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[2019-08-29] Maintenance

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Greetings Everyone,

this maintenance was following the milestone (2019-08-29 Maintenance), in which it was 100% Completed, for more information on the milestone you may click here.

The detailed change long is as the following:

Cash shop

  • Blacksmith's Blessing price was increased from 10pp to 20pp to weigh out the fact SRT had lower chances than normal refine


  • Fixed jumps being allowed in Hazy Forest and Nidhoggur's Nest instance maps, which lead it to be abused (issue#47 Confidential)
  • Notoriety quest should now give the notorious title correctly (issue#3)
  • Re-written Cedi Tier A to fix the problem where the nectar would be eaten and players would not be warped in (issue#4).
  • Equipment that should bind on player when equipped would not be refine-able now through the new refine UI, unless it's bound (issue#6 Confidential)
  • Top/mid Headgear costumes and Shadow Garments are now not refine-able (issue#6 Confidential)
  • Job Master would no longer give EXP to non-novice character (issue#7 Confidential)
  • Decarding items will now unequip it before the decarding process, this fixes issues like unlimited Endure status (issue#31 Confidential)
  • Condensed White Potion weight is now set to 2 (issue#32)


Regarding costumes and shadow armors that was refined


  • Players who have refined such items would have until the 7th of September to voluntary surrender those items. If they do it before the mentioned date they would be able to pick another item to transfer the refine level to. Those players WILL NOT BE PUNISHED. to report those items use our help desk by clicking here.
  • Players who don't voluntary surrender those items will have their item refine rate removed and might have another temporary punishment depends on how heavily they used this bug.

Good luck and have fun in RevivalRO's world!

RevivalRO's Management,

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