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  1. ok so let's say angra/ahura will be enabled on the ghp maps: here's what (most) people will do: hey those mobs are too hard for me! oh i know, i'll use angra and ahura. problem solved. i can now farm anywhere with not so much effort. .....but with a restriction on those items, here's what happens: either a. mobs are too hard, the person is a newbie and gives up to farm something else instead, or they prefer something else. whatever floats their boat. b. the person will actively think 'hey, i need better gears. what works here?' and either figure out with trial and error or by asking someone else. ygg spam makes it easier? hell nah, ygg is limited, u gotta farm for that lol. so not only it sparks a thought process which is: there's a problem -> how can i solve it?, it also gives some kind of level of difficulty and u actually need to put in effort. some items are worthy *BECAUSE* of the difficulty/effort u have to put in. if it wasn't like that what would even be the point in doing these quests? so would u still say not having those restrictions is better than having them? if so then i think maybe u dont wanna think about *how* to get better or would rather have everything ready to serve (and hey, not judging or anything, whatever floats ur boat man. im just expressing my opinion. no hard feels.)
  2. Im sorry but if it's pointless and the items are worthless to u, why are u doing it in the first place? Lol I used to farm there and i still do sometimes, when i was starting out the fact that i couldn't use jump made it more fun for me actually. I had to be careful in certain areas bc if i died it meant i had to go all the way back there. it is annoying but for me it's part of the fun. it didn't stop me as a newbie, it gave me a reason to figure out how to survive in certain places, and in my opinon that's part of the game. but that's me i guess.
  3. Hey, I think there's a bug with the baby boo sack. On the wiki it says that "orange tie" is only in the jack o' lantern sack, but my friend and I both found one in the baby boo sack.
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