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Restart Fixes & Updates


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Hello players,
In the recent restart, the Easter exchanger NPC is now available at Geffen (193, 117)
The exchanger will take select Easter items and award you 1 point per item.
For every 3 points, you will have a chance to get either 2024 Easter Goodie Bag or 2020 Easter Goodie Bag.

The items it accepts are as follows:
Easter Bunnies Earmuffs
Easter Bunnyring Balloon 2024
Easter Rabbit Ears
Shoulder Chicky (2016)
Hoppin' Chicky
Wonder Egg Basket
Pink Bunny Hat
Costume: White Gentle Bunny Hat F (2015)
Costume: Black Gentle Bunny Hat M (2015)
Costume: Pink Bunny Hair Band
Costume: Shoulder Chicky
Egg Minihat
Lunatic Hat
Sunny Side Up Egg
Chubby Bunny
Gothic Rose Bonnet
Rabbit Ribbon Hat
Bunny Ribbon Band
Tail Hat
Miracle Blue Rose
Valhalla Idol
Costume: Happy Droopy Lunatic Ears

There were also fixes and changes made:

  • Super Novice should now retain Platinum skills.
  • Costumes: Manteau of Reckoning, Christmas Scarf and Kitty Bell has been made tradeable.
  • Heroic Astrologer Hat, Eclipse, Christmas Scarf, Candy Cane Hat and Wood Dragon Prince are now working as intended.
  • Blue Eremes Scarf's latent effects now drops exp scrolls when killing normal bio3 monsters.
  • Assaulter card effect changed. New effect: ATK +30. Makes weapon Fire Element. Consumes 2SP per attack.
  • Paper card now consumes 2 SP per attack.
  • Zipper Bear card now consumes 2 SP per attack.
  • Antonio card's auto teleport chance has been slightly reduced.
  • King's Legacy should now work with the old GUILD PACK set.

More future fixes and updates are in the works.
Thank you for your continued support.

Ragnarevival Staff

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