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    Damnit! You resigned the day before the wedding was supposed to take place D: Now who am I going to marry!? *On a serious note* Good luck in life and thanks for being super cool <3
  2. Lol you have very good memory, Yeah Im Amrod No2. The Regular Amrod account got banned cause I got in an argument with one of the gms. I forgot which one, I'd like to say Ember but I might be wrong
  3. Lol yeah thats me are you from Tyr as well?
  4. Thanks guys! I'm already having fun
  5. Hi Hi, I'm joining the server again after a long absence! I noticed that ALOT has changed but theres always awesome people to find and play around with. Every now and then I get a craving for RO and the only place that I would want to go is here. Looking forward to playing with you all and meeting some new friends. Already had a party today in game >:) BACHELOR PARTYYYY, I actually have some pictures I think!
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