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WoE Timings has changed

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Greetings Everyone,

According to our last poll (click here to check it), players has opted to move the 3AM slot to 9PM to 11PM instead, therefore all WoE timings that falls into this slot have been changed.

The new schedule is as the following and applicable starting now:

1- WoE First Edition (Donor Version)

First Timing

  • Singapore Saturday: 3pm ~ 5pm
  • GMT+0 Saturday: 7am ~ 9am
  • UTC-8 Friday: 11pm ~ 1am
  • Swanhild - Scarlet Palace - Eeyolbriggar - Hohenschwangau

Second Timing

  • Singapore Saturday: 9pm ~ 11pm
  • GMT+0 Saturday: 1pm ~ 3pm
  • UTC-8 Saturday: 5am ~ 7am
  • Kriemhild - Bright Arbor - Repherion - Neuschwanstein

2- WoE First Edition (Legit Version)

First Timing

  • Singapore Sunday: 3pm ~ 5pm
  • GMT+0 Sunday: 7am ~ 9am
  • UTC-8 Saturday: 11pm ~ 1am
  • Skoegul - Sacred Altar - Bergel - Wuerzburg

Second Timing

  • Singapore Sunday: 9pm ~ 11pm
  • GMT+0 Sunday: 1pm ~ 3pm
  • UTC-8 Sunday: 5am ~ 7am
  • Fadhgridh - Holy Shadow - Yesnelph - Nuernberg

2- WoE Second Edition

First Timing

  • Singapore Wednesday: 3pm ~ 5pm
  • GMT+0 Wednesday: 7am ~ 9am
  • UTC-8 Tuesday: 11pm ~ 1am
  • Mardol - Himinn (Temporary moved to Viblainn)

Second Timing

  • Singapore Wednesday: 9pm ~ 11pm
  • GMT+0 Wednesday: 1pm ~ 3pm
  • UTC-8 Wednesday: 5am ~ 7am
  • Cyr - Andlangr

Best Regards,

RevivalRO Management

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