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Optimus Prime

[2020-08-31] Maintenance

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Hello Everyone,

We implemented World Without Balance in last maintenance and it is having > 90% completion rate including both nightmare + normal mode. Best Runtime for Normal and Nightmare mode so far is 15:56 minutes and 20:05 minutes so far.

During this maintenance, we focused on bug fixes and added some new food items.
We also aligned almost all Gitlab bugs/suggestions/features with a deadline, within which those things will be coded and subsequently will be live in upcoming maintenance from that end date.

Server Changes:


  • Spriteless Costumes is removed from cash shop!
  • Prizes from Eid Al Adha Event would no longer be distributed (Held on first week of august).


  • Anniversary Hat is now properly shown in costumes tab.
  • Item Description fixes for many items (Such as Sealed Weihna). (#238)
  • Fixes for multiple item names (Such as hidanF).
  • Bunny Balloon shows proper sprite instead of apple.
  • Primordial Shoes now have proper bonus as per description.
  • All items that reduced magic reflect works properly now (Including Sewer Bug King Card) (#311
  • Sealed Dea Staff now heals target with Healing of time effect (#302)
  • Accessories no longer removed if there's equipment restriction (#200)


  • Deathmatch Kill count reduced to 30 from 99 (#228)
  • Removed increase of cast time of Emergency Call when Leap is learned (#168)
  • Hidan Scythe is now untradable, as claimed by players that it was untradable before. (#313)


  • Melanis MvPs are now time-limited, i.e. It will despawn between 12-72 hours (#312)
  • Leap Disabled in Kraken's Lair.
  • Creation of Eden Set now follows the sequence that was used for creation of set (#246)
  • Tarot Card of Hope Quest is fixed, Tarot items won't be usable if quest is not completed (#226)
  • Advanced Cooking (Chef Gordon) (#193)

Chef Gordon:


Upcoming Changes:

  • Pets!!!

Special Thanks to gcq, Derry, Aka Gelato, justVylene, Sammy, Jan, Sariel Blackthorne for reporting the bugs and suggestions

That's all for now. ~ Happy Hunting and Happy Farming ~

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please open a ticket @ https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/

Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer.

RevivalRO Team

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