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So... Put it behind you and look forward Syphon.

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I sent you a personal email but I will repeat part of it here...

I played RRO for near 15 years.  It started out better than incredible.  For me, it ended when GMs colluded to corrupt practices with a popular guild and blew off all complaints.  So I walked.  Left 8 accounts and 20K in donates to the 1st player I came across.  It comes as no surprise...  The drama and backstabbing.

Since you are going to make a go of a new and improved RO and not just lay on your ass and cry...  Then I will return and do all I can to support you.  I have faith in you and I remember RRO when you were at the helm.  I look forward to it again.


I think you will find a good many absent friends will return.



[aka: Samadhi, Hipshot, Tunshupo, Tei Lung and all my other guises]

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I can promise you that we are improving and that im not laying on my ass :S

Whatever is in my power i will provide to you guys hopefully you will enjoy it!


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...I think we know you are going to be terrific.

Something I learned playing RO for about 19 years (my daughter got me into it when she was ~13) is that RO is a Community.  It's not just about the game and grinding and bragging rights.  Easily half the time spent is in interacting with the players and the GMs.  I made friends in Romania, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Canada and places I cannot spell the name of...  The thing Ancyker forgot - or maybe never learned in the 1st place - is it's not about money and it is certainly not about Power.  RO is about Friends and building a strong community.

I remember RRO at its beginning.  You made it great.  It will be a long road but we are in it for the long haul my friend... all of us.

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1st login its like an old moment...where the rebirthro was on top before...but now...rebirthro SE kinda suck...less people at woe...got nothing to do there...no more pro guild...hope this new revivalro will grow up...and again top ragnarok private server....




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