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Fall Limited Items 2020

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Greetings Midgardians~
We bring to you, the Fall Limited Items of 2020! As well as the return of the famous premium pet eggs! Seth, Menblatt, and Sarah eggs! As well as the Box'o'Cuddles~!


Items Available for Sale:

Costume: Antigravity Aura (1500 PP) [LPP not usable]


Description: Wow! You're able to control the earth with this type of gravity magic!? Amazing.


Super Cute Doggo Mask (Upper + Middle) (2500 PP) [LPP not usable]


Description: A helm made from super secret ingredients from a doggo. It's quite cuddly and soft... doesn't it make you want to hug it?!


  • All Stats +35
  • HIT +100
  • Movement Speed +5%
  • When you get hit physically by an enemy, gives you a chance (5%) to inflict Silence, Stun, Blind, and Confusion on them.
  • Have a 5% chance to drop meat when killing an enemy and increases cuteness rate


Protection Scarf (Lower) (1500 PP) [LPP not usable]


Description: This cloth will protect you from the dirt and grime that this world has to offer.


  • All Stats +15
  • Increases resistance to All Status effects by 10%


Striped Hat (Upper) (2000 PP) [LPP not usable]


Description: Almost feels like you're a speed racer with this hat... *swoosh*! Wow, I go fast.


  • DEX +20
  • LUK +15
  • Increases damage done against Demi-Humans and Brutes by 50%


Please continue to support and help the community flourish
by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on
Enjoy and happy shopping!

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