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Patch Notes - June 4, 2024

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Hello Midgardians,

Maintenance has concluded and we have made the following changes:

Item selling price adjustments



Shop changes

  • Berserk Potion's NPC buying price has been increased to 12,000 zeny.
  • Dark Blinder ID: 5104 has been added to the Headgear Shop at the mall for 3m zeny.
  • Kitty Band and Bunny Band has been removed from the Headgear Shop at the mall.
  • Red Gemstone has been removed from stores that sell it.
  • Special swords has been removed from the Weapon Shop at the mall.


Item changes

  • Pendant of Chaos now gives only 50% Confusion resist.
  • Ribbon Cape now gives only 50% Confusion resist.
  • Event Rose Eyepatch (White) now gives only 50% Confusion resist.
  • Transmogrify effect has been removed from Red Downey Hat, Azoth and Hylozoist card.
  • Mastela Fruit's healing has been halved and weight increased to 10.
  • Grimtooth now decreases soft defences by only 30%.
  • Spike and Spike[2] now decreases soft defences by only 50%.
  • Night Sparrow Hat is now exclusively worn by Dancers/Gypsies.
  • Wedding Rings should now be worn on the costume accessory slot.
  • Gift Boxes will no longer yield Santa Poring card, Emperium, Gold, Girl's Diary, 1-3carat diamonds and Gift Box.


Card changes

  • Giearth Card now only gives 10% Confusion resist.
  • Permeter Card now only gives 13% Shadow elemental resist and 5% Undead elemental resist.
  • Wootan Fighter Card now gives 13% Undead elemental resist and 5% Shadow elemental resist.
  • Engkanto Card has its chance to inflict poison status and ignoring plant monster defences functions removed.
  • Rideword Card now gives 75% Stun resist but decreases Stone Curse, Sleep and Freeze resistance by 50%.
  • Aliza Card will now only work for Dancers/Gypsies.
  • Orc Fighter card now gives 5% bonus damage to boss monsters. Its Unbreakable script has been removed. Its combo effect is retained.
  • Orc Sniper card now gives only 17% bonus damage to boss monsters.
  • Abysmal Knight card now gives only 22% damage to boss monsters.
  • Dark Pinguicula card will no longer drop poison herbs.
  • Blazzer, Tengu and Hermit Plant card will no longer drop items.
  • A new weapon card, Occult Druid card has been added. It gives 12% bonus damage to boss monsters, 5% extra crit damage and 7 CRIT.


Monster changes

  • Mavka will now drop Silver Fairy Wings at 0.2% chance.
  • All Filirs should no longer drop Silver Fairy Wings.
  • Earth Petit will now drop Petite's Tail at 3% chance.
  • Hyegun will now drop Hyegun Hat at 0.2% chance.
  • Seyren Windsor no longer drops Old Blue Box and Helm[1]. Claymore's drop rate is reduced to 30%.
  • White Herbs have been removed from these monsters: Blazzer, Majoruros, Sasquatch, Sky Petit, Earth Petit, Sidewinder, Verit, SPring Rabbit, Orc Archer, Lava Golem.
  • A new monster, Occult Druid has been added to gefenia 1-4, mosk_dun03, tha_t07 & 08, thor_v01 & 03, abbey01 -03.


Thank you for you continued support.
Ragnarevival Staff

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