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  1. Hello Midgardians, It's time for a celebration!!! And to celebrate our 5th Year Anniversary, we are glad to bring back our Anniversary events. The events will end on February 16, 2023 at 11:59 PM Server Time. To know more about these events, please click the links below : Note: Players are only allowed to do the events using maximum of 5 accounts including main account. This must be strictly followed. * * * N E W E V E N T I T E M S * * * Costume : 5th Year Anniversary Balloon (Mid) Midnight Blue [1] (Upper) Effect : All stats +(Job Lv / 10). Increase physical and magical damage against all size by 10%. Chance to drop witherless rose or stone of sage when killing monsters. If worn by taekwon/star gladiator, gunslinger, archer, merchant, swordman, thief class, increase damage to all race by 10%. If worn by soul linker, ninja, mage, acolyte class, increase magical damage against all race by 10%. Chance to recover 5% of damage dealt when hitting enemy with physical or magical attacks. Mini Eluminatea [0] (Lower) Effect : ATK +10% Increases Acid Terror Damage by 25%. Increases Exp gained by 15%. 25% chance to not use consumables when using a skill (such as EDP bottles, Fire Bottles, Arrows, etc). Gain chance to obtain Acid Bottle when killing Angel and Demon race monsters. When attacking or using magical attacks, small chance to cast napalm vulcan, exploding dragon and storm gust, randomly from Level 1 - Level 5. Can't be use inside PVP/GVG areas except HoA. Blue Eremes Scarf [2] (Mid) Effect : All stats +5. ATK & MATK +15%. If Base Level is 254 and below, Reduces damage received from medium sized monsters by 30%. If Base Level is 254 and below, Increase physical and magical damage to medium sized monsters by 60%. If Base Level is 254 and below, Immune to Knockback. Immune to Stun. Increase EXP gained from Bio 3 Mobs by 25%. Can't be use inside WoE nor BG areas. Reminder : If you find any bug related to these events, please report immediately. Thank you for your continued support all these years!!! Enjoy and have fun! RevivalRO GM Team
  2. Hello Midgardians! It's Christmas Season and once again Grinch is having it's presence felt!!! To know more about this event, please click the link below: Grinch Ruins Christmas Event will run until January 17, 2022 at 11:59 PM Server Time. * * * N E W G E A R S * * * Ten-Gallon Hat Increase all stats by +10 Increase physical and magical damage with water property attacks by 35% ATK & MATK +5% Increase damage received from wind property attacks by 10%. Fluffy Semi Long Hair Max HP +5% Increase ATK & MATK by 3% Increase Boss & Non-Boss resistance by 4%. Sparkly Flakes Movement speed +10% Increase damage with water elemental property attacks by 15% Immunity to silence Small Chance to inflict cold status while attacking with physical or magical attacks. If worn with Ten-Gallon Hat & Fluffy Semi Long Hair Increase physical and magical damage with water elemental property attacks by another 10% Increase ATK + MATK by another 5% Increase damage with neutral and earth property attacks by 5%. If worn with Ten-Gallon Hat & Feather Stola Give immunity to Cold status. Feather Stola Max HP +10% Increase resistance to Cold by 25% Zilant Necklace During Christmas, small chance to obtain a Christmas Gift when killing a monster. Volume Low Twin Increase damage with holy property elements by 70%. Enable use of Ruwach skill. Small chance to double your own damage and reduce your own defense by half for 3 seconds while attacking. Increase damage taken from shadow and undead element by 20%. Costume : Volume Low Twin (White) Costume : Volume Low Twin (Cherry Blossom) Reminder: If you find any bug related to this event, please report immediately. Good luck have fun!!! RevivalRO GM Team
  3. Hello Midgardians! It's the time of the year when many of us are busy preparing and giving gifts to our friends and loved ones. Hence, Jingler Bell and Jesi Claus have prepared surprises for you all! ***Daily Christmas Advent Event*** Hohoho~ greetings humans, it's me, Santa Claus. Christmas is coming up and I heard that miss Jingler Bell in Lutie (250, 121) needs help to prepare for the holidays. (Find below details of Jingler Bell - Christmas Sugar Rush) Help her daily! After completing her task, come talk to me at Lutie 198, 244 to receive your daily reward! Every day has a different reward, so come back to this thread daily to know what you're gonna receive for the day, or just find out yourself in game~ Note: you need to complete the rewards of the previous day in order to receive the ones in the current day. Which means, if you start the event 3 days late you're gonna receive the day 1 reward and not the day 3 one. Don't worry though! If you skip a day, you will be able to continue it the following day without resets! Day 0 - Christmas Gift 2018 x5 Day 1 - Battle Manual x3 Day 2 - Christmas Gift 2022 x5 Day 3 - Mystical Card Album x5 Day 4 - Cursed Old Box Day 5 - Blacksmith Blessings x7 Day 6 - Token of Siegfried Box x3 Day 7 - Event Point Coin x5 Day 8 - VIP Subscription 30 days Day 9 - Cursed Old Chest Day 10 - Bloody Card Album x2 Day 11 - Inventory Extension Coupon x1 Day 12 - Costume: Bandage Ribbons 🍬 Welcome to the Christmas Sugar Rush Party! 🍬 Hohoho! It's me! Jingler Bell~ Lutie (250, 121) I'm holding a public Christmas Party here in Lutie but I still need to gather more treats and decorations but December is already here and to be honest...i'm nowhere near ready. So I could really use your help! hohoho i might even give you a little something for your efforts hohoho~ Come and talk to me in Lutie so we can talk about it! ⛄⛄You can find me near the Snowmans ⛄⛄ ** TIPS ** 1) The NPC can be found in Lutie or @go 7 near the snowmen, which is at 4 o'clock direction of the map. Talk to Jingler Bell and she will tell you what to do for her and what she needs. 2) Prepare 150 well-baked Cookies (ID# 538) every time you talk to Jingler Bell. 3) Where to get the well-baked cookie (@alootid +538)? - This is dropped by Antonio, Christmas Cookie (toy factory 1 - 40, toy factory 2 - 20), and Cookie (toy factory 1 - 40, toy factory 2 - 20). 12 Days of Christmas Event will end on December 30, 2022 at 11:59 PM Server Time. Stay tuned for another Christmas event coming up soon~ Have fun and be good starlights... I mean, hohoho~ RevivalRO Staff
  4. Aesara

    World Boss v1

    Hello Midgardians! We have prepared a new event for you!!! It's called World Boss v1. This is a group event which is available for everyone, where players will get rewards after working together to defeat the World Boss. MVP Monsters that we all "love" and "hate" has once again found their way to invade our world! What is World Boss? The recent occurrence of inter-dimensional cracks had not only created passageways from the Abyss Depths. Fallen souls of monarchs from worlds beyond our own had managed to break through, manifesting themselves as "World Bosses". Though they resemble regular creatures of our world, they are extremely strong. And dangerous. They seek out weak points of the seals that protect our world, and sometimes, they manage to break through. The vigils of Rune Midgard will keep close watch on these occurrences and announce their arrival to all of Rune Midgard. All Rune Midgardians must arise and unite to repel these evil forces back to the depths from which they came. How to participate? An announcement will appear informing that the World Boss will spawn in a random town. To participate, players need to find the World Boss in the town where it spawned. Once the World Boss was found, players need to eliminate the Boss as fast as possible. When the World Boss got eliminated, the participating players will receive random loots as rewards. What kind of MVP Monsters? There are different strong MVP monsters that will spawn, to name a few: Leviathan King Poring Strong Baphomet Strong Golden Thief Bug Strong Drake And a lot more to come... Come on adventures, lets protect our world against those evil monsters!!! RevivalRO Staff
  5. Hello Midgardians! Due to unexpected bug occurred in our Abyss Halloween Event Re-Run, we had to cut the event short. With that, since Halloween is over, we will be doing the Pre-Christmas Event 2022 Re-Run. The following events will end on: Dancer Invasion will run until December 7, 2022 at 11:59 PM Server Time. Pumpkin Invasion will be until December 15, 2022 at 11:59 PM Server Time. To know more about this event, please check the link below: Updates for 2022: Additional Items for Baby Boo Sack: Costume: Lamia's Krilo (New) Costume: Full Moon's Horror Additional Items for Gooey Bag: Syringe in Mouth (New) Effects: Adds resistance to Water element by 10%. Chance to drop Token of Siegfried from killing Angel race monsters. Ghost Bat (New) Effects: Adds resistance to Wind element by 10%. Small chance to drop Full Chemical Protection Scrolls (Helm, Armor, Weapon, Shield) randomly with 3 minutes duration (cooldown) each. Costume: Abnock's Corium (Upper) (New) Costume: Midnight Candle (Mid) (New) Plus: Miscellaneous Items for Baby Boo Sacks and Gooey Bags Reminder: if you find any bug related to this event, please report immediately. Good luck have fun!!! RevivalRO GM Team
  6. Hello Midgardians! For this year's Halloween Event, we will be doing a re-run of Abyss Rift! This event will end on November 30 at 11:59 PM Server Time. UPDATE for 2022 Abyss Event - NEW COSTUMES 1) Costume: Lamia's Krilo (Garment) 2) Costume: Abnock's Corium (Upper) 3) Costume: Midnight Candle (Mid) Note: These 3 costumes are added in the drops of the treasure chests. Event Mechanics: There are strange pits appearing in Rune-Midgard's fields. It's seems to be connected to the Netherworld. If you step on it... spirits come out! Find a Nether Pit. *** Pits respawn every 15 minutes.*** Solo or with a party, fight off the waves of spirits that will come out to attack you! *** There are 4 to 6 number of waves, plus the boss. For all difficulties, you have 45 seconds to fight the waves and 10 seconds to walk to the next point.*** When a wave is done, follow the yellow path to find out where more spirits are hiding and kill them. *** The yellow path shows only to the person who triggered the pits and no one else. If you're in a party, make sure to follow the person who triggered it.*** Kill the final boss. *** When the waves are done, a treasure chest appears*** Get loots! For this year, below are some adjustments made for this event: 1) @jump skill is now enabled. 2) Angra Manyu and Ahura Mazda are disabled. 3) Disable party invite once the Nether Pit is activated. And party member/s can't leave the party inside the event maps. 4) All party members should be available within the pit's visibility in order to activate it. (If other members not present, pit will not be activated.) For more details, please find link below: Reminder: If you found any bug related to this event, please report it immediately. Good luck have fun!!! RevivalRO Staff
  7. Hello Midgardians! We've got great news for you, specially those who are having problems with the current donation system. Introducing, the P2P (Player to Player) Donation System!!! What is P2P Donation System? This is our newest donation system which can be done ingame. A mode of donating via P2P Certificate which is a currency use in the P2P transaction. A Donation P2P NPC is set-up at Hub (140, 264) where players can trade, set-up methods of payment, find list of traders etc. One (1) P2P Certificate is equivalent to 100 Premium Points (1 Credit). The P2P Certificates can be bought from the accredited Traders. Who are these Traders? They are the players who will buy the bundles from us at a wholesale price and sell the P2P certificates with real money. These are the players who registered their accounts to legally sell P2P Certificates. How to become a Trader? Interested players can apply through the link below: https://forms.gle/JzWU48awZdryJ8it8 How does P2P Donation System work? Interested buyer will talk to Donation P2P NPC at Hub (140, 264) and find the available(online) Trader. Needs to choose Trade option from the NPC Select Donate via P2P. Proceed with P2P and input the amount you would like to donate. After selecting the available method, take a screenshot of the transaction made via the chat window. Buyer will then make a payment and type @sent after payment is made. Wait for trader's verification and approval. Claim the Premium Points thru Zotar. Note: Players can access the NPC by using @p2p command Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 1) Is this system safe? Yes, it is. Aside from the fact that Traders are legally accredited, he/she can only use the Donation P2P NPC to transfer the certificates and each transaction is logged. 2) Who will benefit this new donation system? Players who don't want to use their credit/debit cards. Players who don't have access to a credit/debit card. Players who are only using mobile payments. Players who wish to have extra income. 3) How will the Traders buy the P2P Certificate bundle from us? There is only option: Paypal 4) Will the traders get the donor level points and donor boxes after buying the bundle? No. Only the buyers of the P2P Certificate will receive the donor level exp. and donor boxes (depending on the current donor box exchange rate and if applicable). Note: Current donor level points system is applicable. The bundle itself already gives bonus to the Trader. 5) How will we know if the Trader is legit or a scammer? Each Trader is accredited and registered. Their details and payment method will be available in the Donation P2P NPC. Terms and Conditions: Below are the terms on which we sell our products to you. By purchasing these products, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. P2P Donation Certificates will not be returned due to the bargaining and compromising of an account, whether it be through scamming by another player, downloading a key logger, unauthorized access to your account, or the banning of your account. P2P Donation Certificates will not be reimbursed due to player error, including deleting characters with items, abusing a bug, giving account information, and other methods not discovered or mentioned. It is player's responsibility to oversee and not lose them. Due to any technical error, RevivalRO Management is not obligated nor responsible for returning your funds. Once a payment has been processed, it becomes property of RevivalRO. Purchase of P2P Donation Certificates does not entitle you to special privileges or special treatment of any kind. It also does not put you above the rules. Regardless of your purchase history, you will be treated as any other player. You are not granted immunity by purchasing items. No cash refunds are given under any circumstances. In a limited set of circumstances RevivalRO Management may, at its sole discretion, issue a refund in the form of Premium Points to the player's account. By purchasing P2P Donation Certificates, you agree to the terms above. IMPORTANT REMINDER: Any loophole or bug anyone found should be reported. Else, all players involved will receive disciplinary action. Thank you for taking time to read this post and should you have any concerns and clarifications with regards to this topic, please feel free to comment below. Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer. Have a nice day! RevivalRO GM Team
  8. Hello Midgardians, Great news! To wind-up our 10.10 Flash Sale, we have added some exciting treats for you!!! *** One (1) Donor Box for every 20 Euro Donation*** Amberknight Top Prizes: #8 - Forbidding Reaper Spirit [4] #9 - Dark Runes [3] Amberknight promo will last for 3days. "10.10 Flash Sale will end on October 15, 2022 at 11:59 PM Server Time" Thank you for taking time to read this forum post. Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer. RevivalRO GM Team
  9. Dear Players, Refund Policy on purchasing Premium Gears/Weapons has been updated. We now offer refund within the six (6) hours of your purchase full Premium Points (PP). If first 6 hours have passed and within 3 days since your purchase, you will not be offered a full PP refund and/or exchange of any kind, instead you will get a Limited Premium Points (LPP) equivalent to the cost of the item purchased. Below are certain CONDITIONS that must be strictly followed/considered: Players are entitled to a full PP refund if the player filed a return request within 6 hours of purchase through Web Helpdesk. To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. Thus, a player needs to take SCREENSHOT that includes DATE & TIME then submit it through web helpdesk. Note that this is required to know the time difference between the server and the player's local time. Only regular priced items and newly released items may be refunded, sale items cannot be refunded within the 6 hours period of purchase. The 6 hour return policy is irrevocable. In case the player decided to cancel the 6 hours return policy request, the GM team will STILL proceed the return policy under 3 day refund policy. Meaning, it will be refunded as LPP. Players are only entitled to 2 (item) full PP refund in 1week. IMPORTANT NOTES: A screenshot should cover the whole window, it should show your basic information tab and should not be cropped. When the item/s you requested for refund was refined at +10, you can choose to transfer the refinement level to any account bound item of your choice. When it is +9 and below, 1/3 of the refinement will be transferred. Players should correctly follow the conditions and guidelines in order to process the refund request. Otherwise, the request will be rejected. Cancelation is irrevocable to avoid exploit. PS: You may also want to check our updated policy for Yearly Oopsy. Should you have any clarifications, please comment them below. Thank you and have a nice day. GM Team
  10. Hello Midgardians! Great news!!! We just made an update on our Event Point Shop NPC and Seasonal Event Shop (Previously knowns as Retro EP Redemption Shop NPC). Event Point Shop NPC - is located at the Mall 115,100 (@go 16). It has now 3 categories: Items, Headgears and Costumes. Seasonal Event Shop NPC - is located at the Mall 118, 98 (@go 16). This NPC contains seasonal event gears from Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Independence Day and Valentines. New Items from Event Point Shop NPC New Items Seasonal Event Shop NPC Note: Independence Day Category has no new items. ***For more details, please visit the NPCs at their respective locations.*** Regards, RevivalRO GM Team
  11. Hello Everyone! For September's Cash Shop Update, we have prepared something eggs-tra special for you! We are releasing 3 new Premium Eggs with eggs-citing effects. Below are the details: Guiana Egg - 1500 PP (15C) > Effects: (When intimacy is loyal) A small chance to cast Lvl 2 Quagmire when user receives physical damage. A small chance to cast Dispell on enemy when receiving damage. A tiny chance to cast LvL. 3 Decrease Agi on enemy when being hit. DEF +10 When killing an enemy, has a chance to drop its own food. Penguin Egg - 1500 PP (15C) > Effects: (When intimacy is loyal) A small chance to Freeze the enemy when get hit. A tiny chance to inflict Cold to the enemy when get hit. 5% reduction on Misc damage received. MDEF +10 When killing an enemy, has a chance to drop its own food. Quilly Egg - 1500 PP (15C) > Effects: (When intimacy is loyal) Gives small a chance to evade melee and range Critical Attacks. A chance to cast a lvl 10 Increase Agi onself when receiving damage. Increase resistance on neutral damage by 5%. Small chance to return a single target magic damage. When killing an enemy, has a chance to drop its own food. And there's more..... All items in CASH SHOP from page 3-12 of Popular Tab, with the exception of Enchanted Hat will be sold at 12c each!!! Coinpayments is also giving a 15% bonus points on donations and a double donor box which donors can enjoy! Enjoy and happy shopping!!! GM Team
  12. Hello Midgardians! Good news! Rookie package is reinstated. *AGAIN* Since Guild Package was abolished, we came up with a new system where players, specially newbies can get package similar to Guild Package. But this time, individual player can claim it. There is no need to join guild and wait for 10 guild members to claim. Examination Kage NPC is located at @hub (auch_city 169, 298). Players need to talk to the NPC and answer all the questions correctly in order to claim the Rookie Package. Requirements to get the Rookie Package: 1) Player must be max level (255/120). 2) Should have claimed Newbie Package from Newbie Package NPC after creating a new character. NOTE: Rookie Package can only be claimed ONCE per player. If a player has 2 or more accounts, only one of his accounts can claim it once. Additional Update: WEEKLY SALE - every week, we will come up with a promotion where random items will be available for sale. The Weekly Sale NPC is located at @hub (auch_city,183,260). Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer. Regards, RevivalRO Team
  13. Hello fellow Midgardians! Our 8.8 Flash Sale surprises continues! We have prepared some updates in Cash Shop which you will surely love! 😍 1) Lucky Boxes Discount 2) New Items Upper: Flare Chapeau -3000PP All Stat +15 Additional 30% damage to player. Increase physical and magical damage by 10%. Increase damage taken from water and earth property attacks by 10%. Small chance to Confuse/Silence/Stun user when casting a skill. Additional: When equipped with Flaming Wings and Fire Spirit, All stats +15, increase mellee and range damage by 5%. Small chance to cast Burning when attacking. Fire elemental damage increased by 5%. Mid: Burning of the Idol -3500PP All stats +25 ATK & MATK +10% Increase the level of Cross Impact, Wind Cutter, Axe Tornado, Psychic Wave, Windmill Rush, Earth Drive, Judex, Gates of Hell, Ignorance, and Soul Expansion by 1. Increase damage to player by 8%. Increase resistance to holy, shadow, and poison by 7%. Increase damage taken from Non-Boss by 5% Lower: Occular Night Patch -2000PP All stats +18 Increase all status ailments by 10%. (Base Level/10)% Resistance to Grim Reaper. Damage to player +5% If worn as a set, this is how it looks: REMINDER: FLASH SALE AND DONOR BOX SALE ENDS ON AUGUST 10 11:59PM Thank you for taking time to read this forum post! Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer. Enjoy and happy shopping! ***GM TEAM***
  14. Hello Midgardians! Great news! The 3rd Day of 8.8 Flash Sale! Apart from the current Flash Sale NPCs, what's even more exciting is... PP Bonus from donation reduced by 5% (its currently set to 20% bonus) Amberknight Top Prize: #8 - Owl Wing - Until 8.8.22(11:59am) #9 - Woodland Topper Additional Items on Sale! a) Book of Magic Set b) All 3rd Job Hats *Minor Update on Flash Sale NPC* Diamond Heart is now 2000 PP from 2400 PP VIP Subscription is now 500 PP from 600 PP ***8.8 Flash Sale will be extended until August 10, 2022 at 11:59 PM Server Time*** Thank you for taking time to read this forum post! Please continue to support and help the community flourish by voting for the server and leaving us a positive review on RateMyServer. Enjoy and happy shopping! GM TEAM
  15. Dear Dedicated Players, We are glad to inform you that we are in need of Wiki Editors and GM Assistants. Although the positions that we are looking for are currently volunteer based, we will require anyone selected to have a considerable amount of time dedicated to the position given to them. Please keep in mind that during all the stages of the application processes, make sure you are willing, and that you will be able to commit to a position before applying for one. Also, know that applying to any position does NOT guarantee that you will be selected. Below are the qualifications and requirements for each position: Wiki Editor - someone who is fussy with the posts. Updates our wiki regularly. Needs to be sure that the info in our wiki page are correct. Detail oriented. Someone who is organized. Should be resourceful. GM Assistant - will serve as customer service representatives. Needs to have an intermediate knowledge with the server content. Should be resourceful. Monitor discord and answer stuffs whenever they can. Most importantly, need to be available between 4 am - 4pm (NOT the entire time but at least 1 or 2 hours a day, and 3x a week.) How to apply? Players who are interested to apply need to answer and submit the information on the google form link below. Do not skip questions and information required. Make sure that your answers are direct and understandable. Application submitted after the deadline will not be entertained. Selected candidates will be notified for an interview, make sure you will be available on your scheduled interview. Kindly submit your application thru https://forms.gle/Kn1j4kn8MaFpXMWd9 Deadline will be on July 20, 2022 at 11:59 PM Server Time. Any inquiries can be forwarded to http://support.ragnarevival.com/ Best regards & good luck to all the applicants! RevivalRO Management Team
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