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WoE Coins

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Good Evening,

We would like to announce some changes planned for WoE Coins:

Current WoE Coins distribution till 11th September 2021:

Condition Coins
Breaks > 1 50
Damage > 10M 50
Damage > 20M 10
Heal > 10M 10
Sacrifice > 6M 10
Top Killer 20
Top Damage 20
Top Healer 20
Top Devotion 20
Total 210


As it can be seen, it's too much one-sided distribution, We will be reworking woe coins and experimenting with the changes for next few days, and this might result in varying amount of woe coins being distributed in next few woe sessions.

Rest assured, we will announce the final distribution once it's settled.



Updates till now:

  • Players active for >30 minutes will get woe coins
  • WoE Coins will be active in Zotar for 24 hours, and will no longer be redeemable (Zotar is distribution system, not a storage)
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Condition Condition 1 Coins Condition 2 Coins2 Reason
Breaks Between 1-10 50 More than 10 25 (Not an Additional Reward) 4 Castles are active on each WoE Session, more breaks means guild is unable to defend themselves
Damage > 10 Million 30 > 20 Million 20 (Additional Reward for More Damage) Balancing
Heal > 10 Million 10 - - Same as before
Sacrifice > 6M > 6 Million 10 - - Same as before
Top Killer - 20 - - Same as before
Top Damage - 20 - - Same as before
Top Healer - 20 - - Same as before
Top Devotion - 20 - - Same as before

These changes are temporary and WoE Coins system will be changed soon.

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