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  1. If you dont mind, add spectre cape too. i think many people love it haha.
  2. Yeah rip, must be 30 or 40 or 50 hahaha
  3. I forgot to add something Metallic Wing [4]
  4. Well, For me as range user, i dont need Fabled Sword, Fabled sword are sux for range.. so much better Poring Party
  5. Yeah, and they make it 60c and now 40c..
  6. If u say soo, please add their New premium christmas premium gears.. I want that Christmas Bell Ribbon [4] Snowman Ballon [1]
  7. Well.. They moved it to web cash shop.. and you know, Poring party is pretty op in regular price, so, since my gears got wiped, i wish there is a discount for Poring Party so me and others can buy it again :))
  8. Sparkly Winter Scarf (2014) Cold Blade Wings (2014) Frozen Wings [4] Bunny Scarf (2014) Snow Owl (2014) Poring Party Gentle Snow Wings (2014) Ice Wing Ears Heaven's Glow [4] Upper Heavenly Ribbon [4] Middle Vagabond Scarf [1] Lower
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