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    add 2extra slots please
  2. agree on the ad bottles they should be cheaper profs are a powerfull class itself bards and dancer are more of a support type of class what champs do after asura? they asura again
  3. Owhyeah decarders in every town. lazy to walk these days
  4. I agree woe1 should stay the same since its working perfectly fine for allot of ppl but i recommend to actually test out woe2 schedule and see what works the best for both sides maybe start off at gmt+1 6pm-8pm wich is server time gm+8 1am-3am
  5. Im not sure if im going further in to this with you, since u dont even woe so i have no idea how u could possibly understand why woe2 is a bad timing for either european or asian...........
  6. Yes that is true and i got no problem with the first woe session schedule but the woe2 schedule really bothers me, so personally i would like to ask you, would u rather wake up at 3am to play a game or have a good night sleep because to me that is an easy answered question honestly. If you can make woe2 time to 12am singapore time (5pm eu time) instead of 3am singapore time (8pm eu time) it would be allot more convenient to either asian or eu thanks
  7. Dear gm staff, As you can see during the past 2weeks of 2nd woe's there aint much ppl trying to join because it starts freaking 3AM for those who live in asia, woe with 15ppl isn't exactly what i call fun. What i would like to suggest is why not change woe2 schedule to 11pm or 12am server time? Make it more convenient for those who actually wants to woe and it may possibly bring woe back alive, that is IF you actually care about the server's well being. I'm not trying to sound rude in any way but its just the fact that ppl arent interested to woe anymore and we all do care what happends to this server and we want to make the best of it but at this current rate i dont see any future, anyhow i hope u"ll consider about the time change and thanks for your time. Regards,
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