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    Greetings! Introducing our newest place to hang out with! REVIVAL HUB - originally conceptualized to cater newbie players whom much attention and assistance are needed. This will introduce most features of our server that would serve as guide for new players as soon as they make their first character. Apart from newbies, veteran players will also enjoy the features as much as the rookies. (Note: Type @hub to warp directly in the map) FEATURES: Besides the regular NPCs seen on every map, this hub features new NPC that will surely ease player's stay in the server. Below are new features: 1) Basic Jobs NPC - highlights individual jobs and their basic attributes. 2) Rule Master NPC - an new NPC that shows the general rules of the server. 3) Newbie Package NPC - gives a better and improvised starter package for newbies. 4) Daily Rewards NPC - which will soon be used once we update our daily reward system and other possible features. 5) Chauffeur NPC - directly warps players to selected areas (quests and instances). 6) Museum/Gallery - presents a general gist of the customizations of our server ranging from leveling to PVP/PVE. Navigates players to a detailed walk through of our server's main features. 7) Mini Cedi Quest - an introduction to one of best and well attended features, the Cedi MVP System. This gives a simple illustrations on how the system works. 8.) Examination Kage NPC - the NPC which serves as the culmination of newbie players of their gained knowledge/learnings. Will provides questions and gives a Rookie Package when perfectly answered. Note: Rookie Package will replace the current Guild Package with some changes. WARNING: Rookie Package should only be claimed ONCE per player. Regardless of how many accounts a player has. Anyone caught abusing the Rookie Package will be severely reprimanded and might result to heavy penalties. Rookie Package Contents: Rental Black Butterfly Wings [4] Rental Pouring Balloon [1] Rental Angra Manyu [4] Rental Ahura Mazdah [1] 2x Bubble Gum Box (10) 5x Gym Pass 10x Investment Ticket 5x Hat Roulette Token 5x Autotrade Coupon 15x WoE White Potion Box 10x WoE Blue Potion Box 750x WoE Coin 750x HoA Points (Will be awarded to the character the player used to redeem the package.) The following are the Guild Packages that you can choose from: Guild Package A Melee Rental Baseball Cap [4] WoE Gear Set A (Nerfed and Permanent) Rental Megingjard Guild Package B Melee Rental Baseball Cap [4] WoE Gear Set B (Nerfed and Permanent) Rental Megingjard Guild Package B Range Rental Red Beret [4] WoE Gear Set B (Nerfed and Permanent) Rental Brisingamen 30x WoE Arrows Quiver (S) 30x WoE Arrows Quiver (A) Guild Package B Flee Rental Fox Ears [4] WoE Gear Set B (Nerfed and Permanent) Rental Brisingamen Guild Package C Melee Rental Baseball Cap [4] WoE Gear Set C (Nerfed and Permanent) Rental Megingjard Guild Package C Magic Rental Seppl Hat [4] WoE Gear Set C (Nerfed and Permanent) Rental Brisingamen Guild Package C Healer Rental Feather Ribbon [4] WoE Gear Set C (Nerfed and Permanent) Rental Brisingamen Guild Package C Flee Rental Fox Ears [4] WoE Gear Set C (Nerfed and Permanent) Rental Brisingamen Suggested class for the sets are as follows: A Melee: Paladin, Creator B Melee: Lord Knight, Whitesmith, Assassin Cross, Star Gladiator B Range: Stalker, Sniper, Gunslinger B Flee: Clown, Gypsy C Melee: Champion C Magic: High Wizard, Professor, Ninja C Healer: High Priest C Flee: Soul Linker, Professor With this new feature, hope players specially newbies will enjoy more and will be fully guided. Please leave any comments or suggestions below. We would gladly accept all constructive criticisms our players provide. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please open a ticket at https://gitlab.com/revivalro/bugs-and-suggestions-tracker/ Thank you for all your continued support and cooperation. Regards, RevivalRO Team
  2. Greetings Everyone! Recently, our team had conducted a 2 day Lag Tests and asked everyone to participate and give accurate feedbacks. It turned out to be a fruitful and informative event for us. With that, we have prepared a different full version of RevivalRO which players can test out. We are requesting and encouraging players to voluntarily try to test the server and with special mention to those who regularly experience lag in doing instances, quests, events and WOE. Would appreciate if you can give relevant feedbacks and report any found bug immediately. Our main goal is to help our development team in stabilizing smoother contents for the whole RevivalRO community to enjoy. Please download the game on the link below: https://mega.nz/file/lQ92kAwD#v1L4RXr0yxO7UWBYu27mDPwEPehFgvEK-7ISLBknpBE It is highly recommended to install and run the file in different driver. If you have any questions and clarifications, please feel free to post in this thread. Thank you very much and looking forward to have a better and smoother gameplay with you soon.
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