anyone can apply, as long as they're willing to share their opinions in a mature and civil way.
If you just want to cry or randomly complain at us, this isn't the place to do it. We want it to be an useful conversation between player and gm that will help the game go forward.

> How does it work, exactly?

Apply with this >form< and give us the required info.

The number of people we pick depends on how many people apply and how many we feel we need.
We'll pick players and contact you through Discord or in game to decide on when to recall you. If you don't get picked once, you can also reapply in future player council calls!
Once you get recalled by us, you'll have some time to give your feedback to us face to face, and it will then be taken into account and discussed among the staff. You can reapply anytime, but we will give priority to players who haven't been picked yet.
Also, some calls may be general, and some may have a particular topic (i.e. woe).

> Notes

If you apply, get chosen and then recalled just to troll, there will be punishments. As already stated, we just want it to be a nice and useful conversation for the both of us.

The applications will close on Thursday 23 May at 11:59 pm server time.

We're looking forward to your applications!

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