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  1. It was fixed, I believe kitty said it was an error from trainees.
  2. No one but fully geared players are going to kill/steal the mvp anyways. They may as well afk til they're needed. They're getting rewarded for killing the mvps, and the lower geared players are getting rewarded for clearing waves to get the loot at the end. The issue is everything is costumes, there's no demand for doing this once you get the piece u like. So I see a lot of lower geared people stop doing it once they get that one or two piece of costumes. The people trying to make money from these rewards are mainly the mvp hunters since they can get far more boxes faster than anyone else. The issue isn't people afking til boss, the issue is only those people have a chance of getting the rewards from the boss since they're so heavily geared.
  3. My issue is that monsters are too strong, along with mvps, for the time it takes and reward. Yeah so what you can slap on angra to do it, but the high health+crap load of crowd control is annoying unless ur a sinx, so restricting backslide and u'll be looking at longer times in there. Not seeing any other class doing this event (actively) because of these reasons. Also, maybe make the mvps spawn in the middle with aoe attacks to get everyone to work together a bit? Rather than someone being lucky and killing it far off somewhere.
  4. Hi, Going to give my take on a decent asura build. For this build your prime damage comes from sp(of at least 6k), str, and weapon cards. This build is a one asura, spam blue potions type build or auto atk after asura'ing. Since they nerfed teddy baal combo. This build works decently in both pvp and pve. However do note that if any monster has a 100% reflection, you will most likely kill yourself. Another thing to note and very important is your triple attack skill for the asura combo needs to be at level 5, not 10. This gives a higher chance at it casting compared to the level 10. Gears to aim for: Upper: Amistr hat, or a donor pvp helm with 4 dark pinguicula card Mid: Melody notes or donor wings - both with marduk card, orc hero card, 2 gemini card (please note it's orc hero not orc knight) 🙄 <Melody notes only has 3 slots wtf?! Use marduk, orc hero, and another dark pinguicula cause your not getting both sleep/stone immunity> Lower: Red tie, donor lower +15 to all stats (feline white cat is decent too since +18 to all stats and 10% resists) Armor: pragmatist or great old hauberk Shoes: ebony or valk shoes with apache tear card Garment: heroic backpack with teddy baal card Rings: Megs donor or legit with w/e cards u want Shield: This one depends what ur fighting but any shield with a slot for maya, thara frog, gtb, etc (a shield with reduced reflection dmg is also preferable) Weapon: BG fist, marvin's mace, (cards depend on what you are fighting) Stats that I normally would use: Str: 255 agi: enough for 196 aspd vit: 80 <so u can get resistance to stone and sleep with gemini cards int: enough to get above 6k SP Dex: enough for instant casting Luk: last stat to put into so rest into here Edit: Also note if you have 3 gemini cards and feline white cat, that's 100% to statuses so on wings you can add another dark ping card or w/e you want)
  5. Did a little testing on my sniper <max stat> using a +10Gbow and a +8 coronis' wing My Damage as follows: +8Coronis wind: LoD 22k - Osiris 13-14k - Doppel 24k - Drake 13-14k +10Goblin bow: LoD 22k - Osiris 13k -Doppel 24 - Drake 13k So from my testing both bows do the same damage, except the coronis wing does 300-600 more damage thus why it peaked into the 14ks on two mvps. I used the same sniper buffs with the black-fetched arrows on both bows. So to conclude the +8 coronis wing is cheaper and easier to get than a +10 gbow. I have yet to test with a +10 coronis bow though, so if someone wants to redo the test with it, please post the results.~ P.S: Yes I know gbow can change the arrow elements unlike the coronis bow however you can use elemental converts/potions and vvest to change your element too. That isn't a advantage imo.
  6. Hello, Sorry this is a bit late since I came back like 3 weeks ago! But I have returned for more farming simulator hel- FUN! For those who don't know me.. I used to play rebirthro a long time ago, actually started in 2009...Damn this server standing the test of time I see~ Very few may know me as Tear Starkley, but probably more as Black Orb. I used to pvp a lot around 2013-2015, was constantly harassed for the range asura I used to abuse... But to be fair, most people abused the character position glitch way more... Not sure if either of these have been fixed, hopefully they have since these issues been in game since a very long time ago... Anywho, hope to see and hear from everyone!! Because I'm going to be posting (hopefully...) a lot since the old forum stuff haven't been transfer over. So I'll try to stay active enough to get stuff put on here since it seems kinda dead from the community side..~ Will hopefully be seeing everyone in game, maye woe? Probably, iunno yet
  7. I'm sure all two of them wouldn't mind. LOL! Also, these maps with mvps have @jump restricted but a place like itty bitty poring city with multiple mvps(and very OP items) doesn't. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I understand the angra/ahura restrictions on mvp maps but not on ones without mvps..so your not making any sense.~ The lack of consistency in all these maps is bothersome.
  8. Oh... Honestly thought it was something given to decrease the time it takes to level... Sorta like angra, welp...
  9. If it was up to me, the problem would be solved by deleting the whole quest and maps entirely since no one is doing them. There's other ways to enjoy a feels trip and there's other gear that are better. 🙄
  10. First off, I would love if this was true, sadly it isn't. There is no "chill experience" in putting interesting (not good and not bad) items behind a feels trips. If I wanted a feels trip I wouldn't be on this mid-rate server. I would be on the original or classic server. Also they wouldn't put restrictions half-way into the quests if they wanted a feels trip. (didn't want to quote the whole thing you said, but will talk about the whole thing) Secondly, anyone who does this at a lower level would simply blame the fact that they're not high enough level to do these maps rather than think it's gear at fault. Which, btw, a max level can easily breeze through the monsters here without much thought to gear. The fact that this server highlights SG, SINX, and snipers for farming means that any low level would be playing these classes to farm these maps. I don't know why you think new players are dumb to think of a longer solution rather than take the shortest path. Thirdly, I enjoy exploring things that aren't meta. Thus is the reason why I did these quests in the first place. It wasn't because there was good rewards or a interesting quest. It was more of a "oh that item's not strong but rather cool" that quickly went into "why is this quest so long? and why am I walking there?" Like halfway through quests are movements limited to walking. I started these quests using @jump and angra, why is it now in the middle of these continuous quests am I being restricted? Answer: There is none.
  11. I connected without a proxy and I am having way less lag. Thank. You. So. Much. For the info~
  12. I think both of you are missing the point. It's not about if these maps/quests are good or bad (enjoyable or not), it's about these maps/quests restricting items and commands even though there's no need to. I would understand if it was a timed quest where you had a limited amount of time to do them with loads of monsters blocking your way and @jump to the end would ruin the whole quest. But it's nothing like that. Having strong donates doesn't change the drop rate of the items either, so why is there a restriction on angra/ahura on these maps? To increase your time to kill a monster that you have to walk to find? As if the drops from there are so ground breaking that they want less people obtaining them? There's no point in taking away @jump, angra, ahura in these maps.
  13. As the title says, can we get this changed? Waiting a full 24 hours to delete characters seems excessive.
  14. I'm going to go ahead and guess they cannot see item scripts (not just skill scripts) via commands to check unknown mechanics to use on their legit accounts. Can you clarify exactly what you mean by "all unknown mechanics"? Because they seem to have some type of ability to see info regarding character logs such as inventory and storage. Or am I wrong about this? Does this mean they can see old features and newly released content scripts? Or are they simply playing (testing) these features and content in a legit way but on their GM account to test? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Things I would like to know about specifically - Are GMs, in any way, able to see how players are gathering/farming items or methods players are using to gain forge/craft/alchemy/taekwon points via powers or commands? (such as, teleporting to players, inventory watching, or view where most players are on maps) Are GMs able to skip through quests using commands to test mechanics and if so are they being watched on whether they're gaining favorable info not released on wiki and using on their legit accounts or telling friends? (Not only does events count for this but quests too!!!)
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