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  1. Blood Diamond

    Damnit! You resigned the day before the wedding was supposed to take place D: Now who am I going to marry!? *On a serious note* Good luck in life and thanks for being super cool <3
  2. Amrod crashing in!

    Lol you have very good memory, Yeah Im Amrod No2. The Regular Amrod account got banned cause I got in an argument with one of the gms. I forgot which one, I'd like to say Ember but I might be wrong
  3. Amrod crashing in!

    Lol yeah thats me are you from Tyr as well?
  4. Amrod crashing in!

    Thanks guys! I'm already having fun
  5. Amrod crashing in!

    Hi Hi, I'm joining the server again after a long absence! I noticed that ALOT has changed but theres always awesome people to find and play around with. Every now and then I get a craving for RO and the only place that I would want to go is here. Looking forward to playing with you all and meeting some new friends. Already had a party today in game >:) BACHELOR PARTYYYY, I actually have some pictures I think!