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  1. Fix wing scarf item effect please.
  2. 1st xmas event (below average). I don't want to degrade it but it eats so much time farming to get xmas rare item. Also, those items are not tradable, no npc trader for duplicated items. Wing scarf item effect not working.
  3. Hi, any link for gift item rewards?
  4. I donated 30euros sadly i thought I will receive 2 donor box yesterday . If 16euros for 1 donor box and it was double donor box yesterday then why I received only one donor box admin?
  5. No response, no answer. Will be looking for new server instead. I'm worried of the security/features/bugs/errors of this server.
  6. Hi, this is a harsh issue making my pc always bluescreen during the first load of game. I'm using windows 10 64bit, anyone with the same issue and how to fix it? Thanks.
  7. Hi guys, it's been a week since I started playing here at revival ro, but then I always encounter Gravity error handler issue and also first load of game makes my computer restart for video problem. How to fix these issues?
  8. Hi, now encountering the same issue as mentioned above. Still looking for possible way/s to fix the issue and or the server is just down currently.
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