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  1. Henryetha

    Solo PVM questions...

    I think on Sniper a full Gator Set (+9/+10), Drooping Amistr and a Goblin Bow (min. +7?) works well for many areas where angra/ahura is disabled (or generally for farming, too). The Gator Set u can craft by yourself and the Drooping Amistr is a quest, you mayb just need to buy the Amistr Eye from players as its drop is pretty low. Goblin Bow is affordable and can be safely upgraded til +5 - or u buy directly a higher upgraded one. Other class would be sin x for some areas, but not sure yet about the equips for it.
  2. Henryetha

    Need advice - except "make money"

    Well, let's say for a DD (your Sniper mayb?) you could try to make an Alligator Set +9 or +10. You don't need rly zeny for doing this, you just need to farm the materials needed for tailoring (and try to push it to lv 40 for higher success chance). In fact you can sell not needed gears (like the +7 and +8). In fact the wiki is very useful: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Artistry_and_Crafting_System/Tailoring You maybe want to replace the Gator Hat with an Drooping Amistr: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Drooping_Amistr_Quest As you can see, you can quest it. The Amystr Eye is a very low drop, you can just check @ss 52416 from time to time and see if someone sells it. As for Accessories.. you maybe wanna check Handicrafting: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Artistry_and_Crafting_System/Handicrafting - OR - you quest yourself 2 Des Ring: https://wiki.ragnarevival.com/wiki/Ring_Des_Nibelungen which is rather easy except for the last part which is killing some mobs with the Cursed Ring equipped. You can anyway try it or, if you can't do it by yourself, maybe ask someone to help you. If you're using a bow-type weapon, pretty sure, a +10 Composite Bow will do it for the first RDC (Drake). You can equip it with Paper Cards for now, which are easily obtainable by creating thiefs, doing the Thief Quest. But also try farming Abysmal Knight Cards. You can use your HW in Gefenia for that. You can also loot Gemstones, Cursed Water, Blue Potions, Royal Jelly and White Herbs there - which I would just store, as they are useful items. Also would loot Mastela Fruit and sell it to NPC. It's not that much, but with the time, little earnings sum up. You might want to add other loots like gold- and diamond rings to your alootid list. Anyway, it's worth to think about going directly for a Goblin Bow, specially cuz they arent as expensive anymore as they used to be.. SG I personally just use anywhere, where Angra is allowed.. (MVP rooms, Mysterious Mines, Bio 4, etc) High Wiz.. I don't really know, I just use for farming "normal" maps.
  3. Henryetha

    [Maintenance Notes][Major] 2018-04-19

    I agree on what Verryn is saying. I consider myself a new player, started in february.. The MVP rooms help to get some basic gear at least. Yet still there's enough one would need which can't be obtained there.. example: Gemini 5c each, (which one usually need 2-3), cedi equip, etc etc. The rooms alrdy have been nerfed + the price for creds has become higher. So.. one already makes less zeny BUT has to farm more - as a non-donator. And there's nothing against to let players be able to gather their basic equip rather quickly. For certain content it's still not enough anyway, specially when it comes to PvP (including WoE). So even WITH these MVP rooms enabled (and I was even lucky, that I could farm there before their nerf), still had to invest real money (and not in an insignificant amount), to get my char more or less decently equipped.