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    Useful Suggestions

    Just remove limit for @alootid command. It's so ez and it shouldn't be there in the first place
  2. Rjoe

    Useful Suggestions

    That's the problem.... the "haha" part. It's crappy when you "@autoloot 100" equipments - because they take much space in the inventory. Haha True
  3. Rjoe


    Actually, in every RO server out there, Star Gladiators are only used for PvMs. You would rarely see them in PvPs & Guild Wars with good impact. So if you take away the Star Gladiator's skill, the overall SG Job would be crappy in every aspect of the game - PvM/PvP/WoE. You should give a Star Glad that PvM advantage because it's their only use. There are also RO servers that the only MvP characters being used are Champ & Sniper. You won't see any other job for MvPing. Sometimes it's not about balancing every job with each other but choosing what job is good for a situation. If you completely balance every job, we'll be having only one job. Make a Star Glad, its that simple
  4. Rjoe

    Useful Suggestions

    1. No limit for @alootid command. I don't see how this would be bad. The 10 item limit is inconvenient when farming on certain maps. 2. Make a @restock command. Very useful and compatible with the command "@storeall 2". Helps farmers a lot. 3. No limit to typing the same word/phrase again and again. "You can't type the same word/phrase more than 3 times." This will make #trade more convenient and also with the commands @storage, @gstorage and similar situations. This will not encourage spamming in chat because if they are really eager to spam, they would just add/delete a character to continue spamming. I hope you can make this happen. More power to Revival!
  5. Rjoe

    Suggestion Thread

    Another Legit Suggestion: Move the spawn point of the MVP room FROM from far left (quiz_00 50 24) to middle (quiz_00 65 23) So when people spawn, they can immediately talk to the 8 MVP NPCs without walking. It's a small adjustment but it is very convenient for everybody doing MVPs.
  6. Rjoe

    Suggestion Thread

    Please make BUBBLE GUM more accessible to players. I think put it in Vote point shop for 1 or 2 vote points a piece. The only way bubble gum can be obtained right now is 1. Bubble gum box (500 pts premium shop) 2. Eden group REWARD system (Day 4 & Day 16, whaaat?) 3. The return of fluffy (glast from the past quest) 4. CEDI Mvp system 5. Mining for 50 points per BBG box If you look at it, it is clearly not accessible for players. Also, who would buy bubble gum box for 500 premium points or even 50 mining points? Putting BBG in Vote Point shop would really help out the farmers. Having that 0.20% drop rate for cards really is discouraging when you've been farming for 4 hours+ and still no card. Come on man, help us out here. This also helps the server by encouraging more people to vote everyday for their daily consumables. While you're at it, might as well put the FIELD MANUALS in vote point shop. The only thing good about the server's vote point shop is the Baphomet Horns [4] which is worth 250 points. If you put good consumables in the shop, that would make your players happy. I actually been to other servers that gave the BBGs and Field Manuals at Vote Point Shop practically for "free" because of its low cost and players are pretty happy about it.