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[2019-09-15] Sea Captain set and Ethereal Twilight set and our new 3rd job skills!

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Greetings Everyone,

Our new sets was being in crafting for an almost 2 months now, with a set aiming for PvM and another for Tanking! not to forget it's also so fashionable ❤️

Sea Captain's Beret (upper headgear) 1700 Premium Points


All stats +15

Damage and Magic Damage to all race except player +40%

Gain 10% of max HP or 30,000 HP at max on each mob killed by physical and magic attack.


Increase damage damage dealt to Boss type monster by 15%.

Give additional 20% ignoring DEF and MDEF of Boss type monster

Grants use of level 1 Striking and level 1 Drain Life

Sea Captain's Bubble Aura (middle headgear) 1700 Premium Points


All stats +20

Ignore 40% DEF and MDEF of Boss Type monster

If base STR equal or more than 200, increase physical damage by 10%.

If base INT equal or more than 200, increase magic damage by 10%.

If base DEX equal or more than 200, increase long range damage by 10%.

Decrease aspd and movement speed by 5%.

Sea Captain's Penguin (Lower headgear) 1700 Premium Points


All stats +15

Resistance to all status debuffs +10%

Decrease damage received from Boss type monsters by 5%

Ethereal Horns (Upper headgear) 1700 Premium Points


All stats +15

Maximum HP +10%

Reduce damage from Demi-Human race by 7%

Resist to all elements +5%

Maximum weight increased by 1000


Reduces damage from all sources by an additional 5%

Healing received by Heal, Potion Pitcher and Slim Potion Pitcher +10%

Disables natural HP/SP regeneration.

Reduces Attack, Magic Attack, Flee and Hit by 20%

Reduces Perfect Dodge by 10

Grants use of Level 1 Hallucination Walk

Ethereal Twilight (Middle headgear) 1700 Premium Points


All Stats +15

MDEF +15

Movement speed +20%

Reduces damage from all sources by 7%

Chance to inflict Chaos and Cold to enemy when getting hit

Ethereal White Mane (Lower Headgear) 1700 Premium Points


All stats +18

Resistance to all status debuffs +10%

Damage taken from normal mobs +4%


Skill Changes

Level 1 Striking

Make it a buff on self only

(Weapon level * 50) atk

(Weapon level * 3) %crit chance

Duration 30 second, cooldown 60 sec

Level 1 Drain Life

Absorb 15% of Damage as Health

Absorb Success rate 75%

Aftercast delay 0.5 seconds

Cost 40 SP

No cooldown

Level 1 Hallucination Walk

Flee +100

Ignore magic attack chance 10%

After the skill wears off, reduces movement speed and attack speed by half for 10 seconds

Duration 30 seconds

Cooldown 90 seconds

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