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New Refinery UI and changes to Safe Refine system


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Greetings everyone!

We would like to announce the all new Refinery UI!

How does it work?

To start, talk to a refiner NPC as usual. The NPC will have his usual dialog and the new UI will appear.


Drag the equipment you want to refine in the box in the middle, and the materials you can use to upgrade it will appear on the top.



Choose the material you want to use. You'll see the success rate and how much zeny you need for the upgrade. Press "Refining" to proceed!


If the upgrade is successful, you can either go back to choose other materials, or keep refining with the same ones until the equipment breaks or until you run out of materials.



Changes to Safe Refining

You won't be able to use Safe Refine Tickets anymore, but you can convert them to a new item: Blacksmith's Blessing.

To convert your SRT just click on them and they will convert into Blacksmith's Blessing.
The way it works is basically the same as SRT: when using it, your equipment won't break, even if the upgrade has failed.


The number of Blacksmith's Blessing needed for an upgrade is proportional.
For example, to upgrade an item from +4 to +5, you need 5 Blacksmith's Blessing.
To upgrade an item from +5 to +6, you need 6 Blacksmith's Blessing, and so on.

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Goodmorning Sir. I just like to share my issue and problem regarding on refining. Because Im always suffering difficulties whenever i talk to Hollgrehenn as usual the NPC has his usual dialog but after that dialog whenever i press the close sign nothings gonna happen next and my character will suffer some lag. Until now i cant refine any of my items. I hope you can help me regarding with my promblem. Thanks a lot and more power. 

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