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[2019-09-21] Maintenance

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Greetings Everyone,

this maintenance was following the milestone (2019-09-19 Maintenance), in which it was 78% Completed, for more information on the milestone you may click here.

in this milestone 11 issue was completed and 3 was moved due to deadline.

The following issues was moved to 2019-09-26 Milestone instead:

  • issue #59 moved due to complications during fixing and deadline
  • issue #33 moved for deadline
  • issue #30 (Confidential) for deadline

The detailed change long is as the following:


  • WoE Shop prices has been adjusted


  • Prontera invasion has ended, the exchange NPC is kept for players.


  • Ethereal Set is now should work as expected, weight effect and effects being inflicted on target is now working as intended (issue #75)

  • Damage bonus for Captain's Beret is now working as intended (issue #74)

  • Coin shower can no longer be used in non-donor areas (issue #67)

  • Homunculus ASPD formula has been fixed up, your Homunculus can now gain full ASPD (issue #66)

  • Raok runestone shall now have it's slot working (issue #63)

  • Hall of Abyss opening times is now corrected with the new WoE timings (issue #62)

  • Melanies Enchants drop rates has be lowered to it's intended rates (issue #39)

  • Crimson Booster, The Spell Manteau,¬† Bronze Greaves, Manteau of Reckoning, Polished Shield¬† item effect has been corrected, you may refer to the issue for more information (issue #29)

  • Party window shall now be displayed correctly when a player is kicked/leave, and party leaders now can expel members who is offline (issue #20)

  • Packing Master shall now work as expected, refer to the issue for more information (issue #11)

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