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[2018-09-16] The Time Keeper Event and Exclusive Donor Box items and Double the donor boxes offer!

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Greetings Everyone,

Time Keeper Event


Back in the time before the war between humans and other races they were stronger which led to Monsters and Humans get exhausted lose most of their abilities and power, however.

The time keeper is coming to Rune-Midgard and it will use it power to summon bosses from the old ages, the ages where monsters and humans were real strong before all this wars, those bosses may look and sound familiar but they’re nothing like you may know or remember, they will need tens of players to kill them and they would drop rare and unexpected items unlike their known weak versions.

The time keeper would spawn a mega boss every 3 hours and announce the mega boss name and their spawn map, the top 3 damage dealers would be rewarded with a special lucky box, and everyone around the mega boss would also rewarded a different lucky box, both of them rewards a special costumes, while the champions one have a 3 exclusive costumes, so make sure to deal the most damage to the mega boss!


1- The possible costumes form the normal box



2- And from the Champion boxes that drops for Top 3 damage dealers they may also get



Donor Box update & Promotion!

From 16th of September and until 24th of September, Enjoy a double Donor Box promotion, now for every 25 euros donated you will get a donor box instead of 50 euros!

Also enjoy a new Exclusive donor box costume!

The Ice Dragon



Best Regards,

RevivalRO Management,

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