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  1. Henlo everyone, sorry if i've been gone and MIA for so long. Unfortunately, after my dad passed away 3 months ago, i have to take care of everything in the family now and i don't have much enough to spend my time for the Server anymore. Now i need to retire from here for real, i will still be around with my legit when i'm free and AFK, but i can't afford my time as staff anymore. It's really good to know you guys, goodluck and welcome to all the new GMs and Trainees, i rest my memories here, i believe i did my best for the server and i hope server will be better onwards. Adiós, Tea 🍵
  2. Tea

    Summer Carnival 2020!

    J4c most probably drunk, it's on old text The real price is 30 pp. Will get optimus spanked to fix this somehow.
  3. Happy Valentines Day Adventurers! For this year’s heart day event we will be doing a rerun of our past events to give you the opportunity to gain the items launched for those events but with a slight boost to the drop rate. x) We will be having 2 Valentine Events: For the first event, we will have Valentine's Event (2018)! Follow below post to know more details. - All Steps and items are same, no changes are made. For the second event, we will have Valentine's Event 2019: Aphrodite Mischief!, Follow below post to know more details. Event Changes: - Drop rates of loots in Valentine Goodie bag is adjusted. - 3 New Upper Headgears were added 1. Valentina's Rose Crown. Increase Fire Element Resistance by 25% Reduce Water Element Resistance by 15% Vit+10 LUK+10 Flee+60 [Married in game] Increase Miscellaneous damage by 10% and extra Movement speed by 5%. 2. Pierced Heart All status +10 Immune to Curse status If you are married in game, Increase Heal and Potion Pitcher potency by 20% Otherwise Increase Physical damage and Magical damage by 30% to Demi human, Beast, and Dragon race. 3. Valentina Cap AGI+10 VIT+10 Increase resistance from all races except Demon and Undead by 10% Give immunity to Deadly poison If the user is married, Increase max HP by 10% and able to use skill Detoxify. This event ends on the 29th February 2020 at 11.59 PM server time. Good luck with the events and have a lovely day everyone!
  4. Gree(tea)ngs everyone! I am Tea, one of the recently appointed GMs. I may appear as shy or maybe don't talk as much, but I care very much about the growth of our server, RevivalRO. I hope I can bring comfort and contentment to our community, just like a warm cup of tea. Feel free to reach out to me whenever you're in need of a cup of tea, or when you have any concerns relating to the game, server, or community. Cheers!
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