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[2019-06-14] Hot patch

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Greetings Everyone,

During this hot patch we've done the following.


  • After this maintenance you may be able to redeem your achievement rewards with an exception for ones with title as rewards, we're still investigating the issue regards one with titles
  • Quests, Instances and Battleground achievements should now count correctly


  • The drop rates in the RDC Tier 4 has been adjusted to be more lean, expect better drops.


  • Costume Analyzing Eye is now tradeable
  • Costume Fluttering Feather is now wearable on Mid Headgear instead of Low Headgear
  • Sniper Card is now working correctly, premium version fixed now.
  • Armor Property effect will be removed on armor changes
  • Valhalla Idol now gives 200 extra weight as intended
  • Miracle Blue Rose now won't remove Bubble Gum or Battle Manual when worn or removed
  • Recognized Spell effect from Magitech Set, is now going to be removed when a piece of the set is taken off
  • Succubus Egg on vote point should now correctly display the right pet
  • Create Elemental Converter shall now work as expected
  • Butterfly Ears now drains SP as intended
  • Horus castle should be accessible again now Partily fixed, please be hold on it.

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