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High Wizard General Farming Build


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High Wizard is one of the basic farming classes due to their AOE skill attacks. Some players love to farm using this class and I think putting up a guide for new players about a Wiz’ general farming build would help them. 

Please take note that this guide is NOT PRESCRIPTIVE. It’s merely a guide giving people an idea of what they can do with their wiz. I do not use a high wizard as my main character myself so some things might go a bit off. I would highly appreciate it if people can comment on what else could be done to improve high wizard farming build.

Let’s get started

Str: approximately 100 to 150 (for carrying items)
Agi: approximately 90 to 110 (just enough to move decently no need for 196 aspd)
Vit: 50
Int: 255
Dex: 150 [instant cast]
Luk: 1

I’m not going to elaborate so much with the skills as I normally just use 3 AOE skills - Stormgust, Lord of Vermillion, and Heaven’s Drive - and 1 single-target skill - Jupitel Thunder.


Please take note that in this section I categorized the gears from basic to advance to help players have an idea of which gears are easy obtain from those that are more challenging to obtain (maybe due to zeny price, can be quested, can be farmed, can be obtained via event only, or need to pay with credits)


30-day Madness Set from Novice Grounds NPC
Pink/Yellow Novice Valkyrie Helm
Pink/Yellow Novice Oracle Wings
Novice Angra (7-day rental)


+7 to +10 Flax or Satin Hat
+7 to +10 Flax or Satin Vest
+7 to +10 Flax or Satin Hood
+7 to +10 Flax or Satin Shoes
+5 Sapphire Rings
+7 to +10 Solid Rod
+7 to +10 Fine Rod
Rod [4] with Creakyboom cards
Valkyrja's Shield [1] with Hodremlin Card (I personally like the 15% resistance to all monster sizes since this build is for general farming)


Great Old Hauberk
Great Old Cloak
Great Old Boots
Great Old Ring
Great Old Ring
Resplendent Ring [1]
Asomatous Ring [1] - from RDC Fallen Bishop Hibram
Ring des Nibelungen [1] - from quest
Antiquated Shield [1]
+7 to +10 Tenebrous Boots
Reset Girl's Robe [1]

Staff of Piercing
Lich's Bone Wand [2]

Large Blue Angelwing [1]
Vengeance Feathers [1] (this is a pretty good one since it has immune to silence)
Night Ring [1] - from Heroic Shop

Bat Rucksack - from Heroic Shop
Black Tie [1] / Orange Tie [1] - from event
Valentine’s Balloon - from event
Miracle Blue Rose - from event
Pink Scarf - from event

Magical Feathers - from quest
RDC Helm [4] - from RDC
Bunny Balloon Hat [2] - from event


+7 to +10 Heart Rod
La’cryma Stick [2]
Undead Rune Stick [3]
Geffenia Water Tome [1]

Magic Lucky Box
+30 Stats Wings
+15 Stats Lower
Poring Party [4]
Feline Glasses [4]
Blue Tie [1] / Sheep Rucksack [1]

Puff Card
Centipede Larva Card
Celia Alde Card
Rsx 3.14 Card
Mermaid Card
Entweihen Crothen Card
Nidhoggur Shadow Card
High Wizard Card
Poring Wizard Card

So far these are the equipment and cards I remember for wiz. I personally don’t use high budget gears for farming but I listed them down just in case someone wants to go all-out. It would also be good for a farmer wiz to be using item dropping cards for that extra income.

I personally use the following item dropping cards:

Mimic Card - drops old blue box
Plasma Card - drops elemental resist potions
Myst Case Card - drops gift box (id 644)
Pancake card - drops pancakes

Places to Farm

Beach Dungeon 2
Loots - Aloevera, Star Crumb

Comodo Field 3
Loots - Anolian Skin, Royal Jelly, Oridecon

Ein Dungeon 2
Loots - Oridecon Hammer, Topaz, Crystal Fragment

Ice Cave 2-3
Loots - Glacial heart, Ice Cubic, Frozen Rose, White Herb, Blue Herb

Geffen Field 9
Loots - Snail’s Shell (for Elemental Converter Creation)

Geffenia All Levels
Loots - Gold Ring, Diamond Ring, White Herb, Blue Potion, Royal Jelly, Mastela Fruit, Professional Cooking Kit, Oridecon, Rough Oridecon, Elunium, Rough Elunium, Red Gemstone, Blue Gemstone, Yellow Gemstone

Glast Heim Culvert 4
Loots - Anolian Skin, Royal Jelly, Oridecon

Glast Heim Underground Cave 2
Loots - Silver Ring, Rough Oridecon, Oridecon, White Herb, Star Crumb

Juperos Core
Loots - Steel, Oridecon, Crest Pieces, Cooking Kits, Weapons

Magma Dungeon 1
Loots - Live Coal, White Herb, Mastela Fruit

Magma Dungeon 2
Loots - Flame Heart, Rosary [1], Blue Potion, Blue Herb, White Herb, Scorpion Tail (for Elemental Converter Creation)

Morroc Field 20
Loots - Scorpion Tail (for Elemental Converter Creation), Fine Grit

Mjolnir 9
Loots - Horn (for Elemental Converter Creation)

Mjolnir 10
Loots - Cobweb

Mjolnir 6
Loots - Rainbow Shell (for Elemental Converter creation)

Moscovia 3
Loots - Witherless Rose, Crystal Mirror, Blue Herb, Piece of Cake, Mastela Fruit

Thanatos Tower 7 to 12
Loots - pick up everything

Manuk Field and Splendide Field (Tatacho and Cornus)
Loots - Mystic Horn, Fur, Peaked Hat (Exchange them to their respective NPCs to make them Stat Food)

There are many other areas where high wizards could farm. It all depends on the player on where they would farm and how they would gear their high wizard. I hope this helps those who are playing high wizards for farming. Happy gaming!

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