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Guild Package Revamp - 2021


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Hello everyone!

As released back in April 2020, the Guild Packages are incentives meant to encourage players participation in WoE. However, after over a year since its release, we have observed no significant increase in WoE participation in comparison to the numbers of guilds who have applied for the Guild Packages, again.

We have revised the current contents and the application process of Guild Packages in an attempt to kickstart new players to join WoE scenes and be competitive.


The following changes are made to the Guild Packages content list:

  • Guild leader does not get any additional benefits. Guild leader benefits are now passed to every member of guild.
  • All gears are rental for 2 months.
  • WoE Set items are pre-refined to +10.
  • 5x Bubble Gum box(10) is received instead of 3x Bubble Gum box(10).
  • Removed HoA Points from reward list.
  • WoE Sets are new items with reduced effect (@ii 150130 to 150137)
  • Once Guild Package is sent to zotar, user must claim it within 7 days.
  • Removed WoE coins.


Guild Packages contents list

All Guild Packages will have the following items:

  • Rental Black Butterfly Wings [4]
  • Rental Pouring Balloon [1]
  • Rental Angra Manyu [4]
  • Rental Ahura Mazdah [1]
  • 5x Bubble Gum Box (10)
  • 5x Gym Pass
  • 5x Investment Ticket
  • 10x Hat Roulette Token
  • 10x Autotrade Coupon
  • 30x WoE Arrows Quiver (S)
  • 30x WoE Arrows Quiver (A)
  • 15x WoE White Potion Box
  • 10x WoE Blue Potion Box


The following are the Guild Packages that you can choose from:

Guild Package A Melee

  • Rental Baseball Cap [4]
  • WoE Gear Set A
  • Rental Megingjard


Guild Package B Melee

  • Rental Baseball Cap [4]
  • WoE Gear Set B
  • Rental Megingjard


Guild Package B Range

  • Rental Red Beret [4]
  • WoE Gear Set B
  • Rental Brisingamen


Guild Package B Flee

  • Rental Fox Ears [4]
  • WoE Gear Set B
  • Rental Brisingamen


Guild Package C Melee

  • Rental Baseball Cap [4]
  • WoE Gear Set C
  • Rental Megingjard


Guild Package C Magic

  • Rental Seppl Hat [4]
  • WoE Gear Set C
  • Rental Brisingamen


Guild Package C Healer

  • Rental Feather Ribbon [4]
  • WoE Gear Set C
  • Rental Brisingamen


Guild Package C Flee

  • Rental Fox Ears [4]
  • WoE Gear Set C
  • Rental Brisingamen


Suggested class for the sets are as follows:

  • A Melee: Paladin, Creator
  • B Melee: Lord Knight, Whitesmith, Assassin Cross, Star Gladiator
  • B Range: Stalker, Sniper, Gunslinger
  • B Flee: Clown, Gypsy
  • C Melee: Champion
  • C Magic: High Wizard, Professor, Ninja
  • C Healer: High Priest
  • C Flee: Soul Linker, Professor


Application process and requirements:

  • A total of at least 10 guild members including the guild leader who has never applied Guild Package before. (Note: By 'unique' we mean different players)
  • All members must be a maxed character with 255 base level and 120 job level
  • Guild Level must be maxed (Level 50).
  • Talk to 'Guild Pack' NPC @ prontera.


Important notes:

  • Players who applied for Guild Packages before cannot join any more guilds to apply for another Guild Package either on the same account or another (alts) account. Guild Package can only be applied once per player and guild. If we find any violations or attempt to cheat, GM reserves the right to remove all Guild Package items and additional items as punishment.
  • Any questions regarding guild packages should be asked through a guild leader and not by guild members either through in-game Helpdesk or Web Support
  • Abusing Guild Packages system or trying to find a loophole on how to get a second package is strictly forbidden. This will result on nulling the Guild Packages application for the whole guild and the abuser will receive a heavy punishment which can also result in a ban for all of his/her accounts.


With these changes, we hope more new guilds will join and flourish our WoE. Please leave any comments or suggestions below. We gladly accept all constructive criticisms our players provide.


Thank you and have a great day ahead!

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