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  1. Hello everyone! The time has come for another Art Event - Hey look! That's my art!! In this event, we are welcoming everyone to submit artworks with a possibility to have your art featured in-game or for RevivalRO websites. We are looking into 3 categories for the artworks; Card art, Login or Loading Screen art, and General art. Card art For this category, you may look in game for monster cards without existing art and submit an artwork for it. To see whether a card has any existing art, you can right click the card and click the 'View' button on the top left corner of the box and you will see a 'Sorry now printing' sign. If you happen not to have the card, you may for example, @ii purplering card and @id 51867 to check the card. Login/loading screen art There is no specific theme for this category. The image should be sized to 1280 x 960 or higher. The server name 'RevivalRO' should be included in the art. General art There is no specific theme or even size for this category. Artworks submitted under this category may be in form of banners or background for our patcher or any other general art that does not fall under the previous two categories. Feel free to submit any kind of artworks under this category. Rewards for each category: 1st Place: Costume: Artist Hat + 30 Event Points 2nd Place: 20 Event Points 3rd Place: 10 Event Points * Additional prizes may be added. Subject to number of participants and quality of entries. All participants will receive: 5 Community Points + 50 Pancakes One overall winner by community vote will be rewarded with 'Famous Artist' for in-game achievement title. Worthy artworks will get a chance to negotiate artwork value with the Staff Team. How to participate: 1. Post your artworks under this topic. Artworks posted elsewhere will not be counted. 2. When posting your artwork, please include: Title and short description for the artwork Which category your art goes to Your IGN in your post so we can easily contact and send the prizes to all participants. Rules and requirements: 1. Each person may submit multiple artworks and under different categories. 2. Be as creative as you can, be but it MUST be an ORIGINAL artwork of yours and has not been used elsewhere. 3. Artwork submitted has to be in digital form. If it's hand-drawn, it has to be scanned. 4. Fully coloured artworks are preferred. However, black-and-white or sketches are also welcomed. 5. Sexually suggestive arts are not allowed. 6. This event lasts until 25th June 2020 23:59 server time Disclaimer: By submitting your artworks, you are considered to authorize them to be used by the server in any of their forms for in-game or promotional purposes. Proper credits will be given to the artists. If you do not agree to this term, please do not submit your artworks.
  2. Not

    Summer Lottery 2020

    Hello everyone! Summer Lottery Event! With summer in full swing, Eden Group have sent their representatives to the beach - but not for a holiday! At the beach in Brasilis (/navi brasilis 265/101) - there will also be a yellow cross on your minimap to show you where it is) you can find Angie and Marcus, two important administrators for Eden Group. They will be the ones administrating and hosting the event. The premise is simple: Eden Group will be rewarding adventurers with Lottery Balls randomly when they kill mobs during the event time. Every day Marcus will conduct a draw at midnight - and rewards will be given to those whose Lottery Balls match any of the drawn numbers! To join, talk to Marcus and listen to his explanation. If you are not a VIP, you will need to pay a one-off fee of 500,000 Zeny to take part (only needs to be paid once!); if you are VIP, entry will be free! After that you just need to kill mobs to obtain Lottery Balls! Lottery Balls will have numbers etched onto them from 1 to 25 (no doubles). You will need a full set of six balls before you can turn them into Angie, who will note your numbers and confirm your entry for that day's draw. Draws will take place at midnight each day - server time. You must turn in your six Balls before 23:30 - server time - and balls will also stop dropping between 23:30 and 00:00 server times. The draw will happen live with Marcus at Brasilis at midnight - shortly after which the results will be broadcast to the whole server. After the draw has taken place, you can check with Angie to see if your numbers matched with those that were drawn. You do not need to check straight after the draw; Angie will remember your numbers for each day you've entered the draw until you check with her. For example, if I turn in my six balls on the 27th, but I can't get online until the 1st, that's no problem; Angie will remember my numbers and, if I have won, will give me the correct amount of points. If you do win, you will get one point in each category below and including the amount of numbers you matched. For example, if I matched three numbers, then I will get one point to spend in each the 1 Number shop, the 2 Numbers shop and the 3 Numbers shop. Fear not though, each entry into the draw will also get a Summer Goodie Bag 2020 from Angie as soon as they turn in their six Balls. Please bear in mind, it is one account = one entry; however, you can hunt the Lottery Balls on any of your characters on your account, so long as you have signed up first. Summer Lottery - 2020 Updates! For this year's Summer Lottery Event, we have made some changes with the Summer Shops. We have removed some items and added a few others. Among the new items you can obtain through the Summer Lottery Shops this year are: We have also updated the content of Summer Goodie Bag (2020) which can be obtained by submitting the Lottery Balls to NPC Angie. A new feature to this year's Summer Lottery event is the arrival of Dragon Balls and Master Roshi. Dragon Balls or Lotto Ball 26 can be used as a wildcard ball for the Summer Lottery Event and it will let you match to one lottery number. With the Dragon Ball, you should at least get one matched number or it will raise your winning the jackpot chance. To use this Dragon Ball, make sure to have it in your inventory and submit ball number 26 along with the rest of your lottery balls to Angie NPC. You can find Roshi NPC (brasilis 288 103) not too far from Summer Shop 4 girl NPC. He has the power to increase the drop rate of Dragon Ball by 0.0007% for every 10,000,000 zeny given to him. The rate will be permanent and it will be applied to all players in the server. This event will last until 7th of June 2020, 23:59 server time. Good luck and have fun!
  3. Hello everyone! In commemoration of RevivalRO reaching its highest peak at 693 players online recently, we are having a Server Peak Surprise Sale along with a Double Donor Box Event which will last from 23rd of April 1:30 server time until the 30th of April 23:59 server time. You can find the Surprise Peak Sales NPC at Prontera 156 230 to enter the sales room. Below are the lists of sale items according to the shop NPCs. Kindly note that you can only use PP at Shop 1 and Shop 2 and you may use PP and/or LPP at the other shops. IMPORTANT REMINDER! ITEMS BOUGHT DURING SALES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE THEREFORE PLEASE CONSIDER WISELY BEFORE SPENDING YOUR POINTS Shop 1: Sale items can be bought using PP only Shop 2: Sale items can be bought using PP only Shop 3: Sale items can be bought with PP or LPP or a mix of both Shop 4: Sale items can be bought with PP or LPP or a mix of both Shop 5: Sale items can be bought with PP or LPP or a mix of both Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer. Enjoy and happy shopping!
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    Improved Guild Packages

    Hello gcq, On contrary, these restrictions will take effect only on WoE armors, garments, and footgears instead of the headgears. Players will be free to use the given headgears in any non-donor areas just like other premium headgears. We will consider to include town maps in the restrictions. This will be discussed further within the Staff Team.
  5. Hello everyone! Easter Bunny has made its appearance again for this year's Easter event. Bunny hasn't lost its habit of hiding eggs all over Midgard, just like previous years! It has miscounted the days AGAIN and started hiding eggs since last week. Some of them might be rotting by now. Uh-oh! To start the event, you should find Easter Bunny at Geffen 184 126. It will give you an Easter Basket to hold the eggs you are going to find! If you are not wearing the basket, you will NOT be able to pick up the eggs. So make sure you have it on before you look for them! Bunny has painted the Easter Eggs and they're not to be confused with Peco Peco Egg or Ant Egg or Dragon Egg or even Scaraba Egg. Here is how Bunny's Easter Egg looks. If you are able to find and crack open a good egg, you will be rewarded with an Easter Goodie Bag that Bunny has filled with an assortment of prizes! Among the items that you can find in the Easter Goodie Bag this year are some leftover items from Easter Event 2019 and these new items Bunny has found: Pink Balloon Hat [2] (upper headgear) A cute hat resembling a certain cardcaptor's hat. Perfect for spring season. Effects: All Stats increase by (Base Stat/10) Increase ATK/MATK by 10% DEF +3 Bunny Ribbon Band [1] (upper headgear) The cutest headband of the season that's going to make you be the talk of the town Effects: When using Holy, Undead or Ghost Element, your damage is increased by 50%. When hitting monsters of the above Elements, your damage is increased by 50%. Increase Resistance to the Elemenets above by 5%. Amistr Plushy [2] (upper headgear) A smooth plushy inspired by Amistr Effects: Increases All Stats by 15 10% chance to gain double intimacy when feeding your pet Amistr Tail [1] (lower headgear) It almost feels like you are turning into an Amistr Effects: Increases All Stats by 5 10% chance to gain double intimacy when feeding your homunculus Fruit of Eden [0] (lower headgear) A tempting looking fruit said to energize and enlightened those who devours it. Effects: Immunity to Silence and Blind +10% Water Resistance Costume: Butterfly Pin (upper costume) A hairpin that looks like a large butterfly resting on your head Costume: Butterfly Dust (middle costume) Makes you feel like a beautiful flower having these butterflies following you. While most eggs are good will give you an Easter Goodie Bag, a few of them might have gone bad by now. If you happen to find a rotten egg, you will get an eggshell instead. But worry not! Bunny likes to keep them and is willing to exchange some eggshells for one Easter Goodie Bag. But wait! Easter Bunny is not the only one that came back! It seems like his frienemy, Hopper Wiggleton is around too! Wiggleton will once again wander into towns to find the eggs that Bunny has been hiding and keep them all to himself. Even though greedy, Wiggleton is generally passive until provoked. It should be taught a lesson to stop hoarding all the eggs and that he should share them with everyone. Once defeated, it will scatter the Easter Eggs around the town again for everyone to find. Hiding in a plain sight, not too far from Easter Bunny, is the new bunny in the town that goes by the name Ransom Bunny. We're not too sure whether to trust this bunny or not. But hey, won't you give the new Ransom Bunny a chance? Easter Bunny told us that it will be leaving on the 29th April 2020 23:59 server time. When the event is over, Bunny will have to take back the baskets that he has given away and go back into his burrow to into another hibernation. So be sure to join in the egg hunt while Bunny is still around to get your hands on the brand new Easter Goodie Bags.
  6. Hello everyone! The long-awaited, long-overdue Loyal Player Reward is finally making their way to you, our loyal players. You can find the Loyal Player NPC at Geffen 135 54. Here are our 6th and 7th year rewards: 6th year Loyal Player Reward Shadow Tail [1] (lower headgear) A shadow of the Black Devil's tail Effects: All stats +6 If base INT is 66 or more, gives immunity to sleep and deep sleep Nullify the gemstones requirement of certain spells Increase SP consumption by 30% when using skills ATK +3% MATK +3% If VIP status is active (Platinum VIP) ATK +(donor level/2)% MATK +(donor level/2)% Increase drop rate by a small amount Note: This is a hybrid headgear - which means, the lower headgear card slot will not take effect in non-donor areas but will work in all other areas 7th year Loyal Player Reward Costume: Air Pressure (lower costume) [Subject to change to Garment] An atomic fart that creates violent air turbulence, generating infinite dust around you. A RevivalRO short history lesson: RevivalRO, once known as RebirthRO, community has been around since end of 2004. The server started giving out Loyal Player Rewards since the year 2014. Year 2020 marks the 7th year of the rewards. We have seen the server's rise and fall and now its revival. We are greatly humbled and grateful for reaching RevivalRO new peak at 665 online players recently. Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer.
  7. Not

    Donor Box 2020

    Hello everyone! Donor Box 2020 is finally here! Along with the removal of Donor Box 2019 from our shelves, we are replacing it with the brand new Donor Box 2020 starting from 11th of April (check for announcement on discord). For every accumulated 50 Euros donated, you will receive one Donor Box. Once you have filled your Donor Box progress bar on https://ragnarevival.com/login, the Donor Box will be sent to you through the Zotar NPC (prontera 151 190) within 24 hours from the time you have successfully donated. Among the items that you can find in the Donor Box 2020 are: Random amount of Pancakes Random amount of Heroic points Random amount of Event Points Random amount of Mining Points Random amount of Costumer Voucher Bubblegum Box SRT Box VIP Subscription - 30 Days Amberknight Pearl Bag (10) Amberknight Pearl Bag (50) RebirthRO Max Level The Transgenderer Guaranteed Refine Ticket Among the premium headgears and Amberknight exclusive headgears you can find in Donor Box 2020 are: Poring Party [4] Metallic Wings [4] Destruction Helm of Shiva [4] Guardian Helm of Zaria [4] Battle Nymph of Circe [4] Noah's Hat [4] Lazy Bunny [4] The Angel of Kindness [4] Angel of Love [4] Celestial Veil [4] The Heroic Back Scythe [4] Crimson Lightning Blade [4] Cyber Kitty Ears [4] Excalibur Mana Axe [4] Godly Clouds [4] Heroic Exiled Wings [4] Coin Shower [1] Avian Farmers [4] Woodland Topper [4] Heroic Permafrost Wings [4] Outburst Fulmination [4] Cursed Ghost Claw [4] Forbidding Reaper Spirit [4] Exclusive Donor Box 2020 contents: Dark Runes [3] (middle headgear) Dark runes of Ragnarok. Effects: Increase all stats by 20 Increase movement speed by 5% Increase drop rate by (Base level / 50 + Donor level)% of its current level Adds a 0.10% chance of dropping Blacksmith Blessing when killing Angel race monsters. Costume: Seraph's Winged Helm (upper headgear costume) A Crown embedded with the feathers of Seraph Costume: Seraph's soul fragment (lower headgear costume) A fragment of Seraph's soul placed in a vial to bless the wearer Costume: Amistr Bag (garment costume) A bag that resembles the homunculus, Amistr. Keep supporting RevivalRO and don't forget to vote and leave a good review for us on RateMyServer!
  8. Hello everyone! Easter time is here and we found these limited items in Easter Bunny's basket. Come and get them before Easter Bunny leaves on this 30th of April. Royal Bunny Crown [4] for 2000PP (20C) Royal Bunny Coronet [4] for 2000 (20C) Royal Carrot Aura [4] for 2000 (20C) Royal Bunny [1] for 1750PP (17.5C) White Wedding Bunny (2015) [4] for 2000 (20C) Midnight Wedding Bunny (2015) [4] for 2000 (20C) Bunny Backpack (2015) [4] for 2000 (20C) Bubble Aura (2015) [1] for 1000 (10C) We also found these limited edition, high in demand pet eggs. Menblatt Egg for 1500 (15C) Seth Egg for 1500 (15C) Sarah Egg for 1500 (15C) Enjoy and happy shopping!
  9. Not

    Improved Guild Packages

    Hello everyone! As released back in August 2018, the Guild Packages are incentives meant to encourage players participation in WoE. However, after over a year since its release, we have observed no significant increase in WoE participation in comparison to the numbers of guilds who have applied for the Guild Packages. Over this period, we also have concerns relating to some players attempting to abuse the system for their personal gain. This has forced us to revise the current contents of the Guild Packages and we have come up with a new contents list which we hope are more geared towards giving new players a kickstart to join the WoE scenes as well as to decrease attempts of Guild Packages system abuse. The following changes are made to the Improved Guild Packages content list: Removed Stat, Melee, Magic, Range, and Support Lucky Boxes and replaced them with a fixed Melee, Magic, Range, Support Healer, Support Flee headgear effect and sprite Removed Mid Lucky Box and replaced it with a fixed +30 all stats wing sprite Removed Lower Lucky Box and replaced it with a fixed +15 all stats and +10% resistance to all status effects balloon sprite Removed WoE Coins and replaced them with a WoE Set of player's choice To make up for what are lacking, players are given 1000 HoA points and 5 Investment tickets to buy TAGRAS/Bellum weapon for their character 3x Bubble Gum Box (10) instead of 2x SRT Box 5x Gym Pass instead of 2x Gym Pass Guild leaders get the incentives of extra 1000 WoE coins for them to buy other WoE supplies Other changes related to Guild Packages that will be implemented along with the release of the Improved Guild Packages: Ninja class will be able to wear WoE Gears Set C WoE Gears will only take effect in WoE, Horus, PvP, Battlegrounds, and Death Match maps. WoE gears are wearable outside of these areas but the effects will not be working. The following are the fixed sprites chosen for the upper headgears: Melee class headgear Magic class headgear Range class headgear Support Healer class headgear Support Flee class headgear The fixed middle headgear is as follows: The fixed lower headgear is as follows: Reference for WoE Gears Set is as follows: Guild Packages contents list All Guild Packages will have the following items: Black Butterfly Wings [4] Pouring Balloon [1] Rental Angra Manyu [4] Rental Ahura Mazdah [1] 3x Bubble Gum Box (10) 5x Gym Pass 5x Investment Ticket 10x Hat Roulette Token 10x Autotrade Coupon 1000 Hall of Abyss Points Guild leader bonus incentives: 75x WoE Arrows Quiver (S) 100x WoE Arrows Quiver (A) 200x WoE White Potion Box 200x WoE Blue Potion Box 1000x WoE Coin The following are the Guild Packages that you can choose from: Guild Package A Melee Baseball Cap [4] WoE Gear Set A Rental Megingjard Guild Package B Melee Baseball Cap [4] WoE Gear Set B Rental Megingjard Guild Package B Range Red Beret [4] WoE Gear Set B Rental Brisingamen Guild Package B Flee Fox Ears [4] WoE Gear Set B Rental Brisingamen Guild Package C Melee Baseball Cap [4] WoE Gear Set C Rental Megingjard Guild Package C Magic Seppl Hat [4] WoE Gear Set C Rental Brisingamen Guild Package C Healer Feather Ribbon [4] WoE Gear Set C Rental Brisingamen Guild Package C Flee Fox Ears [4] WoE Gear Set C Rental Brisingamen Suggested class for the sets are as follows: A Melee: Paladin, Creator B Melee: Lord Knight, Whitesmith, Assassin Cross, Star Gladiator B Range: Stalker, Sniper, Gunslinger B Flee: Clown, Gypsy C Melee: Champion C Magic: High Wizard, Professor, Ninja C Healer: High Priest C Flee: Soul Linker, Professor As an example, if you are a guild leader who is applying for set B Range, in total you will get all the following items: Red Beret [4] WoE Gear Set B Rental Brisingamen Black Butterfly Wings [4] Pouring Balloon [1] Rental Angra Manyu [4] Rental Ahura Mazdah [1] 3x Bubble Gum Box (10) 5x Gym Pass 5x Investment Ticket 10x Hat Roulette Token 10x Autotrade Coupon 1000 Hall of Abyys Points 75x WoE Arrows Quiver (S) (guild leader bonus incentive) 100x WoE Arrows Quiver (A) (guild leader bonus incentive) 200x WoE White Potion Box (guild leader bonus incentive) 200x WoE Blue Potion Box (guild leader bonus incentive) 1000x WoE Coin (guild leader bonus incentive) Application process and requirements: A total of at least 10 unique guild members including the guild leader who has never applied Guild Package before. (Note: By 'unique' we mean different players) All members must be a maxed character with 255 base level and 120 job level Guild leader will need to ask his/her guild members for these details If they have applied for guild package before (under any accounts at all) If they have family members or friends who might share the same IP Address as them or have access to each others accounts Which Guild Packages they want to take Two separate available dates and time where all members can gather and be present for the guild validation process. (Note: Please choose dates at least ONE WEEK after the application ticket is submitted for the GMs to be prepared) Once all the details have been gathered and compiled, the guild leader will have to submit the Guild Package application through https://support.ragnarevival.com/ In the application ticket, please include the guild name, guild leader's IGN, two dates and time for guild validation process, list of members IGN (make sure they're spelt correctly) and class along with their preferred Guild Packages. Below is a sample Guild Packages application ticket: Once the guild leader has submitted the application, kindly wait for a GM to respond to the ticket for confirmation before the validation process. Important notes: Players who applied for Guild Packages before cannot join any more guilds to apply for another Guild Package either on the same account or another (alts) account. Guild Package can only be applied once per player and guild. GMs have the right to tell guild leaders to make amendments on the submitted application whether to remove members (with reasons) or to push the validation dates to another time. GMs are allowed to refuse any Guild Packages request, for a reason or not, mainly for possible abuse or cheating. Having done with the guild validation process does not mean that your guild is approved for the Guild Packages. Guild validation is only the second step of application after the application ticket submission. Once your guild has been approved to get the Guild Packages after the validation process, kindly wait for the packages to be delivered. The Guild Packages will not be given on the guild validation process and there is no ETA for the Guild Packages delivery. Any updates regarding guild packages will be informed by GMs through the guild leaders. Any questions regarding guild packages should be asked through a guild leader and not by guild members either through in-game Helpdesk or Web Support Abusing Guild Packages system or trying to find a loophole on how to get a second package is strictly forbidden. This will result on nulling the Guild Packages application for the whole guild and the abuser will receive a heavy punishment which can also result in a ban for all of his/her accounts. With these changes, we hope more new guilds will join and flourish our WoE. Please leave any comments or suggestions below. We gladly accept all constructive criticisms our players provide. Thank you and have a great day ahead!
  10. Hello everyone! In case you haven't heard, Luck o' Leprechaun has returned to his magical land after he had gotten his stolen gold coins back. So what do you do with the spare gold coins you took from the magical treasure chests? Fret not because the Gold Coin Collector is here! One man's trash is another man's treasure. The Gold Coin Collector is willing to trade some of his treasures or trash with the spare gold coins you have. He is also buying your treasures but at a lower price. What a lowballer! If you're interested to do trades with the Gold Coin Collector, you can find him at Hugel 124 205. The Gold Coin Collector has also brought some news with him. He told us that he passed by a Lost Merchant while he was on his way here. Rumour has it that the Lost Merchant will be making his appearance somewhere in Midgard soon.
  11. Hello gcq! All said headgears are now working properly in legit maps including in legit WoE Castles. In legit maps, only card equipped on the first left slot for the middle headgears takes effect and no cards should take effect for the lower headgears. Effects of the headgears themselves remain.
  12. Hello everyone! It's been a while since we updated our Cash Shop. Here is our update with Spring theme! Rose Ring [4] for 2000PP (20C) Rose Crown [4] for 2000PP (20C) Floral Ring [4] for 2700PP now 2500PP (25C) Petal Dance [4] for 2500PP (25C) Falling Rose Petals (2015) [4] for 3500PP now 2500PP (25C) Flower Aura (2015) [4] for 3500PP now 2500PP (25C) Spring Bonnet [4] for 2000PP (20C) Flower Ring [4] for 2000PP (20C) Singing Blue Jay [4] for 2000PP (20C) Spring Spirit Wings [4] for 3500PP now 3000PP (30C) Rose Fairy [1] for 3000PP now 2500PP (25C) Leaf Fairy [1] for 3000PP now 2500PP (25C) Costume: Essence of Spring for 1500PP (15C) Enjoy and happy shopping!
  13. Not

    Luck o' Leprechaun

    RevivalRO St. Patrick's Event 2020 LUCK O' LEPRECHAUN AND HIS STOLEN GOLD COINS Luck o' the Leprechaun had his gold coins stolen by some naughty fairies when he was drunk and his gold coins were hidden along with other treasures and scattered across Midgard. On every odd hour, some magical treasure chests will appear in towns or fields. The treasure chest can only be seen by magical creatures, just like the Luck o' the Leprechaun. Help Luck o' get his gold coins back and you will be rewarded! When rummaging through the treasure chests for Luck o's gold coins, whoever finds them can choose to keep what they found or keep looking for Luck o' gold coins...! To start the event, look for Luck o' Leprechaun at Hugel 217 230 Luck o' will give out a magical hat which enables you to touch the magical treasure chests that are going to be spawned around the Midgard world. These treasure chests are said to appear only during odd hours and will magically disappear if being let out too long. If you happen to lose your magical hat, ask for a new one from Luck o and if he's feeling nice he'll let you have a new one. Once you have found enough Luck o' gold coins, return to him and you will be rewarded with some of his humble treasures. Once you have collected 20 gold coins, you can exchange them with either; Clovering Egg An egg which a cute Poporing pet rests. This one is different though, as it hatches - with a Leprechaun Hat! Can be hatched by using a Pet Incubator. Effects: Perfect dodge +4 Luk+5 Increase resistance to Earth element by 5% Give 30% status resistance of Chaos/Confusion OR Costume: Luck o' Leprechaun This might actually be the hat worn by O'Riley the Leprechaun! You can already feel Lucky the moment you put on the hat! Lucky treasure hunters may be able to find these among the treasures Upper Headgear: Luck o' Pint [1] What's St. Patrick's Day without a cool draft beer! Just make sure you're not drunk enough to put the beer on your head! Effects: Adds 15% resistance to Fire element Increase 10% damage of Water element attacks Mdef+15 Have a chance to drop Aloevera when killing Dragon monsters Set combo with the accessory: Extra movement speed +10% Grants an additional 2 levels of Overcharge Accessory: Leprecoin [1] A shiny gold coin that was once held by O'Riley the Leprechaun! You can feel the coin vibrate when it's being held close to The Luck o' Leprechaun Hat. Effects: Attack +5% Matk +5% Aspd +5% Increase damage to Dragon monsters by 10% Set combo with the upper headgear: Extra movement speed +10% Grants an additional 2 levels of Overcharge Middle Headgear: Rainbow Confetti [1] Look at em' Gypsies and Bards parading, celebrating St. Patrick's! Don't have the skills to dance or play an instrument? Throw some confetti then! Effects: INT +10 STR +10 VIT +10 Attack + 10% Increase Miscellaneous damage skills by 10% Weapon skill damage + 10% Set combo with the lower headgear: Have a small chance to cast Concentration level 2 when doing normal attacks Lower Headgear: Green Scarf [0] Nothing beats a Green Scarf when it comes to showing your Irish Spirits! Effects: All status +5 Give immunity to Chaos Adds resistance to Wind and Shadow element by 10% Set combo with the lower headgear: Have a small chance to cast Concentration level 2 when doing normal attacks Costume: Leprechaun Spirit A spirit rumoured to be of a Leprechaun.. Some even said wearing it would turn your worst day into a lucky day! Although, be warned that some of the chests may come with a little more surprise than what you expected.
  14. Hello there! Try to rename dbghelp.dll to something else, so that it reads system DLL that is compatible with your graphics card.
  15. Our next sale should be on Summer which is around June or July. We accept suggestions but it's still up to discussions and decisions by the Staff team and details will be kept disclosed until any further announcement regarding it.
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