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Bushy Evergreen's Christmas Cards


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Bushy Evergreen's Christmas Cards


Jingler Bell is not the only one needing some help this Christmas.

Bushy Evergreen Cookie.gif.34a7e31dac6495c530244d54c1e2edbc.gifthe elf was so hard at work sorting out the Christmas deliveries for all of Rune Midgard that he neglected to safeguard his Christmas Cards from Antonio's grinchy ways. Now all his Christmas Cards has been stolen by the odious Antonio.Antonio.gif.d7170921b915769fcf9edb7b13301943.gif

Your task is to hunt down Antonio and his effigies. There is a low chance to obtain a Christmas Card from it.
Next, return the Christmas Cards back to Bushy Evergreen.

For your efforts, Bushy Evergreen will reward you with 2 Christmas Box 2023.

Bushy Evergreen can be found at Lutie (137, 73). Just across the river from Grinch instance.


Antonio's effigies Antonio.gif.d7170921b915769fcf9edb7b13301943.gif can be found roaming the fields of Prontera, Payon, Geffen, Morroc and Mjolnir.


Merry hunting~~🎅

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