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Aka Gelato

A Generic Guide for Rescojin

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Hello everyone.


This is a generic guide for those who want to complete RDC Tier 3’s Rescojin using a team composed of Assassin Cross, Sniper, Professor, High Priest, Whitesmith, and Biochemist. Some characters like Wizard, Gypsy, Clown, Soul Linker and, Paladin could also be included in the party. In this guide, we just opted for the first set of classes because those are the only characters my husband and I could bring in our 2-player party. I would say this is generic because some players might find better gears, better builds, better party composition and better strategy in completing Rescojin.

Before I proceed to the main content of this post, I would like to thank and acknowledge the players who made the guides and shared them (sorry I can’t remember your usernames on YT since I think I watched like 4-5 videos some of which were from way back) such as Myu and Fraj; and to the two people who helped me figure out stuff - Tony and Mel (gcq).


Okay going back to the main content of this guide, I will first share the gears and perhaps on the last part of this post is the steps to conquering Goblin Leader - the main antagonist of this quest.


Monster Information and Character Build


First and foremost we need to identify very well the details about the monster we are going to fight against. In this case we should get to know better Goblin Leader which is the one we need to defeat in order to free Bacsojin.




Additional information regarding skills:

Strip weapon (I am not sure whether it is goblin leader or the minions do it)




Hiding (Goblin Leader uses this on players)


Upon identifying the important details about Goblin Leader, now it’s time to decide on which gears players will use on their respective class being used for the instance. Below are some SUGGESTIONS for gearing characters, Sniper and SinX respectively. Please take note it varies from player to player as it depends on what items they have and how they want to use it inside the instance.


Now let’s move on to the gears. At this point, I will only be sharing the SUGGESTED gears for Sniper and SinX.


Upper Headgear (for both Class) - Drooping Amistr, Jirant Circlet Red [1] (id 50178), Candy Cane Hat (id 47021)

Middle Headgear (for both Class) - Large Red Wing [1], Golden Wings [1], Present of Snow [1], Day Ring [1]

Lower Headgear (for both Class) - Hip Ribbon, Black/Orange Tie [1], Green Scarf (Chaos immune), Pink Scarf


I personally suggest to bring 1 Green Scarf to use while walking towards the warp point, then just switch to a different lower when attacking Goblin Leader and its minions.


Must-have cards for Headgear

Orc Hero Card

Giearth Card


Armor (for both Class) - Pragmatists Mail with Pasana (Sniper) or Great Old Hauberk

Armor (for Sniper) - Lucius Fire Armor or Sniping Suit with Pasana Card

Armor (for SinX) - Alligator Leather Breast, Orc Knight Plate, Pi Shell


Garment (for both Classes) - Great Demon Shroud or Heroic Backpack

Garment (for sinX) - Poised Cloak (if there is no Teddy Baal, at least some damage from reflect will get reduced and stuff it with a Demi5), Shoulder Bears


Garment card (for Sniper) - Anunaki or Flamel Emul

Garment card (for SinX) - Teddy Baal, Anunaki, Flamel Emul


Shoes (for both Class) - +10 Elvira with Ascendant Orc/Purplering/Orc Knight Card

Shoes (for Sniper) - Fey Boots with either of the cards mentioned above

Shoes (for SinX) - Antique Shoes or Bronze Greaves with General Egnigem Cenia Card


Why are the shoes categorized that way?

Elvira - it has anti knockback at +10 which is good for sinX. A sniper may not need it but still, this is a good shoe for a sniper. As for the cards, again they are suggested cards. But take note, if a sinX were to have those cards stuffed in Elvira, the sinX may have higher damage but at the same time it wouldn’t be tanky enough to resist the reflected damage and the damage coming from mobs.

Fey boots - this one doesn’t have anti knockback but the damage it provides is decent enough for a sniper. I wouldn’t suggest this to a sinX because once a sinX gets to be knocked back, it would place the party at a strenuous situation

Antique Shoes/Bronze Greaves - these shoes provide additional HP and topping it up with the effect of GEC would give a sinX more HP and better chances to survive damage.

Accessories (for both Class): Recondite Ring [1]


Cards for Accessories

For Sniper - Implosion Card

For Sinx - Hardened Anvil Card or Ifrit Card


Orbs for Accessories

For Sniper - Dex3 and Random2 or Random5

For SinX - Str3 and Random2/5 or Double2/5


Weapon (for Sniper)- Coronis Wing [3] or Goblin Bow [2] or Giant Bow [2]

Cards for Sniper Weapon- Abysmal Knight or Orc Sniper and Orc Fighter Combo


Weapon (for SinX) Make sure that the character has weapons allotted for switching

Katars: Bat Teeth Katar [3], Katar of Quaking [3], +9 or +10 Hardened Steel Katar (must be 9 or 10 for optimal damage and effect)

Daggers: Sandstorm [4], Scalpel [3], Aztoe Nail [4], Scarlett Nail [4], Combat Knife, VVVSHS dagger

Swords: Drake Saber [4], VVVSHS Sword, Sir Vincent Saber [3], Gramr [2]

Axes: Orcish Axe [4], Perun Axe [3]

Cards for SinX Weapon- Valkyrie Randgris, Abysmal Knight Cards, Orc Sniper card and Orc Fighter Card combo, Baphomet card, Aunoe Cards.



Ygg Berries/Ygg Seeds

Ygg Leaves

Panacea/Royal Jelly

Elemental Converter (Earth)

Stone Arrows (for Sniper)

Poison Bottles (for SinX)

Reraise Potions

Token of Siegfried


Box of Resentment

Rune Strawberry Cake

Arunafeltz Dessert Sandwich


I may not be able to explain everything per gear and the combinations of the gears. However, I’d like for players to keep in mind that in the case of SinX, a little bit of resistance is needed as opposed to a Sniper that could go pure damage because their situation in the quest is different. Sure they are the damage dealers, but sinX has to keep up both dealing damage and a bit of tanking at the same time. Moreover, Sniper doesn’t need splash damage as opposed to sinX that would need splash damage. Thus, the way they are built depends entirely on how the player reads and analyzes the situation in the instance before taking action.


Steps in Defeating Goblin Leader


  • Walk to where one of the warp points is located. Get rid of the other mobs that attack the party. However, don’t get too close to Goblin Leader yet. Leave a decent space where the party won’t get attacked.
  • Get an FCP from a Biochemist or use Chemical Protection Scrolls
  • Get a Kaizel from either of the following: Soul linker, Reraise potion, or headgear that has Kaizel such as Kitty Rucksack (from Heroic Shop)
  • Have a priest buff the killer and tanker (Increase Agility, Blessing, Assumptio (most important), Impositio Manus)
  • For the SinX killer, change the element to Earth either via Prof’s skill Seismic Weapon or Elemental Converter Earth.
  • Now let the Professor cast Volcano so the rest of the party could step there except for the Sinx. Let the Sniper step on the Volcano (make sure it has fire armor) and is equipped with Stone Arrows. Let the Biochemist (if it wears valentine’s topper) cast Fortune’s Kiss and the Whitesmith cast Weapon Perfection and Powerthrust. ALTERNATIVELY: if there is Gypsy and Clown on the party, let the gypsy cast first  Fortune’s Kiss and then have both of them cast the ensemble skill Drum of the Battlefield.
  • Afterwards let the sinX lure the Goblin Leader to a safe distance near his party so the Sniper could hit the minions and the Goblin Leader. Cast Enchant Deadly Poison and attack the Goblin Leader while using Ygg Berries from time to time to survive. The role of the sinX is to dispel and kill the Goblin Leader so expect switching weapons as the boss mob is being killed. Attack Goblin Leader until it dies.
  • Alternatively, if there is no sinX in the party. The professor’s job is to tank and dispel Goblin Leader. While the professor is tanking, safety wall and wall of fog helps. It would be better also if the skill Sight is active to prevent Goblin Leader from hiding the tanker or the killers. Take note that professors could also be used to kill Goblin Leader (let’s save that for another guide)
  • Please take note that as the party is trying to kill Goblin Leader, it would give players some challenges. Together with it’s minions, it would attack the first player who gets near it. If the player isn’t properly geared for it, the chances of getting wiped out is high. There’s also a time when Goblin Leader would cast reflect shield and auto-guard which is quite challenging for damagers especially melee characters. It would also cast Berserk and go into frenzy which even after being dispelled, damage would be 1. Spamming dispel is no good at this point. It would be better for the party to kill the minions after the Goblin Leader is dispelled.
  • While the sinX is trying to kill the Goblin Leader, the sniper should kill the minions at the first time Goblin Leader is dispelled. Followed by hitting Goblin Leader.If the monster goes berserk again, stop hitting and wait for it to be dispelled again. Kill the minions, and hit the Goblin leader. Repeat this process until the Goblin Leader dies.
  • As damage dealing goes on, it is the job of the High Priest to ensure no one dies. Thus, make sure everyone gets buffed and healed. Worse comes to worst, make sure the HP has holy water for Basilica. This is to protect the rest of the party members including itself from dying and failing the mission.
  • Once the Goblin Leader dies, check whether Bacsojin is there. Take note that Kobold might show up and Bacsojin could be somewhere else.
  • If Kobold shows up, repeat the process from the top. Do this until Bacsojin shows up and the party gets the notification “You have successfully completed the operation.”


Additional suggestion: Don't be afraid to experiment on the character that is being geared-up. Some formulas for gearing up characters aren't absolute as they are subject to change over time and in various situations.


I hope this guide helps in a player’s quest in completing the Rescojin quest. Have a great day.

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