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Solo Champ RxFiller

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Rx Filler (Solo Champ)



Rx Filler is one of  the 3 quests in RDC first tier.





Party with 3 - 5 members (you can bring 2 alts to hold other herbs)

1 Operation Ticket on each party member




Your have to gather all 5 herbs from Plants. There are 5 plant herbs: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and White plant, each correspond to herbs color respectively. Your goal is to successfully produce Refined Mixture Herb to finish the quest.





The map is a mirror of Prontera Field 03 (prt_fild03)

Plants can be found in certain parts but not limited to







After killing plants and obtaining an herb, bring the herb to the herbalist. Choose the option Normal Dry for a higher chance of success. Wait 60 sec for it to dry. After 60 sec. Get the herb and bring it to the next NPC.


Milestone worker

After the herd is dry bring it to the Milestone worker to grind the herb. Choose to  replace the stone for 100,000z otherwise there's a chance it will fail.Then bring the herb to the next NPC.




The Phytochemist will hold finished herb powders while to collect the whole set of 5 colors. You can also check which one you still need by talking to him. Once you have completed all 5 colors of herb powders you need to get it and bring it to the next NPC.




The Refiner will take the mixed herb powders and make it into medicine. Note that there is a 50% chance of failure so it's better to start have 2 sets of herbs. But if all goes well is a success you can bring the finished product to the next NPC.




The last NPC is the Apothecary, if you're successfully refined the MIxed herbs,give it to him then there will be an announcement operation is complete!





You may only carry one herb at a time, you may use your alt to hold the herbs.If you got the wrong color of herb, bring it to the Recycler. Then the herb will be lost forever 💔



Stats & Gears


This guide is made for Champs, mainly for their skill Snap.pngBody relocation, but it is not limited to this class only. Any class can do this quest, champ is just recommended for movement speed. Other viable jobs are Stalkers with fable silk, Assassin cross using backslide. You can use Lord Knight and Paladin with their Pecopeco.


AGI- until 196 atk spd

INT- for additional SP

Dex- 150 dex for instant cast


Movement Enhancers like:

Moonlight Flower card

Hermes sandals





Sunflower Hairpin

White Romantic Flower

Green Thumb

Weeder Knife



Note: Don’t throw away the heartwood, it can be used in handicrafting to make equipment


Special thanks to Breadpan :).Thanks for reading! Happy Gaming!

IGN : SugarFree, McFlurry, Bipolar Bear


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