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  1. Before someone makes the stupid argument of just use fly wings. They are not unlimited and of course you will have to stop doing the event to farm those items and come back to doing the event for a chance to beat a donor using @jump. Which that in itself is pretty unfair that non-donors have to do compared to just paying a set amount for unlimited jump. A fly wing is NOT the same as @jump I assure you. The reason is I can pull up the Navi pop-up and find the exact coors to the next field over and type @jump (x, y). I will cover more maps than anyone using a fly wings in hopes to get to the next map. So using fly wings for a event is not the same as @jump. tl;dr - Fly wings aren't as good as @jump. Non-donor are at a disadvantage for an event that's suppose to be for everyone.
  2. So this is a race against other players to get to these maps and start the pit event, but in the medium and hard where you need a party...Having everyone using fly wings in hopes to get to these pits is very hard. Getting your whole party there before someone else starts is almost impossible. If you start the event before your team gets there the timer is going to run out super fast. Seems to be a huge problem...Solo seems best because you at least have a chance in the race against others. So comparing this to the pront invasion event where everyone had a chance to get costumes/loot it seems less ppl (and newbies without @jump) are going to have a harder chance at getting these loots. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Seems someone already did it before u got to the pit, the "+" on map shows where it's at. If u use @refresh and it's no longer there then someone else did it before u got to it
  4. Wtf u pointing out here? I can't tell
  5. From what I can see, yes? Unless it's a mvp map
  6. Are we allowed to leave the map after we looted the treasure chest, even though it's still in the count down from 2mins? Kittyboy: yes, but if you do so you're risking losing the entrance to abyss depth. so stay there until it's done *Answered*
  7. It was fixed, I believe kitty said it was an error from trainees.
  8. No one but fully geared players are going to kill/steal the mvp anyways. They may as well afk til they're needed. They're getting rewarded for killing the mvps, and the lower geared players are getting rewarded for clearing waves to get the loot at the end. The issue is everything is costumes, there's no demand for doing this once you get the piece u like. So I see a lot of lower geared people stop doing it once they get that one or two piece of costumes. The people trying to make money from these rewards are mainly the mvp hunters since they can get far more boxes faster than anyone else. The issue isn't people afking til boss, the issue is only those people have a chance of getting the rewards from the boss since they're so heavily geared.
  9. My issue is that monsters are too strong, along with mvps, for the time it takes and reward. Yeah so what you can slap on angra to do it, but the high health+crap load of crowd control is annoying unless ur a sinx, so restricting backslide and u'll be looking at longer times in there. Not seeing any other class doing this event (actively) because of these reasons. Also, maybe make the mvps spawn in the middle with aoe attacks to get everyone to work together a bit? Rather than someone being lucky and killing it far off somewhere.
  10. Hi, Going to give my take on a decent asura build. For this build your prime damage comes from sp(of at least 6k), str, and weapon cards. This build is a one asura, spam blue potions type build or auto atk after asura'ing. Since they nerfed teddy baal combo. This build works decently in both pvp and pve. However do note that if any monster has a 100% reflection, you will most likely kill yourself. Another thing to note and very important is your triple attack skill for the asura combo needs to be at level 5, not 10. This gives a higher chance at it casting compared to the level 10. Gears to aim for: Upper: Amistr hat, or a donor pvp helm with 4 dark pinguicula card Mid: Melody notes or donor wings - both with marduk card, orc hero card, 2 gemini card (please note it's orc hero not orc knight) 🙄 <Melody notes only has 3 slots wtf?! Use marduk, orc hero, and another dark pinguicula cause your not getting both sleep/stone immunity> Lower: Red tie, donor lower +15 to all stats (feline white cat is decent too since +18 to all stats and 10% resists) Armor: pragmatist or great old hauberk Shoes: ebony or valk shoes with apache tear card Garment: heroic backpack with teddy baal card Rings: Megs donor or legit with w/e cards u want Shield: This one depends what ur fighting but any shield with a slot for maya, thara frog, gtb, etc (a shield with reduced reflection dmg is also preferable) Weapon: BG fist, marvin's mace, (cards depend on what you are fighting) Stats that I normally would use: Str: 255 agi: enough for 196 aspd vit: 80 <so u can get resistance to stone and sleep with gemini cards int: enough to get above 6k SP Dex: enough for instant casting Luk: last stat to put into so rest into here Edit: Also note if you have 3 gemini cards and feline white cat, that's 100% to statuses so on wings you can add another dark ping card or w/e you want)
  11. Did a little testing on my sniper <max stat> using a +10Gbow and a +8 coronis' wing My Damage as follows: +8Coronis wind: LoD 22k - Osiris 13-14k - Doppel 24k - Drake 13-14k +10Goblin bow: LoD 22k - Osiris 13k -Doppel 24 - Drake 13k So from my testing both bows do the same damage, except the coronis wing does 300-600 more damage thus why it peaked into the 14ks on two mvps. I used the same sniper buffs with the black-fetched arrows on both bows. So to conclude the +8 coronis wing is cheaper and easier to get than a +10 gbow. I have yet to test with a +10 coronis bow though, so if someone wants to redo the test with it, please post the results.~ P.S: Yes I know gbow can change the arrow elements unlike the coronis bow however you can use elemental converts/potions and vvest to change your element too. That isn't a advantage imo.
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