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Easter Event 2024


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                                 Easter Bunny Snowbunny.gif.035b042dbcf06f47aa48d7d4ec1b20c8.gifhas made its appearance again for this year's Easter event.

Bunny hasn't lost its habit of hiding Easter_egg_jpg.jpg.68d1ded8706a6f0241a0f025d0e6bbf3.jpgEaster eggsEaster_egg_jpg.jpg.68d1ded8706a6f0241a0f025d0e6bbf3.jpg all over Midgard like he has done years before. But in his excitement, he has miscounted the days AGAIN and started hiding eggs since last week. Some of them might be rotting by now. Uh-oh!

To start the event, you should find Easter Bunny at Geffen (184, 126). He will give you an Easter Basket to hold the eggs you are going to find! If you are not wearing the basket, you will NOT be able to pick up the eggs. So make sure you have it on before you look for them! 

If you can find and crack open a good egg, you will be rewarded with an Easter Goodie Bag that Bunny has filled with an assortment of prizes!




image.png.2ec589120b13eda0322133817233729b.png  image.png.770e8d441ab7d6b0b07c90adbb40c843.png

image.png.e54e7fe84d667ca8c20b7b3e5db32802.png   image.png.481cf6af623133e2e5fd3e950043d433.png

image.png.456e1efb4845cc1578be7db157f79d72.png   image.png.adc6d51456d79123cc6afc5ec3eb17aa.png

image.png.f18e34c4b2608d17ae244e945a3e370b.png   image.png.2387e0ba33ee90cba120764f6fdb2170.png


While most eggs are good and will give you an Easter Goodie Bag, a few of them might have gone bad by now. If you happen to find a rotten egg, you will get an eggshell instead. But worry not! Bunny likes to keep them and is willing to exchange some eggshells for one Easter Goodie Bag.

2024 Easter Goodie Bag Contents



Joining the Easter Bunny is a visiting Fairy Faraway_Fairy.gif.b2d83100cff88a982ef74bfe88e022c6.gif(196, 120) from a faraway land.
She has come to explore our beautiful Rune Midgard and is interested in bringing some of our fauna back to her homeland to show her fellow fairies.

For 7 days, she will ask players to bring her some eggs and some feathers.
In return, she will reward players.

Her required items and rewards are listed below.




But wait! All this excitement about the Easter Bunny and Faraway Fairy has awakened

Hopper Wiggleton Domovoi.gif.57b07a3b3c371443b5131b6e099b57ab.gif

from his slumber!


The grumpy lagomorph had snatched up a large bunch of Easter eggs and will appear to shake up a town. He should be taught a lesson to stop hoarding all the eggs and that he should share them with everyone. Once defeated, the eggs will scatter the Easter Eggs around the town again for everyone to find.

Easter Bunny told us that it will be leaving on the 25th April 2024 23:59 server time. When the event is over, Bunny will have to take back the baskets that he has given away and go back into his burrow to another hibernation. So be sure to join in the egg hunt while Bunny is still around to get your hands on the brand new Easter Goodie Bags.

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