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High Wizard to Warlock?

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I reached the maximum Job Level with a High Wizard.

But I can't change to Warlock, or a higher class.

The Job Master NPC says something like this: "You are at the end of your job."

I checked the net, but I can't find the answer: 

1.) Can I change my job to a higher (3rd) level (like Warlock) here?

2.) What can I do to change?

I saw a video where they found a hidden point in Morroc and that starts the Warlock Quest. But their map contains a lake in the centre of Morroc, and not the brown hole.

And I didn't find that hidden point there.


What would be the next step?
As I see this RevivalRO version is not similar to others, so we find many-many differences between maps and other things (Ratemy / IRO / RO Mobile / etc.)

Or there is no way to advance higher than transcendent second classes (High Wizard f. e.)?

Thank you for the valuable help!

Best regards


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