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Anti-cheat ( PLEASE READ & UPGRADE )

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If you have trouble installing manual patch, this is also an option!
We now have a new anti-cheat because we like to attract new guilds who want to get a fair chance we are done with cheaters!!!

---- The new SMALL Client ----

---- The new FULL Client ----

Here is the manual patch you need to extract this in the revivalro directory!
if this doesn't work just download the new full client setup

---- The Manual Patch ----

We also have a new update for the revivalro android app, which you can download here
with the old app it will no longer be possible to log in so you have to download the new one

---- The New ANDROID APP ----

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Having issue with anti-cheat its says my keyboard software is illegal what do I do? the message reads,

Gepard::PA Code: 0::0::0

illegal software has been detected!

Logitech Gaming Software

Please close and restart the game

The Logitech Gaming Software is the software for my keyboard. Please Help

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Due to People using G hub for macro its been flagged as cheattool by gepard. All you have to do is close it while playing.

If that won't work, make sure its also not on auto start, and restart your pc.

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Hello sir.

Having issues while Download Resources.

I decide to reinstall the apps, since im having File Data error in my in game chat. But after that I can't download the resources anymore. The error says.

java.net.ProtocolException: unexpected end of stream

Please help me sir. I really need a help here.


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