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AFK Mechanism

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Hello Midgardians,

We have been internally discussing these mechanism in order to avoid AFK'er in various maps such as BG, WoE, PvM, PvP. We have introduced a mechanism in which AFK players would get severe debuff.

Where does it work?


What does it do?

  1. You no longer reflect damage.
  2. Your Elemental / Race Resistance will reduce to 0.
  3. Perfect Dodge would reduce to 0.
  4. You will receive double damage.

Why now?

We are tackling all issues one by one, AFK has been issue since quite a while, and we were coming up with mechanism to avoid the AFK in scenarios where attacking is required. We have noticed few people afk in competitive maps, such as MvP Arenas, MvP Maps, BG, WoE, in most cases, those are usually due to AFK Farming / AFK Levelling / Leeching others.

When will debuff gets activated?

The 4 Debuff listed above, will only get activated, on 5 minutes of inactivity.

How can I remove the debuff?

It's Simple, do some actions. Once you move, manually attack, manually use skill, the afk timer resets and debuff will be removed.

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